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22 September SWJ Roundup

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Anti-Islam Film / Fallout / Related

Protests Erupt Across Islamic World Over Video - VOA

Fresh Anti-Islam Film Protests in Muslim Countries - BBC

Libya: Protesters Rout Benghazi Militia - BBC

Libya: Protesters Besiege Militias in Benghazi, Forcing Flight - NYT

Pro-US Libyans Rally Against Radicals, Set Fire to Militia Compound - AP

Libyan Islamist Militia Swept Out of Benghazi Bases - Reuters

In Libya, a Struggle for Nation’s Soul - WP

Violent Protests Spread Across Pakistan Over Video - VOA

Deadly Film Protests in Pakistan - BBC

Pakistan Protests Turn Violent; 20 Dead - WP

19 Reported Dead as Pakistanis Protest Muhammad Video - NYT

Pakistani Leaders Play Religious Card as Protests Boil - Reuters

Anti-Islam Film Protest Muted Among India's Muslims - VOA

In Lebanon, Protests Over Prophet Film Underscore Divide - AP

Military-Style Tactics Seen in US Consulate Siege in Libya - AP

Religious, Political Leaders Weigh In on Anti-Muslim Video Protests - VOA

Analysts See Double Standard in European Free Speech Laws - VOA

Responding to Recent Events in Egypt and Libya - FPI opinion

A 21st-Century Islam - NYT opinion



Panetta: US Surge Troops Complete Afghan Withdrawal - VOA

Troop ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan Ends With Mixed Results - NYT

Panetta Announces Completion of Afghanistan Surge Drawdown - AFPS

US Surge Troops Leave Afghanistan - BBC

US, Pakistan Plan Joint Effort to Boost Peace Talks with Taliban - WP

Inspector Questions Accounting of Afghanistan Fuel - AFPS

Battle Inside Afghanistan's Most Violent Corner - TG

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US, Iraqi Leaders Discuss Concerns on Syria Arms - Reuters

Iraq Bars Syria-Bound Plane With Suspected Arms - AP

Syria Crisis Likely to Overshadow UN General Assembly - VOA

Assad Says Rebels Will Not Win - VOA

Assad Says Arab Spring Brought Chaos - BBC

Rebels Down Fighter Jet in Northern Syria - Reuters

Assad vs. The Moderates - WP opinion



US Officials Say Iran Launched Cyberattacks on Banks, Businesses - WP

US Senate Approves Resolution on Iran - AP

West Defeats Iran Initiative at Major UN Nuclear Meeting - Reuters

What if Israel Bombed Iran? - WP opinion

Lessons From an Iranian War Game - WP opinion

What if Israel Bombed Iran? The View From Tehran - WP opinion

If Israel Bombed Iran, What Would Life in Tel Aviv Be Like? - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Massive Minesweeping Exercise Begins Off Bahrain - CNN

One Israeli, 3 Militants Killed in Border Attack - VOA

Israeli Soldier Killed as Border Breached, Worries on Sinai Lawlessness - NYT

Israel-Egypt border: 3 Gunmen and Israeli Soldier Killed in Clash - WP

Israeli Soldier Killed in Clash - BBC

Sunni, Shi'ite Islamists Clash in Yemen, One Killed - Reuters

Bahrain Says It Arrested 29 During Protest on Friday - Reuters


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Threat of Terrorist IED’s Growing, Expanding, General Says - AFPS

Some Gitmo Detainees’ Names Released - WP

US Names 55 Set for Transfer From Guantánamo - AP

Iranian Dissidents Convince US to Drop Terror Label - NYT

US to Remove Iran Group Off Terror List - VOA

Iranian Group to be Taken Off Terror List - WP

US 'Set to Remove' Iran group MEK's from Terror List - BBC


US Department of Defense

Dempsey Discusses Importance of Embracing, Managing Military Change - AFPS

Pentagon Ceremony Remembers Sacrifices of POWs, MIA Families - AFPS

Special Report: 2012 Secretary of Defense Freedom Awards - AFPS

Civilians Can Help Prevent Military Suicides, Official Says - AFPS

Air Force Slow to Handle Appeals for Convicted Airmen, Officers - McClatchy


United States

Congress Heads for Home With Rancor Still Evident - NYT

Two Justice Officials Won’t Face Discipline Over ‘Fast and Furious’ - WP

US Shuttle Endeavour Undertakes Final Flypast - BBC


New Zealand

After Long Absence, a US Defense Secretary Visits New Zealand - NYT

US Eases 3-Decade Ban on Port Visits by New Zealand Warships - S&S

Panetta Honors Past, Present New Zealand Troops - AFPS

Panetta Eases Restrictions on New Zealand Ship Visits - AFPS



Telecom Attacks Cripple Communication in Nigeria's North - VOA

4 Journalists Killed in Somalia in 24 Hours - VOA

UN Condemns Somali Bombing at Mogadishu Cafe - AP

UN Seeks Extra Funding for DR Congo Displaced - VOA

UN Security Council to Consider Mali Force - AP

Ivory Coast Closes Ghana Border - BBC

Ivory Coast Closes Frontier With Ghana Over Border Attack - Reuters

New Ethiopian PM Backer of Dominant Party Rule - VOA

In Uganda, Mixed Reactions to Africa’s Youngest MP - VOA

Nigeria Halts Currency Reforms - BBC



Mexico Coahuila Inmates Fled 'Via Front Door, Not Tunnel' - BBC

Mexico Stays on Gun Probe Despite US Report - AP

Venezuela, China Sign Deal to Develop Gold Mine - AP


Asia / Pacific

China Aims to Defuse Regional Tensions Over Sea Disputes - AP

Human Rights Watch Pushing for Int'l Contact Group on Tibet - VOA

Japan’s Beleaguered Premier Wins Party Leadership Vote - NYT

“Controversial” Marne Corps Ospreys Start Test Flights Over Japan - S&S

South Korea Fires Shots at Vessels From North - NYT

South Korea Fires on North Korean Fishing Boats - AP

Philippines Close to Landmark Peace Deal in Rebel South - Reuters

Bomb Leaves Six Dead in Thailand's Restive South - BBC

Car Bomb Kills 6 in Thailand's South After Warning - AP

Aung San Suu Kyi Urges Cooperation Among Burma’s Leaders - VOA

Burma Warlord 'Admits Mekong Murders' - BBC

Burma’s Fragile Democracy - NYT editorial



EU Farmers Boost Global Grain Supplies - VOA

Russia Moves to Broaden Definition of High Treason - NYT

Greek Austerity Talks With Creditors Stall Again - VOA

Hundreds Convicted for Turkey Military Coup Plot - VOA

Turkish Court Convicts 330 From Military in Coup Case - NYT

Turkey Trial: Three Army Generals Jailed for Coup Plot - BBC

326 Convicted in Turkey Military Coup Plot - AP

Talking with Turkey’s Prime Minister - WP interview

No Justice in Turkey - WP opinion


South Asia

US Missile Strike Kills 4 Militants in NW Pakistan - AP

India: Singh Defends Economy Plan - BBC

Indian Premier Defends Reforms - WP

India’s Premier Pleads for Support of His Plans in Televised Address - NYT

Top Sri Lanka Editor is Sacked - BBC