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17 September SWJ Roundup

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Middle East / North Africa (US Mission Attacks / Related / 2nd / 3rd Order Effects)

American Outposts Still Face Threat - WP

US, Libya in disarray as US Embassy Staff Withdraw from Tunisia and Sudan - TT

Ambassador Susan Rice: Libya Attack Not Premeditated - ABC

UN Ambassador Rice Says Libya Attack Spontaneous - AP

Libyan President: 'No Doubt' Attack 'Preplanned' - Politco

Libya 'Arrests 50' Over US Deaths - BBC

US, Libya to Work Closely in Embassy Attack Probe - Reuters

Video Shows Libyans Retrieving Envoy’s Body - NYT

Dempsey: US Must Remain Engaged with Muslim World - AFPS

Western Embassies Edgy as Muslim Anger at Film Simmers - Reuters

Pakistan Protesters March on US Consulate - VOA

Pakistanis Try to Storm US Outpost; One Killed - NYT

One Dead, Five Injured in Anti-US Protests in Pakistan - Reuters

Pakistan Protesters March on US Consulate, Hezbollah Urges More Protests - AP

Hezbollah Urges New Lebanon Protests - BBC

Hezbollah Supporters to Protest Against Mohammad Film - Reuters

Paris Prosecutor to Probe Protest at US Embassy - AP

Egypt Denounces Breaching of US Embassy Compound - AP

Most US Government Workers, Families Evacuated from Tunisia, Sudan - WP

Cultural Clash Fuels Muslims Raging at Film - NYT

Hidden Causes of the Muslim Protests - TA

Multiple Personalities of the Muslim Rage - AP

US Defense Secretary Addresses Tension in Asia, Mideast - VOA

Panetta Lists Goals for Asia Trip, Assesses Mideast - AFPS

Malaysia Asks Google to Block anti-Muslim Clip - AP

Latest Developments on Anti-Islam Film Protests - AP

Obama’s Intelligence Failure - WT editorial

Halting Aid to Libya Would Harm U.S. Interests - BG editorial

The Obama Doctrine Has Failed - WS opinion

A Weak Foreign Policy Narrative - CT opinion

A Week of Criminals and Culture Clashes - DS opinion

Fueling Muslim 'Grievance' Culture - Commentator opinion

The US Will Always Be Hated - NP opinion



Audacious Raid on NATO Base Shows Taliban’s Reach - NYT

Deaths of US Troops Add to Distrust, Undermine Partnership - WP

Tough Words from General on Afghan Insider Attacks - AP

Four More Americans Killed in ‘Insider Attacks’ in Afghanistan - S&S

NATO Airstrike Kills 8 Afghan Women - VOA

NATO Airstrike Kills Afghan Women - BBC

Karzai Denounces Coalition Over Airstrikes - NYT

Afghan President Raps U.S. Over Bagram Prison Transfer - Reuters

Hospital in Afghanistan Key to Trauma Victims’ Survival - S&S

Afghan Nationalist Protesters Head to Pakistan Border - S&S

NATO Military Chiefs Discuss Afghanistan, Transformation - AFPS             

NATO Chiefs Examine Afghan Campaign, Post-2014 Posture - AFPS

ISAF Provides More Details on Camp Bastion Attack - AFPS



Mideast Unrest Intensifies Debate on US Intervention in Syria - NYT

Slow, Costly Road to Unity in Syria's Revolt - Reuters

Iran Says Its Elite Forces in Syria - VOA

Elite Iranian Unit’s Commander Says Forces Inside Syria - WP

Iran's Guard Admits Advisers in Syria, Lebanon - AP

Syria Accuses Turkey of Allowing Al-Qaida Transit - AP

Syrian Forces Bomb Capital as School Year Starts - Reuters

Pope Laments Strife in Syria, Where the War Rages On - NYT

Civil War Keeps Many Syrian Children from School - AP

Syrian Novelist Pens 100 Days of Horror - CNN


Middle East / North Africa

US and Allies to Hold Gulf Military Exercise - Reuters

Pope Urges Arab Leaders to Work for Peace in Raging Middle East - Reuters

Israeli PM: Iran Just Months From Nuclear Capability, Must Be Stopped - VOA

Israeli Leader Makes Case Against Iran on US TV - NYT

Israeli PM Makes Case on Iran to US Voters - AP

Netanyahu: Iran on Brink of Nuclear Bomb in 6-7 Months - Reuters

Iran Relies on Neighbors to Beat Sanctions - WT

Most Iranian Dissidents Moved From Iraq Camp - Reuters

On Jewish New Year, Israelis Fear Iran Strike - AP

