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14 September SWJ Roundup

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Middle East / North Africa (US Mission Attacks / Related)

Protests Target US Facilities in Muslim World Despite Appeal for Calm - WP

Turmoil Over Contentious Video Spreads - NYT

US Warns of Violence Risk Home and Abroad - CNN

US Embassies Attacked in Yemen, Egypt After Libya Envoy Killed - Reuters

US Braces for More Violence from anti-Muslim Film - AP

Anti-US Protests Spread in Arab World - BBC

Another Protest Turns Violent Outside US Embassy in Egypt - CNN

US Missions Attacked in Yemen, Egypt in Film Protests - AFP

4 Killed as Yemeni Police, Demonstrators Clash at US Embassy - CNN

Protesters Storm US Embassy in Yemen - AP

Sudan Calls Mass Protest Against Anti-Islam Film - Reuters

Iranians Protest Film Mocking Muhammad; No Violence Reported - LAT

Afghanistan Tries to Block Video and Head Off Rioting - NYT

Afghanistan: Kandahar Leaders Condemn Film, Call for Calm - S&S

Egypt May Be Bigger Concern Than Libya for White House - NYT

Obama: Egypt Not an Ally or Enemy - AP

White House Clarifies Obama’s Statement Egypt is Not an ‘Ally’ - FP

White House: Aid to Egypt Will Continue - AP

Libya Makes Arrests in Ambassador Killing - VOA

Four Arrested in Deadly Attack on US Consulate in Libya - WT

Official Details Benghazi Attack, Vows to Support Libya - AFPS

In Libya, Chaos Was Followed by Organized Ambush - NYT

Libyan: Benghazi Attack Was Organized, 2-part Attack by Militants - AP

Search for Answers in Libya Attack - CNN

Revealed: Inside Story of US Envoy's Assassination - TI

Inside US Consulate in Benghazi: Material, Human Damage Laid Bare - TG

Struggle for Upper Hand in Muslim World Seen as Factor in Attacks - NYT

Film Backlash Offers Glimpse into Islamist Showdowns after Arab Spring - AP

US Agencies Didn't Issue High Alert Over Mideast Threat - Reuters

Libya Consulate Attack Poses Challenge for Obama - WP

Obama Calls Top Lawmakers Amid Mideast Protests - AP

US Embassies Step Up Security - AP

Libya Tragedy May Boost U.S. Diplomatic Fortifications - Reuters

Must All US Embassies Now Be Fortresses? - IHT

Diplomats Pulled 2 Ways, Between Protection and Accessibility - NYT

Panetta Strongly Condemns Benghazi Attack - AFPS

In Libya, Shock, Division Follow US Embassy Attack - VOA

US Says Two Former Navy SEALS Also Died in Libya Attack - Reuters

Former Navy SEAL Among Those Killed at Consulate in Libya - BH

For Slain Contractor, a Life of Risks Overseas - NYT

US Drones Never Left Libya; Will Hunt Benghazi Thugs - DR

Snark Flies in US Embassy-Brotherhood Twitter Spat - AP

Mystery Shrouds Inflammatory Film - CNN

Clinton Calls anti-Islam Video ‘Disgusting’ - AP

California Man Confirms Role in Film - AP

Belated Response From Egypt - NYT editorial

The Bitter Harvest of the Arab Spring - NR editorial

Libya Is Still a Success Story - TE editorial

Libya's Downward Spiral - FP opinion

Anti-US Attacks in Libya, Egypt, Yemen: Put Security First - CSM opinion

After the Cairo Attack - WP opinion

Now Is Not Time for US Passivity - BH opinion

Obama’s Suicidal Foreign Policy - WT opinion

Consequences of Obama Weakness - WT opinion

US Fate to Be Hated in Mideast - DS opinion

Will Morsi Calm or Fan Escalating Crisis? - CNN opinion

Muslims Must Accept Concept of Free Speech - Bloomberg opinion

Don't Give Up on Arab Spring Yet - FP opinion

Our Diplomats Deserve Better - NYT opinion



Forgetting Afghan War, Until Death Brings it Home - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



UN Peace Envoy Arrives in Syria - VAO

Turkey Shifts Syrian Refugees from Borders - VOA

Syria Rebel: Sunni Jihadists After Shiite Hostages - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Hints it Will Keep Pressing US on Iran - AP

UN Agency Rebukes Iran For Failing To Cooperate - NYT

UN Meeting Rebukes Iran's Nuclear Defiance - AP

Chinese Executives ‘Cooperating’ in Iran Export Probe - WP

UN Meeting Rebukes Iran's Nuclear Defiance - AP

Turkish Gold Exports to Iran Still Surging - VOA

Vatican Says Pope’s Lebanon Trip Still a Go Despite Violence - AP

In Largely Symbolic Move, U.S. Sanctions Hezbollah's Nasrallah - Reuters

The Abandonment of Israel - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Navy Admiral Calls for More Sailors and Longer Tours - SH

Army Testing Body Armor Made for Women - S&S

Troops Should Be Comfortable Seeking Help, Leaders Say - AFPS

Marine's Suicide Attempt a Cry for Help. Was it Also a Crime? - S&S


United States

US Central Bank Launches New Economic Stimulus - VOA

Fed Launches New Bond-buying Plan to Boost Economy - WP

Fed Pledges Action Until Economy Shows Gains - NYT

Fed Acts to Bolster US Economy - BBC

Obama: Romney's Statements on Embassy Attacks 'Lack Judgment' - VOA

Mars Rover Preparing for First Major Drive - VOA

Pearl Harbor Survivor Interred on USS Arizona - AP

A Post-9/11 Conundrum - NYT editorial



Somali President Moved to Palace Early - VOA

UN: Sierra Leone Elections 'Crucial Test' for Stability - VOA

Rights Group: Politicians Tied to Kenya Clashes - AP

Strikes Threaten South Africa Economy - WP

Striking South African Mine Workers Urge Zuma to Act - VOA

North Mali Robber Describes Shariah Amputation of Hand and Foot - AP

Ebola Virus Spreads in DR Congo - BBC



Report by US Senators Details Strategies to Prevent "Security Crisis" in Caribbean - AP

