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Taliban Shifts its Focus in Afghanistan -WP

Afghanistan Surge Achieved Its Mission, Dempsey Says - AFPS

Coalition Sharply Reduces Joint Operations With Afghan Troops - NYT

NATO's Afghan Joint Patrol Curbs a 'Prudent' Measure - BBC

NATO Curbs Joint Afghan Patrols Over Attack Fears - VOA

In Wake of 'Insider' Attacks, NATO Limits Partnered Patrols - S&S

ISAF Officials: Reports on Partnering Change ‘Not Accurate’ - AFPS

Suicide Bomber Strikes Minibus, Killing Mostly Foreign Workers - NYT

Afghanistan Suicide Bombing Linked to Anti-Islam Film - VOA

Once a Potential Peace Partner, Group Takes Credit for Kabul Bombing - S&S

Force Arrests Taliban Leader Linked to Camp Bastion Attack - AFPS

Afghanistan Suicide Bombing Linked to Anti-Islam Film - VOA

Staying the Course in Afghanistan - TT editorial


US Mission Attacks / Related Effects / Aftermath

After Libya, Renewed Questions About the Potency of Al Qaeda - NYT

FBI in Libya to Probe Deaths of 4 Americans in Consulate Attack - WP

Anti-Islam Film Protests Continue in Asia - VOA

Hezbollah Leads Anti-Film Rally - BBC                                                       

A Benghazi Power, Libya Militia Eyed in Consulate Attack - AP

Egypt to Try 7 Copts, US Pastor Over Prophet Film - AP

Egypt Orders Arrest of US-based Copts Over Film - BBC

Lawyers in Pakistan Rally Against Anti-Islam Film - AP

US Shuts Indonesia Consulate Amid Film Protests - AP         

Sri Lankan Muslims Protest Anti-Islam Film - AP

Saudi Arabia Demands YouTube Block Access to Anti-Islam Film - Reuters



Rebels Are Said to Defeat Syrian Forces in Battle for Border Post - NYT

Syrian Forces, Rebels Clash Near Turkey - AP

Syrian Rebels Seize Control of a Border Crossing - AP

Turkish Polls Show Waning Support for Ankara's Syria Policy - VOA

Turkish Public Sours on Syrian Uprising - NYT

Syria Orders Schools to Open, but Classes Give Way to War - NYT


Middle East / North Africa       

Middle East Comments Could Vex a Romney Administration - NYT

Romney: Palestinians Do Not Want Peace - BBC

World Bank Warns of Deepening Palestinian Fiscal Crisis - Reuters

Israel Military Holds Largest Snap Drill in Years - AP

Israel Army in Snap Exercise to Simulate War Scenario - Reuters

Negotiators Meet in Bid to Revive Iran Talks - NYT

EU-Iran Nuclear Talks 'Useful and Constructive' - AP

Iran Awaits Outcome of UN Meeting Before Further Nuclear Talks - Reuters

Lebanon Shia Clan Members Charged - BBC

Bahrain Agrees to Most UN Rights Recommendations - AP

Jordan's King Endorses Media Law - BBC


US Department of Defense

What Civil War's Antietam Bloodbath Teaches Us About War Today - USAT

Welsh: Air Force Must Learn to Tell Own Story, Without the Jargon - S&S

Reservist, Defense Contractor Plead Not Guilty to Bribery Scheme - AP

After 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal, Problems Remain - AP


United States

US Fears Potential Increase in Terrorist Movement - WT

US Official Says Cyberattack Can Trigger Right to Self-Defense - WP

NY Judge Allows Anti-Terror Law Enforcement - AP

Obstacles May Delay Drones' Access to US Skies, New Report Says - AP

DHS Purchases 200 Million More Rounds of Ammunition - IW

Obama’s Worrisome Silence on Russia - WP editorial



Nigeria Shootings: 'Boko Haram' Kill Borno and Bauchi Officials - BBC

Mali, ECOWAS, Not on Same Page on Military Intervention - VOA

Conflicting Claims Circulate About Boko Haram Spokesperson's Condition - VOA

Mass Graves Found in Kenyan Delta - BBC

Somali Militants on the Defensive in Kismayo - VOA

Somali Journalists Under Fire Despite Mogadishu Peace Dividend - Reuters

Nearly $40 Million Appeal to Assist DR Congo's Displaced - VOA

Ghana’s New President to Nominate Vice President - VOA     

Lonmin Miners in South Africa 'to Go Back to Work' - BBC



Mexico Mass Jailbreak Sparks Manhunt Near Texas Border - BBC

Mexican Tamaulipas State Gas Plant Blast Kills 26 - BBC

Top Colombian Drug Trafficker Is Captured in Venezuela - NYT

Top Colombian Drug Baron Captured - BBC

Qatar Pledges $20 Million to Help Haiti - VOA


Asia / Pacific

In China, Panetta Says US Focus on Asia Is No Threat - NYT

Panetta: New Asia Focus Not Aimed to Contain China - AP

Panetta Meets China’s Elusive Leader-in-Waiting - WP

China's Xi Jinping Meets Panetta - BBC

Panetta Calls for Closer Military Ties During Trip to China - S&S

Japan: Chinese Ships Enter Territorial Waters - VOA

Mistrust, Rivalry and Bad Timing Fan Japan-China Row - Reuters

US, China Team Up for Counter-piracy Exercise - AFPS

US, China Conduct First Counter-Piracy Naval Drill - AP

Obama Challenges China Auto Subsidies - VOA

Ex-Chinese Police Chief Pleads No Contest as Trial Ends - VOA

Trial of Ex-Police Chief in China Scandal Ends in a Sign of Leniency - NYT

Ex-Police Chief in China Scandal Sought US Asylum - AP

China: Beijing Demonstrators Damage US Ambassador's Car - AP

More Protests in China Over Japan and Islands - NYT

China Reins in anti-Japan Protests - WP

Nationalism May Rise Under Japan's Next Gov't - AP

Japan OKs Deployment of Ospreys to Okinawa - VOA

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Supports Easing US Sanctions - VOA

Burma’s Opposition Leader Urges End to Sanctions - NYT

Suu Kyi Calls for Further Easing of Burma Sanctions - BBC

Aung San Suu Kyi Says Burma Reforms Not Yet Irreversible - VOA       

China Bashing: 2012 Edition - WP editorial                        



Moscow Asks Washington to End USAID Programs in Russia - VOA

Russia Demands US End Support of Democracy Groups - NYT

After Two Decades, Russia’s Putin Expels USAID - WP

USAID Shuts Down Russia Operations - BBC

French Magazine Publishes Cartoons Mocking Muhammad - NYT

French Weekly Publishes Muhammad Cartoons - Reuters

Muslims Decry French Mohammad Cartoons as New Insult - Reuters

France Ups Embassy Security After Prophet Cartoons - AP

France to Close Premises in 20 Countries Over Mohammad Cartoons - Reuters

Opposition Seizes on Jail Torture Video Before Georgian Election - Reuters

Deadly Attack on Turkish Convoy - BBC


South Asia

More Partners Threaten to Pull Support From India’s Governing Coalition - NYT

India’s Singh Loses Key Domestic Ally - WP

Congress Party Meets Over India Ally Pullout - BBC


Studies / Research and Analysis

Assessing America's Overseas Military Presence - RAND

US DoD Contract Spending and the Supporting Industrial Base - CSIS

Arab World Needs John Locke - Hoover Institution                       

Is Extremism Rising in Europe? - Chatham House

Planning for Unrest in Venezuela - Council on Foreign Relations