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27 September SWJ Roundup

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In Afghanistan, US Advisers Train Ally With Armor On - NYT

In US Soldier's Death, a Window Into Afghan Insider Killings - Reuters

Obama Adviser: Insider Attacks Are Sign Of 'Taliban Desperation' - HP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Bomb Iran and Af-Pak Will Erupt - NI opinion



Mine-Sweeping Exercise in Gulf Ends Amid Rising Tensions with Iran - S&S

Iran's President Leaves Trail of Guesses on Future - AP

Ahmadinejad Denounces 'Uncivilized Zionists,' Urges New Order - Reuters

Iran Decries 'Nuclear Threats' - BBC

Iran Unveils 'Indigenous' Drone - BBC

Iranian President's Press Adviser Jailed - AP

A Flimsy Policy Toward Iran - WP opinion

Iran's Threats to America a Good Thing - NP opinion

Bomb Iran and Af-Pak Will Erupt - NI opinion



Clinton: UN 'Paralyzed' on Syria - BBC

Hezbollah Throws Support to Syrian Regime - WP

Twin Explosions Target Syrian Military Building - VOA

Syrian Insurgents Mount Fierce Attack on Military Compound - NYT

Bombers Target Syrian Military HQ - WP

Lack of Access in Syria Hinders Humanitarian Aid - Reuters

Israel Wary of Expanding Syrian Chaos - VOA

Cameron Urges UN Efforts on Syria - BBC

Egypt's Mursi Says Opposes Foreign Intervention in Syria - Reuters

5 Reasons to Intervene in Syria Now - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Egypt's Morsi Assumes Major Role in Mideast - AP

