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Taliban’s Strategy Focuses More on High-Profile Assaults, Less on Territory - WP

Final ‘Surge’ Troops Leave Afghanistan - WP

Panetta: US Surge Troops Out of Afghanistan - AP

Progress Seen in Resolving US-Afghan Dispute Over Detainees - NYT

Afghanistan Says Pakistani Shelling Risks 'Negative Consequences' - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Anti-Islam Film / Fallout / Related

Islam vs Tolerance Debated in Prophet Film's Wake - AP

Violence Over Video Continues in Pakistan Ahead of Public Holiday - NYT

Pakistan Urges Calm in Protests Against Video - VOA

Pakistan Blocks Cell Phones on Prophet Protest Day - AP

US Anti-Film Ads on Pakistani TV - BBC

US Pays $70k for Ads in Pakistan Disavowing Anti-Muslim Video - WP

Pakistan: US Spends $70k on Ads Denouncing anti-Islam Film - AP

Pakistan: US Screens Anti-film Ads - AP

After Libya Attack, a Fleeting Sense of Survival - NYT

US Envoy Visits Libya Following Ambassador's Death - VOA

US Plans New Inquiry on Libya Attack - WP

Libya Envoy’s Killing a Terrorist Attack, the White House Says - NYT

US Official Calls Benghazi Consulate Assault 'Terrorist Attack' - McClatchy

After Attack in Libya, an Ambush Struck Rescuers - NYT

Tensions High for Day of Anti-Islam Film Protests - BBC

Egypt's Mufti Urges Muslims to Endure Insults Peacefully - Reuters

Tunisia Tries to Control Extremists - WP

Sudan Blocks YouTube Over Anti-Islam Film - VOA

University of Philippines Bans Anti-Islam Film - AP

Charlie Hebdo French Cartoons: Complaint Filed in Paris - BBC

France Raises Security Over Prophet Muhammad Cartoons - VOA

Actress in Anti-Muslim Film Sues Producer, YouTube - VOA

US Judge Denies Actress' Bid to Remove anti-Islam Film - BBC

‘Cairo Doctrine’ Collapse - WP opinion

The White House's Benghazi Problem - FP opinion



Clinton to Push Tougher Syria Policy at UN - VOA

Assad Says Rebels Will Not Win, Calls for Dialogue - Reuters

Dozens Killed, Wounded in Syrian Blast - VOA

Syrian Planes Said to Strike Gas Station - NYT

Syria Warplane 'Bombs Raqqa Petrol Station Queue' - BBC

Syrian Activists: Airstrikes Kill at Least 30 - AP

West Accuses Iran of Shipping Arms to Syria - AP

Military Helicopter Clipped Passenger Jet as it Crashed - Fox

Iran Joins the Syrian Battle - WP editorial



Iran’s Top Atomic Official Says Nation Issued False Nuclear Data - NYT

US Admiral Says Mideast Drills Ensure Stability - AP

Iranians Denied US Research Visas Hit by Political Crossfire - Bloomberg

Iranian Woman Beats Up Cleric for Criticizing Her Wardrobe - WP             

Iran: The War Game - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Year After Effort at UN, New Aim for Palestinians - NYT

Mideast Ambitions: Turkey and Egypt Seek Alliance - AP

Restrictions on Religion Are Tightening, Study Finds - NYT


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Policy Chief on Iran, Afghanistan, Asia and More - FP

