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12 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Western and Afghan Officials Split Over Karzai Nomination for Spy Chief - NYT

3 Afghans Killed, NATO Chopper Destroyed in Attack - AP

NATO Copter Destroyed by Taliban at Base - NYT

Innocents Lost: Reflecting on Kabul Blast’s Young Victims - S&S

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,980 - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Egypt / Libya

Anti-American Attacks Erupt in Libya and Egypt - NYT

Mobs Storm US Missions in Egypt and Libya; 1 American Killed - WT

US Ambassador to Libya, Three Staff Killed in Rocket Attack - Reuters

US Missions Stormed in Libya, Egypt - WSJ

Protesters Attack US Embassy in Egypt, Consulate in Libya - WP

Libya Reports Employee at US Consulate Killed - CNN

American Killed in Libya Protest Over Film - AP

Cairo Protesters Scale US Embassy Wall, Remove Flag - USAT

Egyptians Angry at Film Scale US Embassy Walls - Reuters

Obscure Film Sparks Anti-U.S. Protests in Egypt and Libya - NYT

The Movie So Offensive Egyptians Just Stormed US Embassy - TA

Gunmen Storm Libya's US Consulate - BBC

Romney Criticizes Obama Response to Libya, Egypt Attacks - Reuters

@Fault: Besieged US Embassy #Fails Its Twitter Defense - DR opinion


Israel / Iran

New Intelligence Shows Iran Closer to Building Nuclear Weapon - AP

Israel Urges US to Give Iran ‘Red Line’ Ultimatum - WP

Israel Sharpens Call for United States to Set Iran Trigger - NYT

US-Israel Divisions Over Iran Boil Over - AP

Netanyahu Steps Up Israeli Threats Against Iran - VOA

Israeli Official Cites Syrian Raid to Justify Attack on Iranian Nuke Sites - WT

Netanyahu To Obama: ‘Wait For What? Wait Until When?’ - CBS

Israel: White House Declines Netanyahu Request to Meet with Obama - Haaretz

Obama 'Unable to Meet' Israeli PM - BBC

In Unusual Snub, Obama to Avoid Meeting Netanyahu - Reuters

Spy Arrests Raise Turkish-Iran Tensions - VOA

Regime Change in Iran - WT opinion



Syrian Rebels Get Little Support for No-Fly Zone - VOA

Heavy Fighting in Syria's Largest City of Aleppo - AP

Assad's Forces Shell Damascus Rebel Stronghold, 4 Killed - Reuters

UN Report Charges Shabiha in Syria Killings - VOA

Filipinos Flee War in Syria With Tales of Horror - AP

State Dept. Disses Iran in Group on Syrian Peace - WT

Chavez Says Venezuela Considers Effort on Syria - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Turkey Refuses to Extradite Fugitive Iraqi VP - VOA

Turkey 'Will Not Return Iraq VP' - BBC

Iraqi Officials: Baghdad Attacks Kill 2 Police - AP

Palestinian Authority Bid to Calm Protests - BBC

Fayyad Acts to Stem West Bank Unrest - WP

Palestinian Tax Increases Canceled in Move to Calm West Bank Protests - NYT

India Pledges Financial, UN Support for Palestinians - VOA

Yemeni Defense Minister Survives Attack - VOA

Car Bomb Kills 12 in Yemen, but Targeted Minister Escapes Harm - NYT

Yemen: Bomb Misses Defense Minister, Kills 13 - AP

Yemen's President Replaces Security Chiefs After Sanaa Attack - Reuters

Lebanese Army Says it Frees 4 Abducted Syrians - AP

Libya's Leader Reaches Out to Gadhafi Stronghold - AP

In Gaza, Seven Lean Years of Peacemaking - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Security Lapses at US Nuclear Complex Identified Long Before Break-in - WP

Extremists Can't be Typecast, Admiral Stavridis Tells Conference - S&S

Administration Urges Terror Surveillance Renewal  - AP

Bin Laden Book Author Broke Promise to Country, Panetta Says - AFPS

Panetta Slams ex-SEAL Book - WT

Military Identifies Guantánamo Detainee Who Died - NYT

Pakistan: A State of Terror - FP opinion

The Cairo-Tehran Express - WFB opinion

A Pointless Blacklisting - NYT opinion

For Homeland Security, it’s Bureaucracy as Usual - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

