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13 September SWJ Roundup (Early Edition)

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Egypt / Libya Attacks

US: Consulate Assault May Have Been Planned - WP

What Happened in Benghazi Was a Battle - DR

Libya Attack May Have Been Planned and Organized - Reuters

Libya Rescue Squad Ran Into Fierce, Accurate Ambush - Reuters

Libyan Officials Condemn, Apologize for Attack on US Consulate - WT

Libyan Envoy Blames Extremists for Attack on US - AP

Libya Attack Brings Challenges for US - NYT

Obama Condemns Outrageous Attack in Libya - VOA

Obama Condemns Attack that Killed US Ambassador - AP

Obama Vows Justice After Libya Killing - BBC

Obama Vows to Track Down Ambassador's Killers, Tightens Security - Reuters

Obama Directs Security Boost at US Diplomatic Posts - AFPS

US Embassies on Alert After Slaying of Ambassador in Libya - WT

Attack in Libya Should Shock World’s Conscience, Clinton Says - AFPS

UN Condemns Killing of US Diplomats - VOA

American Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks - NYT

For Veteran Envoy, Return to Libya Was Full of Hope - NYT

Intrepid U.S. Envoy Stevens Nurtured Libyan Democracy - Reuters

House Conservatives Call for Stripping Aid to Libya and Egypt - TH

Romney Stands By Criticism of Obama - WP

Marine Anti-Terrorism Team to Libya After Diplomats Killed - S&S

US Sends Marines to Libya After Deadly Attack - AP

Anti-Islam Film Called Flimsy Pretext for Mob Violence - WT

Perceived Insults to Islam Trigger Muslim Anger - AP

Origins of Provocative Video Are Shrouded - NYT

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Goes Into Hiding - WP

Anti-Islam Filmmaker in Hiding After Protests - AP

Top US Military Officer Calls Pastor Over Film - Reuters

YouTube Blocks Video Inciting Violence in Egypt - AP

Murder in Benghazi - NYT editorial

The World Obama Created - WT editorial

Romney’s Libya Blunder - WP editorial

In Egypt and Libya, Radicals are Jockeying for Power - WP opinion

The Salafi Moment Arrives - FP opinion

Arabs Lured By Politics of Outrage - TN opinion

Consequences of Obama Weakness - WT opinion

US Compound in Libya was ‘Too Far Outside the Wire’ - WT opinion

Some Movies Should Be Banned - TG opinion



UN: Taliban Raked in $400 Million from Diverse Sources - Reuters

Improving Pakistan-India Ties Crucial for Afghanistan's Future - VOA

Major General Huggins Reflects on Afghan Accomplishments - S&S

Generals Deny Trying to Stop Afghan Hospital Probe - AP

Insight: Afghans Seek Shelter in Dubai Ahead of Pullout - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Israel / Iran

White House, Israeli Officials: No Obama-Netanyahu Meeting - VOA

Israelis Fear Fallout From Netanyahu’s Blunt Comments - NYT

Russia, China Agree to Resolution Criticizing Iran - AP

The Great Israeli Debate Over Iran - G&M opinion

War Made Inescapable - WP opinion

Netanyahu Plays Games with US - NP opinion



Syrian Air Defenses Are First Targets if No-Fly Zone Established - VOA

Relief Crisis Grows as Refugees Stream Out of Syria - NYT

Heavy Fighting Reported Near Syrian Airport - VOA

Blast in Northern Syria Targets Troops - S&S


Middle East / North Africa

Britain's Foreign Minister in Iraq for Talks - AP

Egypt's Mursi Starts First Trip to Europe as President - Reuters

US-Trained Engineer Picked as Libya's Next Premier - Reuters


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

GAO: Homeland Security Plan for Biological-attack Sensors Flawed - LAT

Karzai Faults Conduct of War on Terror - AP

Guantanamo Judge: No TV Broadcast of USS Cole Trial - AP


US Department of Defense

Naval Academy Ranked Top Liberal Arts College - AP

Air Force Trainer Acquitted in Sexual Assault at Lackland Base in Texas - LAT

DOD Pursues Improvement in Operational Contractor Management - AFPS

What Will Tomorrow's US Military Look Like? - WPR opinion


United States

US Central Bank Weighing New Economic Stimulus - VOA

With Attacks in Middle East, Campaign Turns to Foreign Policy - CNN

Romney Adviser Discusses Foreign Policy Plans - VOA

Romney Sought, Now Faces Foreign-Policy Test - NJ

Lawmakers Criticize US Government Airport Screening - VOA

House Votes to Renew Controversial Surveillance Law - WP

No Prison Time for Military Vet Who Sold Bogus Certificates - DI



Suicide Bombers Target New Somali President - VOA

Al-Qaeda-Linked Suicide Bombers Target Somalia’s New President - WP

Somalia’s New President Survives Suicide Bombings - NYT

Bomb Targets Somali Head's Hotel - BBC

ECOWAS to Finalize Mali Deployment Plan - VOA

Kenyan MP Charged Over Violence - BBC

South Sudan's Aid Workers Concerned About Flood of Sudanese Refugees - VOA

South Africa Mining Unrest Far from Over - VOA

South Africa Military Put on 'High Alert' - BBC



Mexico Police Capture Alleged Leader of Drug Gang - AP

Mexico 'Gang Boss' Pozos Detained - BBC

Peru Won't Negotiate With Rebels Like Colombia - Reuters

Violence Breaks Out at Venezuela Campaign Event - AP

Supporters Throw Stones in Venezuela Pre-election Clash - Reuters

Jailed US Man to Be Released in Nicaragua - AP

Chile's 9-11 Toll: 1 Dead Officer, 255 Arrests - AP

Bolivia Miners Block La Paz Roads - BBC

Cuba 'Ready to Negotiate' Fate of US Detainee Gross - BBC

US- Cuba Travel Snarled by Regulations, Politics - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

US Navy Medical Care Boosts Ties, Image in Asia - AP

China / Japan: Activists Face Obstacles in Return to Disputed Islands - NYT

In China, Still No Word on VP Xi - VOA

China: Echoes from History in Xi Mystery - WP

North Korea Rejects Offer of Aid From South Korea - NYT

Aquino Renames Disputed Area West Philippine Sea - AP

Murder of Crusading Reporter in Cambodia Prompts Inquiry - VOA



Russian PM Says Punk Rockers Should be Freed - NYT

Russian PM Medvedev Says Punk Rock Band Should Be Freed - Reuters

Russia's Deputy PM Says Country Must Shoot for Moon Base - Reuters

Dutch PM Rutte's Liberals Lead in Final Exit Poll - Reuters

Hungarians Stage a Fast Over Rules for Voters - NYT

France, Romania Sign Pilot Deal on Roma Repatriation - Reuters

French Mosque Smeared With Excrement - AP


South Asia

Improving Pakistan-India Ties Crucial for Afghanistan's Future - VOA

Indian Cartoonist Free on Bail - VOA

New Video of US Aid Worker Kidnapped in Pakistan - AP

Factory Fires Kill At Least 260 in Pakistan - VOA

More Than 300 Killed in Pakistani Factory Fires - NYT

Pakistan Factory Fire Toll Soars - BBC

Pakistan Fires Kill 283, Lax Safety Laws Blamed - AP