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24 September SWJ Roundup

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Slain Marine Commander’s Actions Called Heroic - WP

All 33,000 'Surge' Troops Now Out of Afghanistan - AP

Top China Official Visits Afghanistan, Signs Security Deal - Reuters

Deals Boost Chinese-Afghan Ties - BBC

Promise of Education Takes Hold for New Generation of Afghans - S&S

Afghan Female Factory Workers Facing the Sack - TT

Afghanistan Bans Pakistan Newspapers - BBC

The Retreater in Chief - WS opinion



Clashes Continue Across Syria As Rebels Move Command Center - VOA

US Ambassador to UN, Takes Center Stage in Syria Debate - WP

At United Nations, Renewed Focus on Syria, if Not New Ideas - NYT

Syria Opposition in Damascus Urges Assad's Overthrow - BBC

Syrian Opposition Figures Meet in Damascus - AP

Survey: Syrian Rebels Want Democracy, Islamic-Style - USAT

Iraq: On the Wrong Side - NYT editorial

Can Rising Powers Save Syria? - G&M opinion



In Volatile Gulf, US Emphasizes Diplomacy as Capabilities Grow - S&S

US Navy's New Floating Base Gets a Workout in the Persian Gulf - AP

Iran Threatens Attacks on US Bases in Event of War - AP

IRG Commander: Iran Could Launch Pre-emptive Israel Strike - Reuters

Iran's Navy Aims to Extend its Reach - AP

Iran Accuses German Company of Nuclear Sabotage - AP

German Firm Siemens Denies Iran Sabotage Link - BBC

Iran Accuses IAEA of Passing Nuclear Secrets to Israel - Reuters

UN Chief Warns Iran's Ahmadinejad on Fiery Rhetoric - Reuters

An Interview with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - WP

Rekindling Rushdie - JP editorial

An Unfazed Ahmadinejad - WP opinion



Deadly Attack in Libya Was Major Blow to CIA Efforts - NYT

Libyan Islamists Accused of Killing US Ambassador 'Finished' - TT

Libya President Orders Disbanding of Illegal Militias - VOA

Libya to Disband Illegal Militias - BBC

Government Issues Order to Disband Libya Forces - NYT

Libya Orders 'Illegitimate' Militias to Disband - AP

Libya: CNN Finds, Returns Journal Belonging to Late US Ambassador - CNN

Libya: US State Department Blasts CNN Report on Stevens' Diary - VOA



Morsi Says Egypt Will be More Independent From US - CSM

Morsi Warns US it Needs to Change Middle East Policy - TT

Egypt's President Wants More Independence From US - AP

Israel Says No Egypt Treaty Change - BBC

Egypt-based Islamists Claim Responsibility for Israel Border Attack - WP

Egypt-based Group Claims Israel Border Attack - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Obama Struggles for Unifying Strategy Post-Arab Spring - McClatchy

