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18 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



As US Troop 'Surge' Ends, Setbacks Are Piling Up  - S&S

US Military Suspends Combat Patrols with Afghan Forces - LWJ

US, NATO Scale Back Missions with Afghan Forces after Attacks - WP

Coalition Sharply Reduces Joint Operations With Afghan Troops - NYT

NATO Curbs Afghan Joint Patrols Over 'Insider' Attacks - BBC

NATO Scales Back Afghan Partnering After Attacks - AP

NATO Says Afghan Operations Cutback Could Be 'Temporary' - Reuters

Panetta: US Concerned About Afghan Insider Attacks - AP

UK’s Hague Downplays NATO Joint Patrols Move - BBC

UK Opposition: Afghanistan Exit Strategy in Doubt - AP

Damage on Bastion Shows Taliban Still Capable of Complex Attacks - S&S

Suicide Blast Kills 12 Near Afghan Capital’s International Airport - WP

Bomber Strikes Vehicle in Kabul, Killing 14 - NYT

Suicide Bomber in Afghan Capital Kills at Least 9 - AP

Suicide Bomber Targets Kabul Bus - BBC

Afghan Soldier Shoots Foreign Civilians - WP

Afghans Reject US-favored Administrative Detention - AP

Troops Pack Up Gear to Ship Out of Afghanistan - AP

Joint Team Assesses Eastern Afghanistan Airstrike - AFPS

UK Military: Prince Harry Got Extra Security During Attack - AP


Middle East / North Africa (US Mission Attacks / Related / 2nd / 3rd Order Effects)

Protests Spread Over Anti-Islam Film - VOA

Violent Clashes Over Anti-Islam Film Spread - AP

Hezbollah Leads Lebanon Anti-Film Rally - BBC

Hezbollah Rallies Against Video - WP

Al-Qaida Threatens Attacks on US Diplomats - AP

Qaeda in North Africa Urges Killing of More US Envoys - Reuters

As Protests Calm, Tensions Remain as US Seeks to Protect Embassies - CNN

US, Libyan Officials Offer Vastly Different Version of Consulate Attack - McClatchy

Turmoil in Egypt Stalls Talks on US Aid - WP

Muslims Stage Peaceful Film Protest in Thailand - AP

Indonesia Protesters Want Filmmaker Punished in US - AP

Dempsey: US Must Remain Engaged with Muslim World - AFPS

US Diplomats in Beirut Burning Classified Material - AP

Paris Prosecutors Open Inquiry Into Protest at US Embassy - NYT

California's Coptic Christians Condemn Anti-Islam Film - VOA

Muslim Protests Show the Limits of Free Speech - DD editorial

The “Innocence of Muslims” And The Spread Of Internet Rumor - VOA opinion                                                                                                               

Libya, Violence and Free Speech - NYT opinion

Muslim Rage & the Last Gasp of Islamic Hate - Newsweek opinion



UN Rights Panel: Violations in Syria Growing - VOA

UN Adds to Syria War Crimes List - BBC

Civilian Attacks Rise in Syria, UN Says - NYT

Dempsey in Turkey to Discuss Syrian Crisis - AFPS

New Syria Envoy Visits Refugee Camp in Turkey - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Leads Biggest Gulf Mine Exercise in Signal to Iran - Bloomberg

Iran Deploys Russian-Made Submarine in Gulf - AP

Iranian Official Says Blasts Targeted Nuclear Sites - NYT

Iran Tensions Loom Over Israelis on Jewish New Year - VOA

EU and Iran to Hold Nuclear Talks - BBC

US, Russia Bridge Differences on Iran at Nuke Meet - AP

Iran Warns of IAEA 'Terrorist Infiltration' - BBC

IAEA Renews Pressure on Iran After 'Terrorist' Outburst - Reuters

Israeli Diplomat Is Man in Middle - NYT

Iraq: Suicide Bombing Kills 7 Near Baghdad's Green Zone - VOA

Car Bombing Near Baghdad International Zone Kills Seven - BBC

Bahrain Charges Police Officers - BBC

Jordan Endorses Controversial Media Law - AP

Algeria's Stance on Northern Mali Remains Ambiguous - VOA

Obama Wise Not to 'Red Line' Iran - CT editorial

Mahmoud Abbas’s UN Gambit - WP editorial

Lessons From the Past for Today’s Iran - WP opinion

America Foreign Policy, Adrift on the Middle East - WP opinion

The Myth of Barack the Liberator - WP opinion

The Price of Obama’s Leading From Behind - WP opinion



NATO Transformation Chief Encourages ‘Smart Defense’ Strategy - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Despite White House Report, DOD Won't Plan for Sequestration Cuts - S&S