Mexico Announces Capture of Gulf Cartel’s Top Leader - NYT

Mexican Navy Says it Captured Leader of Weakened Gulf Drug Cartel - AP

Suspected Mexican Teen Assassin, 16, Linked to 50 Killings - Reuters

Colombian Rebels Name Peace Talk Negotiators - AP

Argentines Take to Streets to Protest Government Policies - Reuters

US Man Released From Nicaraguan Prison - AP

Guatemala Volcano Erupts, Officials Order 33,000 Evacuated - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Rival Ousts Lawmaker from Presidential Campaign - AP

Brazil Cuts Growth Forecast to 2% for 2012 - BBC

Cuban Dissident Weak 3 Days Into Hunger Strike - AP

US Travel Outfits Decry Tighter Cuba Rules - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Panetta Set to Discuss US Shift in Asia Trip - NYT

China Warns Island Dispute Could Hurt Trade Ties - VOA

6 Chinese Boats Near Disputed Islands - AP

China Surveillance Ships Enter Disputed Waters With Japan - Reuters

Protesters Condemn Japanese Move to Nationalize Islands - VOA

Panetta Goes to China as Territorial Disputes Simmer - VOA

Off-Script Scramble for Power in a Chinese Leader’s Absence - NYT

China’s Xi Jinping Still Out of Sight - WP

China Media Cite Absent Leader Xi - BBC

China to Hold Trial of Ex-Police Chief on Tuesday - AP

Nuclear Phase-Out in Japan? - WP

Vietnam's Leader Targets Blogs - BBC

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Leader Unfit for Trial - BBC



Support for the Euro Is Seen in Dutch Election Results - NYT

Pro-Europe Parties Win Dutch Vote - BBC

Dutch and Germans Give European Union Reasons to Cheer - NYT

EU Expresses Concern About Russian Judiciary - VOA

Greeks to Hold General Strike September 26 - VOA

France to Continue to Evacuate Illegal Roma Camps - AP


South Asia

Setback for India Nuclear Protest - BBC

Arrest in India 1999 Hijack Case - BBC

More Than 300 Killed in Pakistani Factory Fires - NYT

Catastrophic Pakistan Fires Prompt Calls for Tighter Safety Laws - VOA

Pakistan: Karachi Mourns After Factory Fire - BBC

Pakistani Fertilizer Crackdown Angers farmers, Complicates Militant Battle - AP


Bill M.

Fri, 09/14/2012 - 2:30pm

In reply to by Dave Maxwell

Several factors well beyond the scope of this post have converged to create these violent reactions (this movie is simply the latest event). There is no excuse for the behavior of these crowds, so the following comments are not intended to be apologetic.

I think the State response to the Muslim Brotherhood was so effective because it was simple and honest, but obviously it will do little to reduce the violence in the short run. Once mobilized it is hard to turn the crowds off like a light switch. The energy will eventually discipate as it has before.

I recall reading how Islamic fundamentalists, especially in Egypt, loved Voice of America because it was the only trusted news source that exposed communism for what it was. It was an effective program for the U.S. government to speak to the people of the world, not just governments. It told the bad as well as the good, and while no one relishing self-reporting on their shortfalls, the overall goal was to gain and retain the reputation of being a reputable news source. There was no need to attempt to mislead to effectively contrast the values of the USSR and the U.S. to the world.

I think we're faced with at least two key challenges now that we didn't have to wrestle with during the Cold War. We're now contrasting ourselves intentionally or not, between Western values and a religion that doesn't embrace many of our values, and in fact find some of our values offensive. We focus on where our interest converge, but we still point out fundamental differences, which often provokes anger. The second difference is the emergence of social media. Our State Department is no longer the lone voice communicating what Americans think, the field is crowded by thousands of American citizens, some of intentionally develop provocative material. The reality is the State Department can speak for the U.S. government, but they can't speak for Americans writ large, yet they're obligated to try and clean up the mess that individuals create. American citizens speaking directly to foreign citizens via social media can be a great tool for promoting peace and understanding, but it is also a tool that others will abuse and they have the freedom to do so to promote hate and inflame anti-American sentiment. The challenge is even greater due to the filter that the NPR article pointed out, "And so the U.S. is speaking through a filter of both anger and a great deal of skepticism."

I think we'll be more effective overtime if we limit the spin and use simple, direct, honest statements.

Dave Maxwell

Fri, 09/14/2012 - 9:09am

In reply to by Bill M.

Thanks for flagging this one. I think this NPR report in interesting as well:…

I think this is an important excerpt from this piece and shows an important aspect of social media (the other important aspect being You Tube videos that incite or perhaps more accurately are exploited by some leaders to incite sentiments within a population)

QUOTE But the State Department doesn't sound very confident that its messages are getting out across the Middle East. When a Twitter account linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt expressed relief that no embassy staff were harmed in protests there, the embassy tweeted back: "Thanks. By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds? I hope you know we read those too."

The embassy was suggesting the Islamists were sending mixed signals, but gave no examples.

"That tweet was a huge victory for the U.S. Embassy," says Dalia Mogahed, executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. "It was retweeted and praised widely and frequently throughout the day."

She says there have been plenty of comments on Twitter by Egyptians who understand the U.S. government position, but also many who argue that there should be laws criminalizing the defamation of religion. END QUOTE

Inciting Outrage, Film Spurs Delicate U.S. Response