Dangerous and Deepening Divide Between Islamic World, West - Reuters

Frustration and Turmoil as World Leaders Meet - AP

America’s Iraq Exit Marked by Challenges and Failed Efforts - NYT

Arab Spring Leaving Women Out in Cold - USAT

Police: 5 Killed in Iraq Attacks - AP

Iraq Shrugs Off Calls to Reconsider Death Penalty - AP

Lebanese Christian Leader Says Escaped Assassin - AP

Dozens Protest Against Detention of Relatives at Saudi Prison - Reuters

The Satanic Video - NYT opinion

America’s Inevitable Retreat From the Middle East - NYT opinion

Arab World Wrestles with New Politics - DS opinion

Obama's Failed Exit from Iraq - NYT opinion

America Bows to the Mob - NR opinion

Obama Learns Lesson in Muslim Rage - NP opinion


United States

Obama and Romney Offer a Possible Preview of Their First Debate - NYT

Justice Department Rift Idles Reno ATF Office for Months - USAT

Philadelphia Man Nazi Probe Target - AP



How Rising Food Prices are Impacting the World - CSM

From Nigeria to Athens, Muslim Protests Rumble On - Reuters

Dangerous and Deepening Divide Between Islamic World, West - Reuters

Frustration and Turmoil as World Leaders Meet - AP

Free Speech in the Age of YouTube - NYT opinion



Sudan, S. Sudan: Presidents Bashir, Kiir to Discuss Borders at Summit - VOA

Sudan and South Sudan Leaders Discuss Oil and Borders - BBC

Suicide Bomber Strikes Nigerian Church - VOA

Suicide Bomber Kills 2, Injures 45 in Nigeria Church Attack - AP

Church Bombed in Northern Nigeria - BBC

Ivory Coast to Admit Ghana Flights, Keep Land, Sea Borders Shut - Reuters

Ivory Coast to Reopen Air Space with Ghana - BBC



Unlikely Joint Effort by US and Venezuela Leads to Drug Lord’s Arrest - NYT

Chavez's Record: A Venezuela Oil Bonanza Squandered? - AP

'Ghetto Chavez' and the Battle for Venezuela's Youth Vote - Reuters

Honduras Rights Lawyer, Killed at Wedding - BBC

Honduras Human Rights Lawyer Murdered - AP

Ecuador Weighs Sending WikiLeaks' Assange to Sweden - VOA

US VP Candidate Ryan Criticizes Obama’s Cuba Policy - NYT


Asia / Pacific

Panetta's Asia Visit Shows Balancing Role US Hopes to Play - Reuters

In Shark-Infested Waters, Resolve of China and Japan Tested - NYT

Japan, China Military Conflict Seen Unlikely Despite Strain - Reuters

China Surveillance Ships Enter Waters Near Disputed Islands - Reuters

China Cancels Event Marking Japanese Ties - VOA

China Housing Drive Gives Measure of Next Premier - Reuters

Chinese Official Linked to a Murder Scandal Is Convicted - NYT

Bo Scandal Policeman Wang Jailed - BBC

China Jails Ex-Police Chief, Closes In on Disgraced Bo - Reuters

Ex-Top Cop in China Scandal Jailed for 15 Years - AP

Policeman at Center of China Scandal Took Walk on Wild Side - Reuters

Behind North Korea’s Propaganda Star is a Darker Tale - WP

North Korea Plans Agriculture Reforms - Reuters

Indonesian Police Arrest 10 Terror Suspects - AP

Aung San Suu Kyi Calls for Reconciliation in Burma - VOA

Burma’s President Heads to US, Seeks End to Sanctions - Reuters



Russia: With USAID Aid Cutoff, Kremlin Recalibrates - NYT

US Broadcaster to Cease Some Moscow Radio Services - VOA

Russia’s Gazprom is Losing its Clout - WP

Gen. Pavel Grachev, Fought Chechen Rebels, Dies at 64 - AP

Russia: 4 Police, 4 Militants Killed in Battle in Chechnya - AP

Parliament Poll in Belarus Reaches Minimum Voter Turnout - VOA

Belarus Votes as Europe Keeps a Watch - NYT

Belarus Says Election Turnout Strong, Despite Opposition Boycott - Reuters

Belarus Holds Elections Boycotted by Opposition - AP

Prophet Film Protesters Clash With Greek Police - AP


South Asia

India and Pakistan Sign Landmark Visa Deal - CSM

India Grapples with Child Trafficking - WP

Pakistani Radio Show Uses Mothers and Mullahs to Undercut Taliban - Reuters

Pakistani Minister Offers Bounty Over Anti-Islam Video - NYT

Pakistani Minister Wants Filmmaker Dead - CNN

Pakistan: Anti-Islam Film Bounty Condemned - BBC

US Attacks Pakistan anti-Islam Film Bounty - BBC

Strike Enforced in Bangladesh Over Anti-Islam Film - AP

Avalanche on Nepal Peak Kills at Least 9 Climbers - AP

Europeans Among 10 Climbers Killed in Nepal Avalanche - Reuters