Pa. Prepares to Defend Military Bases from Budget Cuts - AP

Could Drones Supplant MacDill's Aerial Tankers? - TT

Public Trust Requires Apolitical Military, Dempsey Says - AFPS

Study: Military Needs to Better Address Substance Abuse by Troops - USAT

Report Faults Military's Strategies on Drug and Alcohol Abuse - NYT

Study: Military Drinking 'Culture' Now a 'Crisis'  - AP

Major Facing Court-Martial Says He Was Forced to Drink to Excess - S&S

Scandals Led to Arizona Air Guard Firings - AFT

Minority Recruitment Creating 'a New Coast Guard' - TD


United States

US Warns Judge’s Ruling Impedes Its Detention Powers - NYT

US Asks NY Court to Block Anti-Terrorism Ruling - AP



In Africa's Warm Heart, a Cold Welcome for Chinese - Reuters

West African Ministers Mull Mali Troop Request - VOA

Top Boko Harem Militant 'Killed in Nigeria' - BBC

Boko Haram Spokesman Reported Killed in Nigeria - VOA

Nigeria Islamists Kill Top Borno State Lawyer - Reuters

Official: Sect Kills Retired Nigeria Prison Leader - AP

Al-Shabab 'Leaving Somali Base' - BBC

Kenya Electoral Body Prepares for Elections Next Year - VOA

Mass Graves Found After Tribal Fighting in Kenya's Tana Delta - Reuters



Mexico Mass Jailbreak Sparks Manhunt Near Texas Border - BBC

More Than 130 Escape From Mexican Prison on US Border - Reuters

Colombia Jails FARC Journalist - BBC

Bolivia's Coca Production Drops - BBC

Freed American Says More U.S. Citizens Remain in Nicaraguan Jails - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

US-China Trade Disagreement Gains Momentum - VOA

Panetta Arrives in China for Three-day Visit - AFPS

Panetta Calls for Closer Military Ties During Trip to China - S&S

Fresh Protests in China-Japan Row - BBC

Anti-Japan Protests Reignite Across China on Occupation Anniversary - Reuters

China Gives Protests a Nod and a Wink - WP

Trial Begins for Police Chief in Chinese Scandal - NYT

China Hints at Lenient Sentence Against Ex-Cop - AP

Panetta Addresses Osprey, Territory Disputes in Japan Visit - AFPS

US, Japan Agree to Add Second Radar Installation - AFPS

US, Japan Announce Expanded Missile Defense System - S&S

North Korea Says Signed Debt Deal With Russia - Reuters

Philippines Nears Pact to End Longtime Insurgency - AP

Truth Panel in Thailand Says Conflicts Are Festering - NYT

Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi Begins US Tour - VOA

Burma Pardons More Than 500 Prisoners - VOA

Burma Releases Hundreds Of Prisoners - NYT

A Sea of Trouble over 5 Tiny Islands - G&M opinion

Tiny Isles at Resource Wars' Frontline - RCW opinion

China's Leaders Orchestrate Hysteria - VS opinion



In Greece, Restlessness Amid a Push for Cuts - NYT

UK's Indefinite Jail Terms 'Unlawful' - BBC

Swiss Nuke Smugglers Who Helped CIA to Escape Jail - AP

Turkey Says Many PKK Rebels Dead - BBC


South Asia

Maverick Minister in India Is as Perplexing as She Is Powerful - NYT

Pakistan Relents on Court’s Demand to Pursue Corruption Case - NYT

Pakistan PM Given Court Extension - BBC

Pakistani PM Agrees to Court Demand in Graft Case - AP