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16 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Middle East / North Africa (US Mission Attacks / Related / 2nd / 3rd Order Effects)

US Preparing for a Long Siege of Arab Unrest - NYT

As Protests Wane, US Withdraws Many Diplomats - WP

Islamists Vying for Power Through Embassy Protests - USAT

Fury Over Mohammad Video Simmers On in Muslim World - Reuters

Al-Qaida Calls for More Violence Against US Embassies - VOA

Al-Qaida Calls for More Attacks on Embassies - AP

US Staff to Quit Tunisia, Sudan - BBC

US Orders Embassy Staff to Leave Tunis, Khartoum - Reuters

US Urges Americans to Leave Tunis, Warns on Sudan Travel - Reuters

Libyans See al Qaeda Hand in Embassy Attack - WSJ

Attack Highlights Libya’s Militia Problem - NYT

Film Protests Show New Challenges for US in Middle East - VOA

Israeli Foreign Ministry: US Ignored Arab Radicalization - Haaretz

US Scrambles to Rush Marines, Spies, Drones to Libya - AP

US Official: Sudan Balks at Marine Troop Mission - AP

Sudan Rejects US Request to Send Marines to Guard Embassy - Reuters

French Police Reinforce Security Around US Embassy - AP

Burkina Faso: President Deplores Muslim Violence - AP

Obama Honors Victims Killed at US Consulate in Libya - VOA

Obama: Nation Must ‘Carry On’ Work of Fallen Heroes - AFPS

A US Envoy Who Plunged Into Arab Life - NYT

US Authorities Question Man Allegedly Behind Anti-Islam Film - VOA

Man Linked to Film in Protests Is Questioned - NYT

Muslim-Americans: Anti-Islam Film, Violent Protests Not Justified - VOA

Anti-US Outrage Over Video Began with Call to Reporter - McClatchy

Islamist Explosion Not Over Film - WT editorial

Washington's Role Amid the Mideast Struggle for Power - WP editorial

Don't Chill the Arab Spring - TS editorial

Is This the Clash of Civilizations? - AI opinion

Why Is the Muslim World So Easily Offended? - WP opinion

It’s Not About the Video - NYT opinion

Does America Know Its Real Enemy? - JP opinion

Don't Mistake Fringe for Mainstream - G&M opinion

Time for US to Come Home from Mideast? - ACM opinion

US to Remain Dominant Power in the Mideast - FP opinion



2 Insider Attacks Kill 6 Coalition Members in Afghanistan - NYT

Two British Soldiers Killed in Afghan Insider Attack - BBC

Two British Soldiers Killed in Afghan Insider Attack - AP

Four Soldiers Die in 2nd Rogue Afghan Attack - BBC

4 Troops Killed in Afghan Insider Attack - WP

Afghan Inside Attack Kills 4 NATO Troops - AP

ISAF Troops Defeat Camp Bastion Attackers - AFPS

Camp Bastion Assault: Two US Marines Die in 'Taliban Revenge' - BBC

Young Lives, Lost in the Fog of War - NYT



UN Syria Envoy Says Mission 'Nearly Impossible' - VOA

UN Envoy's Warning After Assad Talks - BBC

UN Envoy, Meeting With Syrian President, Says Crisis Is Worsening - NYT

Turkey: Some Syrian Refugees Face Relocation - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Armada of Naval Power Massing as Israel Prepares Iran Strike - TT

Israeli Official Signals No War Is Imminent With Iran - Reuters

Netanyahu: Containment Policy for Iran Won't Work - AP

UN Nuclear Agency Rebukes Iran - BBC

Last Major Group of Iranian Exiles Move to Baghdad - AP

Israeli Military Moves Major Operations to South - AP

Pope, Lebanese Leaders Call for Religious Peace - VOA

Pope Makes Plea for Religious Freedom - NYT

Pope Holds Open-Air Beirut Mass - BBC

All-Female Bloc Runs in Palestinian Elections - AP

Egypt: Sinai Militants Clash With Army, Police - AP

Islamist Militants Attack Egypt Security Headquarters in Sinai - Reuters

Ex-Egypt PM Jailed for Corruption - BBC

Al Qaeda Confirms Death of Senior Sahara Military Commander - Reuters

West on a Collision Course with Iran - NP opinion

Getting Egypt’s Morsi to Give Up His 9/11 ‘Truther’ Talk - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Long-Awaited WH Report Spells Out Deep Sequestration Cuts - S&S

US Nuclear Arsenal Upkeep Costs Soar - WP

Navy Safe Harbor Program Pairs Injured with Mentors - S&S

Woman to Lead Air Force Training After Sex Scandal - AP

Obama Proclaims Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week - AFPS

DADT Repeal: A Military Success Story - NYT editorial


United States

Man Accused of Jihadist Plot to Bomb a Bar in Chicago - NYT

US Teenager Arrested in Chicago Bomb Plot Sting - BBC



Sudans Nearing Final Agreements, Except on Borders - VOA

South Africa Police Raid Homes of Striking Miners - VOA

South Africa Raids Homes for Weapons of Miners - NYT

South Africa Police in Marikana Crackdown - BBC

Gambian President Suspends Executions - VOA

Gambia Orders Halt to Executions - BBC

Hailemariam Desalegn Becomes New Ethiopian Leader - VOA

Zimbabwe PM Marries Despite Ban - BBC



Venezuela, Bolivia Rejects US Drug Report - AP

Venezuela Blasts US Criticism Over Drugs - Reuters

No Chavez Running Mate in Venezuela Despite Cancer - AP

Mexico Drug Violence: Nine Corpses Found Hanging From Bridge - Reuters

7 Bodies Dumped on Road in Northeastern Mexico - Fox

Mexican Deputy-Elect Shot to Death - AP

FARC Ready for Peace, Top Colombia Rebel Says - AFP

Uribe Warns Colombia Peace Talks Could Scare Investors - Reuters



Asia Pacific / Central

China's VP Finally Appears in Public - VOA

A Chinese Leader Returns Amid Tumult - NYT

Xi’s Appearance Quells Speculation - WP

Chinese Protest at Japanese Embassy - VOA

More Anti-Japan Protests in China Over Islands - AP

Japan Urges China to Stop Attacks - BBC

US Task Force Targets Chinese Shipments of Meth Chemicals - S&S

Japan Won’t Stop Work on Reactors, Official Says - NYT

Burma’s Suu Kyi Prepares for US Visit - VOA

Typhoon on Track to Wallop Okinawa on Sunday, Korea on Monday - S&S

Philippines on Asia's New Frontline - AT opinion

The Talk of China - NYT opinion



Optimism Over Euro Crisis Eases Market Pressure - VOA

European Bank Overhaul Meets Opposition From Finance Ministers - NYT

Cuts Protests in Spain and Portugal - BBC

Russian Opposition Returns to Streets in Protest - VOA

Undaunted by Arrests, Russia Opposition Marches Against Putin - NYT

Thousands of Russians Join Anti-Putin March - BBC

Eight Turkish Police Officers Killed in Suspected PKK Attack - Reuters


South Asia

Will India Ever Be Able to Tackle Corruption? - NYT

Nuclear Protests in India - WP

India PM Sparks Protests Over Fuel Hike - VOA

Pakistan Roadside Bomb 'Kills 12' - BBC

Roadside Bomb Kills 12 in Pakistan - AP

Taliban Bomb Kills 14 People in Pakistan Near Afghan Border - Reuters

Is India's Economic Growth Sustainable? - TG opinion