Carter: Sequestration Would Have Effect of ‘Hidden Tax’ - AFPS

President Nominates Vollrath as Assistant Defense Secretary - AFPS

Army Testing New Body Armor Tailored for Women’s Bodies - WP

IG Report Praises Reforms at Arlington Cemetery - AP

US Army to Hold Mandatory Suicide Prevention Training - S&S

Former 173rd CO Paid $300,000 Fine; Faces Final Disposition - S&S


United States

Penalties Urged for DOJ’s ‘Fast and Furious’ - WP

Judges Seem Skeptical of CIA Secrecy of Drones - AP

US Elections Heat Up, China Trade Tensions Rise - VOA

Military Vote Seen As A Key To Capturing Virginia - NPR

Documents Suggest Vets Hurt by VA's Small-Business Focus - S&S

The ‘Show Me Your Papers’ State - WP editorial

Why Presidents Love Foreign Affairs - NYT opinion


New Zealand

Panetta Announces Warmer Military Ties on New Zealand Trip - NYT

US to Reinstate New Zealand Military Ship Visits - AP

US Ends Ban on New Zealand Ships - BBC



Sudans Hoping to Finalize Border Talks Sunday - VOA

2 Blasts Rock Somalia's Capital, Casualties Reported - VOA

Somalia: Suicide Bombers Strike Mogadishu - BBC

'Mass Graves' Mystery in Kenya - BBC

Sierra Leone's Cholera Epidemic Easing But Not Over - VOA

Observers Get Mixed Signals on Gambian Press Freedom - VOA



Venezuela: Chavez Reelection in Jeopardy - Fox

Chavez Plays Populist Card for Venezuela Election - Reuters

Mexico Gas Blast Death Toll Rises - BBC

Mexico Blast a Blow to Pemex's Improving Safety - AP

Mexico: 3 Killed in Inmate Hunt Shootout Near US Border - AP

Colombia Orders Arrest of Rebel for 1999 Killings - AP

One Killed in Peru Mining Protest - BBC

1 Killed, 4 Wounded in Protest Over Peruvian Mine - AP

US Warns Brazil on Tariffs, Gets Stinging Rebuke - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

In Obama’s Evolution on China Policy, a Tougher Line - NYT

China: Wen Chides Europe on Arms Sale Embargo - NYT

China-Japan Dispute Tests China’s Ties With the US - VOA

US Official: Treaty With Japan Covers Islets in China Spat - Reuters

China / Japan: Sleepy Islands and a Smoldering Dispute - NYT

China's Xi Seeks to Reassure Southeast Asia on Sea Dispute - Reuters

Japanese Firms Say China Protests Affect Business Plans - Reuters

China: Panetta Calls Beijing Meetings ‘Substantive, Productive’ - AFPS

Panetta Talks Computer Hacking Issues with Chinese - AP

Panetta Gets Rare Tour of Chinese Naval Base - VOA

US Plans to Invite China to 2014 Naval Exercises - AP

Is China's Scandal-Tainted Bo Headed to Trial? - AP

Ex-Top Cop in China Scandal Gets Verdict Monday - AP

Japan's Noda in Leadership Vote - BBC

Japan’s Noda to Remain Premier After Party Vote - AP

Japan Takes a Shift to the Right - WP

US Begins Test Flights of MV-22 Osprey in Japan - AP

Muslim Rebels in Philippines Kill 3 Men in Ambush - AP

Filipino Troops Free Kidnapped Chinese in Clash - AP

US Selling 8 Apache Helicopters to Indonesia - AP

Acid Attacks Continue in Cambodia Despite Harsher Punishments - VOA



Cyberdefense Key to Annual Europe Exercise - S&S

USAID Shutdown in Russia Will Hurt Civil Society - VOA

Russian Democracy Groups Face Tough Times After USAID Ouster - VOA

Putin’s Russia Hits the ‘Clear’ Button on the Medvedev Era - NYT

British Gov’t Seeks to Suppress Russian Dissident’s Alleged Spy Links - NYT

Georgia Scandal Minister Resigns - BBC

Spanish Premier Rebuffs Catalonia Independence Call - BBC

Portugal Ruling Party's Popularity Hammered by Taxes - Reuters

For Scandal-Weary Italians, Another Scandal - NYT

Norway PM to Reshuffle Cabinet on Friday - Reuters

Turkey Hit by Wave of Attacks as Syria Fallout Emboldens PKK - Bloomberg

Turkey Army 'Coup Plot' Verdict Due - BBC

Phone Hotline in Turkey Helps Victims of Police Violence - VOA


South Asia

UN Presses Pakistan Over the Fate of Hundreds of Missing People - NYT

India Hit by Nationwide Strike Over Economic Reforms - VOA

Don’t Give Up on India - WP opinion