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20 September SWJ Roundup

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ISAF General: Criticism of Joint Operations Restrictions Overblown - S&S

ISAF Official: Campaign Remains on Track as Surge Winds Down - AFPS

Dempsey: Attacks Won’t Affect NATO’s Afghan Strategy - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Shock as British Soldier Gives Birth in Afghanistan - BBC

America Has Lost the Afghan War - FP opinion



Western Report: Iran Ships Arms, Personnel to Syria via Iraq - Reuters

US Senator Warns Iraq Over Flights Into Syria - NYT

Iraq Nominee Says US Pressing on Use of Airspace - AP

Iraq Denies Airspace Used by Iran to Ship Arms to Syria - Reuters

Extremists Showing Up On Front Lines in Syria - AP

Security Forces Ring Rebel Area in Damascus, Arrest 100 - Reuters

Government Helicopter Crashes Near Damascus - NYT

Helicopter Crashes Near Damascus - BBC

Diplomats Discussing Syria Regime Sanctions - AP

Belarus Denies Planning to Sell Weapons to Syria - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Israel to Iran: Jewish State Can Defend Itself - AP

Iran Preparing Internal Version of Internet to Control Dissent - WP

UAE, Bahrain Confiscate Items Bound for Iran - AP

Romney Told Donors 'No Way' on Israeli-Palestinian Peace - Bloomberg

Palestinians Condemn Romney Mideast Peace Comment - AP

Palestinians Die in Gaza Strike - BBC

Hamas: Israeli Airstrike Killed 2 Border Troops - AP

A Void for Sunnis in Lebanon - NYT

Jordan Limits Protests, and Internet, as Tensions Simmer - NYT

Actress Sues Over Anti-Islam Film - BBC

Libya’s Government Exercises Little Authority Outside Capital - WP

US Deputy Secretary of State Visits Libya After Deadly Attack - Reuters

Libyan Attack Called Terrorism - WP

A Growing Terror Threat in Libya - WS opinion

Washington's Mideast Follies - TNI opinion


US Department of Defense

Afghan War, Defense Cuts Hot Topics During Foreign Policy Roundtable - S&S

Bin Laden Author's Input on Video Game Could Prove Troublesome - LAT

Exercise Jackal Stone Promotes Special Operations Partnerships - AFPS

Conference Highlights Cyber’s Role in National Defense - AFPS

Carter Urges Stepped Up Progress on Cyber Defense - AFPS

VA, DOD to Fund $100 Million PTSD and TBI Study - AFPS

Is Vietnam-era POW/MIA Warrior Alive? Clues Tantalize - SH


United States

Gates: Sequestration Will Take Adults to Handle - WP

Justice Watchdog Sharply Criticizes Botched ‘Fast and Furious’ - WP

Fast and Furious: Holder Cleared But 14 Faulted - BBC

DOD, Nation Face Strategic Choices, Deputy Secretary Says - AFPS

Obstacles May Delay Drones' Access to US Skies, New Report Says - AP

Ads Criticizing 'Jihad' Bound for New York City Subway Stations - Reuters

Veterans Job Corps Bill Shelved After Falling Short in Senate Vote - S&S

Veteran with PTSD Seeks Damages for Allegedly Improper Treatment - TL

The United States and the Muslim World - NYT editorial


United Nations

UN Backs Shaming of Those Who Use Child Soldiers - AP



Ex-Commander in Afghanistan Eyed for Africa - NYT

Congo Rebels 'Running Mini State' - BBC

South Africa's Marikana Miners Return to Work - BBC     

Senegal Senate Abolished to Pay for Floods - BBC

Zimbabwe Police Seek Rwandan Fugitive - BBC

Sudan Says Seizes Rebel Area as Peace Deadline Looms - Reuters

Sudan Opens First Gold Refinery - BBC



Mexico Probes Gas Plant Explosion - BBC

Colombian Drug Baron Captured in Public Phone Booth - BBC


Asia / Pacific

In Beijing, Panetta Says US Strategy Not Aimed at Containing China - S&S

As Panetta Visits China, Smiles and Challenges - WP

Panetta, Xi Welcome Closer US-China Military Relations - AFPS

Panetta: US, Chinese Troops Can ‘Carry Relationship Forward’ - AFPS

China: In Protests, Mao Holds Subtle Messages for Beijing - AP

China Probes Protest Around US Ambassador's Car - AP

Is China's Scandal-Tainted Bo Headed to Trial? - AP

Testimony Implicates Chinese Official in Cover-Up of Briton’s Murder - NYT                               

Osprey Cleared to Fly in Japan, Improving Alliance Capabilities - AFPS

Japan OKs Deployment of Ospreys to Okinawa - S&S

Japan, Under Pressure, Backs Off Goal to Phase Out Nuclear Power - NYT

Japan Gets Cold Feet on Total Nuclear Phase-out - AP

New Voice in South Korean Politics Enters Presidential Race - NYT

Indonesia's Crowded Capital Votes for Governor - Reuters

Outsider Breathing New Ideas Into Indonesia Election - NYT

Anti-American Protests Continue in Indonesia - AP

Advocate of Democracy in Burma Meets Obama - NYT

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Given US Congressional Medal - BBC

In US, Aung San Suu Kyi urges easing of sanctions on Burma - WP

Burma’s Champion - WP opinion



Some Religious Leaders See a Threat as Europe Grows More Secular - NYT

French Newspaper Cartoons Spark Fear of More Protests - WP

France Tightens Embassy Security Over Cartoons - F24

France in Embassy Alert Over Prophet Muhammad Cartoons - BBC

Cartoons in French Weekly Fuel Mohammad Furor - Reuters

France: 4 Injured After Explosion at Kosher Store - AP       

Europe Training Center Gets New Commander, Plans for Large Exercise - S&S

Italy: Ruling Issued in CIA Rendition Case - WP

High Court in Italy Backs Convictions for Rendition - NYT

Italy Court Upholds American Convictions in CIA Abduction Case - AP

Italy Upholds CIA Kidnap Verdicts - BBC

Russia Accuses USAID of Trying to Sway Elections - AP

Georgian Prison Staff Suspended - BBC

Poles Help Belarus, Recalling Own Repressive Past - AP

Help for Russian Democracy - WP editorial

Georgia’s Rowdy Election Campaign - WP opinion


South Asia

US Penalties in Effect for Taliban-Allied Haqqanis - AP

Blast in Pakistan Leaves 10 Dead - NYT

Pakistani Protesters Clash With Police Over Film - AP

Inspectors Certified Pakistani Factory as Safe Before Disaster - NYT

New Cracks Are Forming in Coalition Leading India - NYT

India Strike Over Retail Reforms - BBC

Opposition-Led Strike Hits Trains in India - AP

UK Deports Tamils to Sri Lanka - BBC