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3 October SWJ Roundup

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Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Tensions Flare Amid Bombardment Claims - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS   



Activists Say 20 Killed in Syria Explosions - VOA

3 Explosions Rock Central Aleppo - AP

Petraeus Suspected Foreign Fighters in Iraq Might Turn to Syria - FP

Syria Berates Hamas Chief, an Old Ally, on State TV - NYT

Syrian Shells in Lebanon Stokes Fear of Broader Conflict - Bloomberg

Senior Hezbollah Chief 'Killed in Syria' - BBC

Syria’s Kurds Plan for Post-Assad Life - WP

No Syria Solution in Sight at UN General Assembly - AP

Assad Rejected Leaders' Bid for Peace in Syria - Reuters

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says Syria Crisis May Engulf Region - Reuters

Official: Iraq Searches Syria-bound Iranian Plane - AP

Jordan Charges 4 with Trying to Enter Syria - AP



Netanyahu Appears to Be Shifting Israel’s Policy Toward More Sanctions - NYT

Israeli Premier to Visit Europe, Discuss Iran - AP

Iran Engaged in ‘Severe Clampdown’ on Critics, UN Says - NYT

Iran May Still be Years Away from Any Nuclear-Armed Missile - Reuters

Iran’s President Ties Recent Drop in Currency to US-Led Sanctions - NYT

Iran Rial: Ahmadinejad Blames Slide on 'Enemies' - BBC

Iran’s Master of Iraq Chaos Still Vexes US - NYT

Purported Saddam Aide: Iraq's Invasion Helped Iran - AP

Iranians Attack French Embassy Over Prophet Film - AP

War with Iran: More Likely From Obama or Romney? - WP opinion



US Tracking Killers in Attack on Libya Mission - NYT

Libyans Say Little Being Asked About Attack - WP

Pentagon Eyed Al Qaeda Early as Attacker on US Consulate - WT

US Had Early Indications Libya Attack Tied to Organized Militants - Reuters

Added Security in Libya Was Rejected, GOP Says - NYT

US, Libyan Investigators Not Working Together on Consulate Attack - AP

Libya Yet to Work Out US Cooperation in Benghazi Probe - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

White House Widening Covert War in North Africa - AP

Iraqi Training to Continue Uninterrupted, DoD Press Secretary Says - AFPS

Pentagon Finds Funding to Continue Iraq Training - AP

Iraq Tells Turkey to Stop Pursuing Kurdish Rebels Over Border - Reuters

Bahraini Protesters and Police Clash After Funeral - Reuters

In Egypt, Freedom Up for Debate - USAT

Rights Group Urges Egyptian Police, Military Accountability - VOA

Egyptian Police Mimic the Old, Critics Say - NYT

Rights Group: Egypt Must Tackle Legacy of Abuse - AP

Crowd Backs Tunisia 'Rape' Woman - BBC

Human Rights Activist Arrested by Algerian Police - AP


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Spending: Is it Enough? - AP

Pentagon Eyed Al Qaeda Early as Attacker on US Consulate - WT

Marines Experiment Puts Women on Infantry Course - USAT

New Software Uses Smartphone Camera for Spying - WT

Obama Bogging Down the Military Vote - WT editorial


United States

DHS ‘Fusion Centers’ Portrayed as Pools of Waste - WP

Inquiry Cites Flaws in DHS Counterterrorism Offices - NYT

Border Patrol Agent Killed in Arizona - WP

2 US Border Agents Shot, 1 Killed, Near Major Drug Corridor in Arizona - Fox

Border Agent's Killers at Large - USAT

US Border Patrol Agent Shot Dead in Arizona, Another Wounded - Reuters

US Agent Shot Dead Near Mexico Border - BBC

Obama Waives Sanctions on Countries that Use Child Soldiers - FP

Answers Wanted on OMB Promise to Cover Defense Layoff Costs - WT

High Stakes for First Presidential Debate - VOA

Third Victim Dies in Fla. VFW Shooting - AP

Must-Ask Questions for the First Presidential Debate - WP opinion

Things Obama Won’t Say - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Lawyers Seek to Block Muslim Cleric’s Extradition to US - NYT

Terror Suspects Bid to Stop Extradition to US - AP



A Dangerous New World of Drones - CNN



Islamic Sect Says No Peace Talks With Nigerian Government - VOA

Attack at Nigerian College Leaves at Least 25 Dead - NYT

Students Among the Dead in Attack on Nigerian School - VOA

Attackers Kill Students in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Nigeria Attack Town Under Curfew - BBC

Somalia: Kismayo on Edge as AU Forces Patrol City Streets - VOA

Somalia: Blast as Troops Patrol Kismayo - BBC

Somali Militants Hit Kismayu as African Troops Move In - Reuters

Islamists Execute Man Before 600 in North Mali - AP

Court Rules Zimbabwe Too Broke to Hold By-Elections - VOA

South Africa Mine Firms Rap Strikers - VOA

Ivory Coast General Goes on Trial - BBC

Ivory Coast Holds First Trial Over Post-Election Violence - Reuters



Latin America Economies 'to Slow' - BBC

Mexico Cartel May Have Targeted CIA - AP

Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Captured w/ Fast and Furious Weapons - TDC

Pablo Escobar T-Shirts a Hit in Mexico Drug War States - Reuters

Venezuelan Vote a High-Stakes Affair for Chavez Allies - Reuters

Venezuela: Defense Minister Attacks Chavez Opponent - AP

Chavez Calls for Pre-Dawn Turnout at Venezuela Vote - Reuters

Closed Consulate May Limit Venezuelan Votes in the US - NYT

Colombia Unveils Tax Reform to Create Jobs, Close Loopholes - Reuters

Brazil: Alarm Grows in São Paulo as More Police Officers Murdered - NYT

Brazil Vigil Marks Jail Massacre - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Chinese Ships Re-Enter Disputed Waters - VOA

China: Arrests Over Hong Kong Ferry Collision - BBC

Quarrel Between Japan, S. Korea May Destabilize Region - WT

Philippines, Muslim Rebels Close to Peace Deal - AP

Ex-Philippine President Runs for Mayor of Manila - AP

Unrest Tarnishes Drive to Tap Indonesia's Gold Riches - Reuters

Malaysia: Court Backs Right to Print a Newspaper - NYT

Burma Working to Change Image - VOA

China Needs Its Own Dream - NYT opinion

It's Not 'China Bashing' If It's True - FP opinion

South Korea: Asia's Other Rising Naval Power - TD opinion



Georgia’s President Saakashvili Concedes Defeat - VOA

Georgia’s President Concedes Defeat in Parliamentary Election - NYT

Georgia Votes Opposition In - WP

Georgian President Concedes - WT

US and Russia Hail Georgian Vote - BBC

Russia's Lavrov Says 'Reset' With US Cannot Last Forever - Reuters

Spanish Regions Agree to National Deficit Plan - NYT

Erdogan Sets Stage for Turkey's Future - VOA

Italian Outrage After Germany Closes File on 1944 Nazi Massacre - DPA

Germany Halts Plan to Shoot Live Pigs for Paramedic Training - DPA

'Problems' at EU Nuclear Plants - BBC

Hope for Georgia - WP editorial


South Asia

The Road to the Schoolhouse Proves Perilous for India’s Young - NYT

Court Summons Maldives Ex-Leader - BBC