Egypt Paper Launches Campaign Against Muhammad Cartoons - BBC

Libya's President Says Attack on US 'Pre-Planned' - VOA

Clinton Suggests Link to Qaeda Offshoot in Deadly Libya Attack - NYT

GOP Lawmakers Seek Details on Deadly Libya Attack - WP

Libya's Congress Gives New PM Ultimatum to Name Government - Reuters

Gaddafi 'Captor' Buried in Libya - BBC

Post-Revolution Tunisia Fears Loss of Freedom - VOA

Al-Qaida in N. Africa  Accuses France of Endangering Hostages - AP

Saudis Detain Nigerian Hajj Women - BBC

A Backlash to the Backlash - NYT opinion

Radical Islamists Pounce on Obama - NR opinion


United Nations

Obama Condemns anti-US Protests, Defends Arab Spring Strategy - S&S

UK PM Cameron Urges Arab Spring Support - BBC

Morsi, Middle East Take Center Stage at UN General Assembly - VOA

Insults to Muhammad ‘Unacceptable,’ Morsi Tells UN - WP

At UN, Egypt and Yemen Urge Curbs on Free Speech - NYT

Arabs Seek Blasphemy Ban; US, Russia Spar on Syria - AP

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Addresses UN - WP

Israel's Netanyahu to Push Case Against Iran at UN - AP

LatAm Presidents Call for Drug Debate at UN - AP

US-Led 'War on Drugs' Questioned at UN - Reuters

UN Members Divided Over Response to Mali Crisis - Reuters



Clinton Global Initiative Wraps NY Meeting - VOA


US Department of Defense

Anxiety Rising Among Troops, Families as Sequestration Nears - S&S

Official Reaffirms DOD Commitment to Cybersecurity - AFPS

Training for the Next Libya, Marine Teams Wary of Budget Cuts - Reuters

Dempsey: Leadership, Trust Essential to Battling Suicide - AFPS

Chandler Calls on Leaders to Open Up About Their Own Combat Stress - S&S

DOD Issues Employee Guidelines for SEAL's bin Laden Book - S&S

Airmen Told to Check Pay Updates with System Shutdown Approaching - S&S

Army Brigadier General Faces Sex, Pornography Charges - AP

US Army General Removed From Afghanistan Faces Sex Charges - Reuters

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Hasan Out of Hospital - LAT

America's Future of Robot War - WPR opinion     


United States

Obama, Romney Differ on Need for US ‘Swagger’ - WP

Romney Calls for Overhauling US Foreign Aid - LAT

Guantanamo Prison Camps Not a Campaign Issue this Time - MH

Jury in NJ Convicts Illinois Man in Military Info Case - AP

VA Boss Says Number of Homeless Veterans Declining - AP

NASA Closes in on the Big Bang - VOA

Efforts to Provide Mental Health Care for War Veterans Falling Short - S&S

Mr. Romney Addresses Foreign Aid - NYT editorial

For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

UK Judge Halts Abu Hamza Extradition to US - BBC

UK Court Issues Injunction in Radical Cleric Case - AP

Islamist Wins Delay in UK Extradition to United States - Reuters

Ecuador and UK Plan WikiLeaks’ Assange Talks - BBC



US, France Seek African Force for Mali - VOA

UN Members Divided Over Response to Mali Crisis - Reuters

Nigeria Says Its Push on Boko Haram Islamists Paying Off - Reuters

Sudan and South Sudan Agree on Oil Deal, Spokesmen Say - BBC

Sudan, South Sudan to Resume Oil Exports, No Wider Deal - Reuters

South Sudan-Sudan Agree on 9 Issues but Not Border - AP

Somali Militant 'Armory Bombed' - BBC

IMF Unhappy with Zimbabwe Policies - VOA

Kenya MP Ferdinand Waititu Accused of 'Hate Speech' - BBC

Stranded Ethiopian Migrants Return From Yemen - VOA

South Africa’s Former Youth Leader Denies Money-laundering Charge - VOA

South Africa: Malema Defiant After Court Charge - BBC

Equatorial Guinea Acts to End France Probe - BBC

Guinea to See $2.1 Billion of Its Debt Cancelled - AP

Campaigners Pursue Criminal Probe into Ivory Coast Toxic Dump - VOA



LatAm Presidents Call for Drug Debate at UN - AP

US-Led 'War on Drugs' Questioned at UN - Reuters

Eleven Killed in Mexico 'Gang Shootout' - BBC

Eleven Killed in Gunfight in Southwest Mexico - Reuters

Weakened Labor Reform Clears First Hurdle in Mexican Congress - Reuters

Colombia's Santos Wants Peace With FARC by 2013 - Reuters

Venezuela Polls Mixed as Presidential Vote Nears - Reuters

Ecuador and UK Plan WikiLeaks’ Assange Talks - BBC

Brazil Police Detain Google Chief - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China Politics Stall Overhaul for Economy - NYT

Panetta Shares Perspectives From Latest Asia-Pacific Trip - AFPS

No Sign of Progress in Japan-China Island Dispute - VOA

Japanese PM: No Compromise with China on Island Claim - AP

Japan Cuts Production at Factories in China - VOA

Former Japan PM Elected to Lead Opposition Party - NYT

South Korea's Passion Over Disputed Islands Gets Japan's Attention - S&S

South Korea Disappointed About North's Lack of Reforms - VOA

US-Philippine Alliance Critical to Asia-Pacific, Official Says - AFPS

Philippines Priest in Ivory Probe - BBC

Vietnam Could Become World's Biggest Rice Exporter - VOA

US Set to Ease Burma Import Ban - BBC

US to Ease Ban on Imports From Burma - NYT



Markets Falter in Europe Amid Protests on Austerity - NYT

Clashes Erupt at Greece Protest - BBC

Greek Protesters Clash with Police - VOA

Spain to Impose Further Austerity - BBC

France: Hollande’s Honeymoon Period Ends - WP

Russian Tycoon Alexander Lebedev Charged With Hooliganism - VOA

Russian Billionaire Faces Charges - WP

Bosnian Forensic Experts Search Mass Grave - AP

As Refugees Flood Turkey, Asylum System Nears Breakdown - NYT

Turkey to Block Access to anti-Islam Film - AP


South Asia

Study: US Should Re-Evaluate Pakistan Drone Strikes - VOA

Pakistan Taliban: 'Amnesty' for Bounty Minister - AP

How Sonia Gandhi Was Persuaded to Back India Reforms - Reuters

Nearly 2 Million Displaced After India Floods - VOA