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2 October SWJ Roundup

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US Abandoning Hopes for Taliban Peace Deal - NYT

2 Americans Killed in Unusual Gunfight Involving Afghans - WP

Allen Discusses Insider Attacks in ‘60 Minutes’ Interview - AFPS

Talking to Troops, Top NCO Hears About “Insider Threats” - S&S

NATO Investigates Whether Deaths of 2 Americans Were Insider Attacks - LAT

Afghanistan: Bomber Kills 14 Including 3 US Troops - AP

At Least 14 Killed in Suicide Attack on NATO Patrol - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

How Karzai Could Make Himself a Hero - NYT opinion

Afghanistan's 'Green on Blue' Nightmare - TD opinion



Syrian Government Air Strike Kills 21 in Northern Town - VOA

Fighting and Chaos Spread Through Syrian City, as Services Vanish - NYT

Syria Claims Refugee Crisis Was Invented - NYT

Syrian Christians Feel Pull from Both Sides in Civil War - WT

Damascus School Struggles to Carry On - VOA

Lawmaker in Maldives' Coalition Stabbed to Death - AP

Syria Ever Present at UN General Assembly - AP

Syria: UN Council Members Support 'Terrorism' - AP

Syrian Minister Accuses US of Stoking 'Terrorism' - AP

Top Egypt Security Delegation Heads to Syria - AP

Syria Siege on Aleppo Alarms Antiquities Experts - AP

Video Shows US Journalist Who Disappeared in Syria - WP

Video Shows US Reporter Alive After Capture in Syria - McClatchy



Obama, Netanyahu Got What They Hoped For at UN Meeting - Reuters

US Says Iran Economy Under Strain, Urges New Nuclear Policy - Reuters

Iran’s Foreign Minister Blasts Israel’s ‘War Drum Beaters’ - WT

Italy FM: Israeli Attack Against Iran Could Happen - AP

Plunging Currency Adds to Iran's Woes - VOA

Iran Rial Hits Record Dollar Low - BBC

A New Sign of Distress as Iran’s Currency Falls - NYT

Iran's Currency Falls 16 Percent in Single Day - AP

Iran-Israel: Muffling the Drums of War - WP opinion

Trouble Brews in Iran's Revolutionary Guard? - Commentator opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Al-Qaeda Threat in N. Africa Focus of Secret Talks - WP

Bomb Attacks Kill 32 Across Iraq - VOA

Libya: US Pulls Personnel from Benghazi - WP

Egypt Doctors Strike for Better Wages, Services - AP

Moroccan Court Upholds Jail Time for Terrorism Suspect - Reuters

A New Course for the Middle East - WSJ opinion

Obama's Mideast Missteps - TNI opinion


United Nations

Annual UN Meeting Wraps Up in New York - VOA

US State Department Rejects Call for UN Ambassador to Quit - AP

World Faces Ageing Population Time Bomb, Warns UN - TT



Missions, Capabilities Will Top NATO Conference Agenda - AFPS


US Department of Defense

NORTHCOM Marks 10 Years Protecting US Homeland - AFPS

Biden, Carter Praise MRAPs During Pentagon Ceremony - S&S

Biden, Carter Applaud ‘Team MRAP’ as Production Ends - AFPS

Sailors Await Resolution in Secret Service Prostitution Scandal - AP

Navy Has Controversial Plan to Go Green on Pearl Harbor - PBP


United States

More Terror Suspects to Fight Extradition to US  - AP

IG: VA Wasted Hundreds of Thousands on Extravagant Conferences - S&S

White House Says it Thwarted Cyberattack - AP

White House Confirms Cyber-attack - BBC

Obama, Romney Prepare for First Debate  - VOA

Dempsey: Americans Will Shape Image of Modern Vet - AFPS

To Combat ‘Modern Slavery’ - NYT editorial

Romney on Defense - WP opinion

The Foreign Policy Divide - NYT opinion

Intel Meets the Political Debate - WP opinion

Obama’s Soft Policies for Gitmo Terrorists - WT opinion



US Backs African Intervention Force in Mali - VOA

Somali Forces Move Into al-Shabab Stronghold - VOA

Somali Troops Enter Kismayo - BBC

UN Report Paints Grim Picture for Somalia's Youth - VOA

Nigeria's Boko Haram Says No Peace Talks, Spokesman Arrested - Reuters

Nigeria Anger Over Women Hajj Row with Saudi Arabia - BBC

Mugabe Sets Elections for March, Will Zimbabwe Be Ready? - CSM

South Africa Probes Police Killing of 34 Miners - VOA

South Africa Shooting Probe Opens - BBC

South Africa Starts Investigating Mine Violence - AP

A Global Model for Peacebuilding, in Somalia? - CSM editorial



Colombia-FARC Peace Talks Delayed 1 Week - AP

Colombia's President Has Prostate Cancer - AP

Venezuela's Capriles Vows to Help Colombian Peace Talks - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Vows Stronger Socialist Drive - AP

Fatal Shooting Mars Venezuela Election Campaign - AP

Troops Patrol Rio Ahead of Vote - BBC

Cuban Foreign Minister Slams US Over Embargo - AP


Asia / Pacific

Geopolitics, Resources Put Maritime Disputes Back on Map - Reuters

Chinese Satisfied with Economy, Despite Slowdown - WP

With a Transition Near, New Questions in China - NYT

China: Beijing Blocks Dissident’s Art Company - NYT

North Korea: Spark Could Set Off Nuclear War - AP

US Sends Aircraft to Okinawa, Japan, Despite Fierce Opposition - NYT       

Philippines: Gov’t, Muslim Rebels Start Peace Talks, Deal Seen Close - Reuters

US Lends Vietnam $118 Million For Satellite - VOA

Cambodian Court Jails Broadcaster - VOA



Eurozone Unemployment Soaring - VOA

Georgian Political Rivals Both Claim Victory - VOA

Georgia Rivals Claim Poll Victory - BBC

Georgian Opposition Celebrates as Both Sides See Victory - Reuters

Once-Reclusive Billionaire Eyes Power in Georgia - Reuters

USAID Withdraws from Russia - WP

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Meets with Medvedev in Russia - CSM

Russia: Court Postpones Jail Sentence Appeal by Punk-Rock Band - VOA

Russia Bans Showing of anti-Islam Film - AP

Beware Russia's Hand in Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania Elections - CSM opinion


South Asia

India Slams Pakistan at UN - AP

'Murder Attempt' on India General in London - BBC

Army Accountability Stays Elusive in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan’s Anti-Blasphemy Laws Applied to Muslim-Hindu Clashes - VOA

Pakistan Taliban Offers Imran Khan Protection - TT

Officials: US Drone Kills 2 in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Pakistani Women Drive Retail Boom - WP

Bangladesh Braces for More Muslim Attacks on Buddhist Sites - VOA

Lawmaker in Maldives' Coalition Stabbed to Death - AP