Iran Resurrects Salman Rushdie Threat - TT

Iraqi Police: 1 Killed in Funeral Bombing - AP

Saudi Arabia Arrests Man Over Killing of Policeman in Shi'ite Area - Reuters

Oman Jails a Blogger for Slander Over Writings - Reuters

Egypt’s Islamic TV Talks with Iron Salafist - WT

Militants Hit Sinai Egyptian Security HQ - BBC

Egypt: Soldier Dies in Clash With Sinai Militants - AP

Sudan's President Meets Egypt Counterpart in Cairo - AP

What Does Israel Want from the US? - WP opinion

Has a Palestinian Spring Begun? - FP opinion

A Preventable Massacre in 1982 - NYT opinion



NATO Military Chiefs Discuss Afghanistan, Transformation - AFPS

NATO Chiefs Examine Afghan Campaign, Post-2014 Posture - AFPS


US Department of Defense

B61 Nuclear Bomb Offers Case Study in Needs, Costs - WP

Furor Fades a Year After Military's Gay Ban Lifted - AP

Detention Wars, Continued - WP editorial


United States

Details of bin Laden Raid First Leaked by Aides - WT

Cybersecurity Should be More Active, Official Says - WP

FBI: Operation Tracking Chicago Teen Took Months - AP

For Both Presidential Campaigns: A Need to Control the Message - NYT

America Needs A Debate About Foreign Policy - Economist editorial

Republicans vs. Veterans’ Jobs - NYT editorial



Villages as Laboratories in Debate on Africa Aid - AP

New Somali President Inaugurated, al-Shabab Leaves Port City - VOA

Somalia President Is Inaugurated 4 Days After Assassination Attempt - AP

South Sudan Army Sinks Its Own Boat, Killing 10 - AP

Islamists Hack Off Hand of 1 More Robber in Mali - AP

Fugitive Congo Opposition Figure Heads to France - Reuters

Angola Still Riddled With Landmines, Despite Efforts - VOA

South Africa Police Halt Peaceful Strikers' March - AP

Amplats to Resume Work as South Africa Police Get Tough - Reuters

South African Strike Not Denting Budget Forecast Yet - Reuters



17 Mutilated Bodies Found in Central Mexico - AP

Police Find 17 Bodies Dumped on Road in Western Mexico - Reuters

2nd PRI Politician Killed in 2 Days in Mexico - AP

Report: 1 in 3 Mexican Drug Suspects Go to Prison - AP

Mexican Hackers in Vote Protest - BBC

Mexican Hackers Attack Political, Official Sites - AP

Rebels Step Up Attacks on Colombia Energy Targets - AP

Venezuela Opposition Chides Chavez Over Weeping - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez's Rival Slams Him for Crying - AP

Venezuela: Why Chavez's Challenger Is So Confident - MH opinion

Cuba: The Oswaldo Payá Mystery Continues - WP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Panetta Begins Trip to Japan, China, New Zealand - AFPS

US Defense Secretary Addresses Tension in Asia, Mideast - VOA

Panetta Lists Goals for Asia Trip, Assesses Mideast - AFPS

Panetta to Urge China and Japan to Tone Down Dispute Over Islands - WP

On Tour of Asia, Panetta Pushes for Peaceful End to Island Disputes - S&S

China Hurts Own Credibility With Xi's Vanishing Act - Reuters

China Builds Its Own Military-Industrial Complex - Reuters

China Wary of Moves by US in Asia-Pacific - S&S

Beijing Mixes Messages Over Anti-Japan Protests - NYT

US Alarm Over Asia Territory Rows - BBC

Angst About Japan Island Dispute Builds in China - VOA

China Aims at Japan's Economy in Island Protests - AP

China Pushes Japan With Sea Claims, Trade Threats - Reuters

Japan FM: US Believes Security Treaty Covers Disputed Isles - Reuters

Anti-Japan Protests Spread to Hong Kong - VOA

Opposition Makes Pick in South Korea - NYT

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Departs for US - BBC

Cambodia Genocide Defendant Freed Due to Illness - AP

Japan’s Zero-Nuclear Dream - WP editorial



Spanish Police Arrest 4 'Suspected Terrorists'  - AP

8 Police Killed in Turkey Explosion - VOA

'PKK Bomb' Kills 8 Turkish Police - BBC

Kurdish Separatists Suspected After 8 Turkish Police Officers Killed - NYT


South Asia

Pakistan Journalists' Choice: Face Death, or Jail - AP