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29 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Afghan Troops Get a Lesson in American Cultural Ignorance - WP

Defense Delays Sending Mortars Commanders Urgently Seek - USAT

Bomb Kills 2 Police Near Afghan Training Academy - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Massive Multinational Maneuvers Put Iran on Notice - VOA

White House: Obama, Netanyahu Agree on Iran - VOA

Obama, Netanyahu Seek to Get Past Iran Differences - Reuters

Obama, Romney Both Make Calls to Israel’s Netanyahu - WP

Obama, Romney Discuss Iran with Netanyahu - WT

Panetta, MacKay Share Concerns on Iran - AFPS

Netanyahu’s Bomb Diagram During Speech Stirs Confusion in Israel - NYT

Netanyahu's Bomb Steals the Show in His UN Speech - AP

US Takes Iranian Exile Group Off Terror List - VOA

Iran's MEK Loses US Terror Tag - BBC

Iranian News Agency Plagiarizes The Onion on Obama/Ahmadinejad Poll - HV

Iran News Agency Dalls for Spoof - BBC

Obama’s Red Line Fever - WT editorial

What’s in a War with Iran? - WP opinion

Get Ready for Debate on Bibi's 'Red Lines' - NYP opinion



Battles Rage in Aleppo, Damascus - VOA

Syrian Rebels Struggle in Aleppo - BBC

Syria Rebels Struggle to Advance in Aleppo Offensive - Reuters

Fighting in Aleppo Starts Fire in Medieval Souks - AP

US Boosting Financial Support for Syrian Opposition - VOA

US Aims to Rally Syrian Opposition with New Aid - AP

Clinton Offers $45 Million to Syrian Rebels - McClatchy

US, France Boost Syria Support, Less Than Rebels Hoped - Reuters

World Powers Push Syria's Opposition to Unite - AP

Russia Says Backing Syrian Rebels Deepens Strife - AP

Kurds Prepare to Pursue More Autonomy in a Fallen Syria - NYT

Formula for Syria Remains Elusive - WP

Iraq Floats Plan to Get Syrian Opponents Talking - AP

Saudis Say UN Inaction Gives Assad 'Green Light' - AP

Panetta: Fate of Syrian Chemical Weapons Unknown - S&S



Spy Chief Defends Evolving Accounts of Libya Attack - WP

US Officials Explain Libya Attack Intelligence - AP

Shifts on Libya Attack Could Cost Obama Politically - NYT

Security Fears Hobble Inquiry on Libya Attack - NYT

Libya Thwarts Planned Anti-Militia Protests - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq: Jailbreak Was Inside Job, 20 Killed - AP

Scores Freed in Iraq Jail Raid - BBC

Yemen’s Leader Praises US Drone Strikes - NYT

4 Members of Former Yemen President's Party Killed in Ambush - Reuters

Bahrain Opposition: Protester Killed in Clashes - AP

US Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance - NYT

US Plan for Emergency Egypt Aid Hits Roadblock - Reuters

Tunisians Fear Stall of Democracy - VOA

Tunisia 'Police Rape' Condemned - BBC



Amnesty Urges Assange Assurances - BBC


United Nations

At Annual UN General Assembly, a Stage for All the World - NYT


International Criminal Court

Germany Hosts ICC’s 10th Anniversary Conference - VOA



Paloméros Takes Reins of NATO Command in Norfolk - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Training for Attacks, in Case There’s a Next Time - NYT

Panetta Downplays Conflict With Lockheed Over F-35 Buy - DN

Dempsey Releases Concept to Build Joint Force 2020 - AFPS

Army Suicides Down in August - S&S

Military Heroes’ Social Security Numbers Posted Online - WT

20 Servicemembers Sue DOD, Say Sex Assaults Mishandled - AP

Army Uniform Designed for Women Now for All - S&S

The Real Story on the Red Team Report - FP opinion


United States

US Banks Hit by More Than a Week of Cyberattacks - AP

Experts Suggest Unconventional Means of Embassy Security - S&S

Obama Orders Chinese Company to End Investment Near Drone Base - NYT

US Blocks Chinese Firm's Investment in Wind Farms - BBC

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Detained Without Bail - VOA

The Foreign Policy Debate Obama Doesn’t Want - WP opinion

Foreign Policy: Why Are We Talking About Romney's Advisors? - FP opinion


United Kingdom

After London Olympics Debacle, Security Firm Shuffles Top Managers - NYT

Why Marches Trigger Northern Ireland Strife - AP



Somalia’s Shabaab Rebels Pull Out of Kismayu Bastion - NYT

Kenya Claims Capture of Somali port - WP

Kenya Attacks Last Stronghold of Somali Militants - AP

Somalia Islamists Abandon Kismayo - BBC

Two More Journalists Killed in Somalia - VOA

Mali Coalition Protests Proposed ECOWAS Troop Deployment - VOA

Rwanda Denies Presidential Walkout on Congo Meeting - VOA

Mine Strikes Spread in South Africa - VOA



Mexico Finds Cartel Radio Network, 300-Foot Tower - AP

Mexican Congress in Heated Debate on Labor Reform - AP

‘Rock Star’ Challenger Unsettles Venezuela’s  Chavez - WP

Satellite Launch Stirs Passions Before Venezuela Vote - Reuters

China Launches 2nd Satellite Built for Venezuela - AP

Honduras Troops Guard Urban Buses - BBC

Israel Concerned Over Argentina-Iran Meetings - AP

Israel Disappointed at Argentina Talks With Iran - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

US Seeks Calm Over Asian Disputes, But Won't Mediate - AP

China Alters Its Strategy in Diplomatic Crisis With Japan - NYT

Japan and China Trade Barbs Over Islands at UN - BBC

China's Lines Around Islands Suggest More Conflict - AP

Bo Xilai Ousted from China’s Communist Party - WP

Ousted From Party in China, Bo Xilai Faces Prosecution - NYT

Bo Charges Reveal Depth of China's Political Scandal - VOA

China Discipline Warning Over Bo - BBC

Bo Decision Allows China to Focus on Succession - AP

Bo Xilai was Rising Star Before China Scandal - VOA

US Troops See Terror Threat Diminish on Philippine Island of Mindanao - S&S

US Issues Security Alert for Philippine Capital - AP

Japan: Osprey Protesters Block Gates at Marine Base on Okinawa - S&S

North Korea Plans Agriculture Reforms - Reuters

Naval Historian Describes US 7th Fleet’s Impact in Asia - AFPS

In China, No Rule of Law - WP editorial

Uncertainty in China - WP opinion

On China’s Many Atrocities - WT opinion

China is Our Friend - WT opinion

China Builds Nuclear Arsenal While Rest of World Disarms - WT opinion



Chastened King Seeks Redemption, for Spain and His Monarchy - NYT

Spain, Portugal Brace for More Austerity Protests - AP

Greek Premier Sees Hope, but Only if Europe Helps - NYT

France's Hollande Proposes 75 Percent Tax on Wealthy - VOA

New French Budget Focuses on Slicing Deficit - NYT

Germany: Merkel’s Ex-Finance Minister to Oppose Her - NYT

Appeal Hearing Set for Jailed Russian Rockers - VOA

Europe’s Perpetual Crisis: Spanish Edition - WT editorial


South Asia

Pakistan Flood Death Toll Rises - BBC

Top Pakistan Bomb Expert Killed - BBC

Coffee Giant Starbucks to Open First India Store - VOA