Mapping Military Needs, Aided by a Big Projection - NYT

Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away - DR

Robot Dog Pack Keeps Growls to a Whimper - NBC

At Conference, NCOs Seek to Bolster International Partnerships - S&S


United States

Americans Mark 9/11 Anniversary - VOA

At Ground Zero, Readers Offer Plain-Spoken Tributes to Those Lost - NYT

Across the Globe: Moments to Honor and Remember 9/11 - S&S

Obama: Americans Resilient 11 Years After Attacks - VOA

Obama: ‘This is Never an Easy Day’ - WP

Obama Marks 11th 9/11 Anniversary - BBC

Obama: Lives Lost on 9/11 Ushered in Stronger Nation - AFPS

Panetta, at Pentagon Memorial, Praises America’s Strength - AFPS

Homeland Security’s 'Narco Sub’ PLUTO Mimics the Real Thing - DHS

New Stolen Valor Act Tops List of Veterans-Related Bills Before Congress - S&S

US Firms Prospering in Asia, Russia - VOA

5 More Charged in US Military Anti-Government Militia Case - AP

Miss. Men Get Prison, Fines for Explosives Stolen from Base - SH


United Kingdom

UK Olympic Official: G4S Not Open About Security Woes - AP

G4S Expects Full Olympic Payment for Security - BBC



UN Urges Somalia's New President to Be Inclusive - VOA

Somalia Election a 'Great Step' - BBC

Somali Analyst: New President Mandate to Move Forward - VOA

Will President Mohamud be Able to Tame Somalia? - BBC

HRW: Rebels in Congo Commit Widespread War Crimes - AP

Congo Rebels 'Executing Escapees' - BBC

Kenya Curfew After Ethnic Clashes - BBC

Malema Urges Full South Africa Miner Strike - BBC

Ethiopia Frees Sweden Journalists - BBC



Mexico Extradites Top Member of Zetas to US - AP

Mexico Extradites Senior Zetas Drug Cartel Member to US - Reuters

Mexican Senate Urges Arrest for Border Killing of Mexican - Reuters

Venezuela: Amazon Massacre Report Withdrawn - BBC

Brazil: Rio Police Hunt Killers in Slum - BBC

UN Corruption Panel to Stay in Guatemala Till 2015 - AP

American Held in Cuba in Poor Health, Wife Says - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

US Promotes Pacific Trade Pact - VOA

China’s Silence on Xi Jinping Fuels Transition Speculation - VOA

China Maintains Silence on Xi, Rumor Mill in Overdrive - Reuters

China VP's Absence Raises Succession Questions - AP

China Sends Ships to Stake Claim to Disputed Islands - VOA

China Accuses Japan of Stealing After Purchase of Disputed Islands - NYT

China Sends Patrol Ships to Islands Held by Japan - AP

China Sends Patrol Ships to Islands After Japan Buys Them - WP

US Cautions Japan, China Over Escalating Islands Row - Reuters

Is North Korea Experimenting With Change? - AP

N. Korea Photo Hints at Kim Uncle's Enhanced Influence - VOA

N. Korean Boats Reportedly Violate Sea Boundary - AP

South Korea to Make 3rd Attempt to Launch Rocket On Own - AP

Suspected Insurgents Surrender in Thailand's South - AP

Cambodian Workers Find Khmer Rouge Victims - AP

Where is China’s Heir Apparent Xi Jinping? - WP editorial

In China We (Don’t) Trust - NYT opinion



Russian Lawyers, Legislator Claim Political Discrimination - VOA

Unemployment in Spain Spurs Widespread Pessimism - VOA

Dutch Voters May Point Way for Rest of Europe - NYT

Dutch Vote Could Affect How EU Tackles Debt Crisis - AP

Centrists Battle for Dutch Vote - BBC

Spain’s Catalonia Rallies for Independence - WP

German Court Backs Rescue Fund, With Conditions - NYT

As Germany Rises, Frau Nein Says, ‘Yes’ - WP

Europe Space Agency Eyes Manned Flights with China - AP

Police Officer Killed in Turkey Suicide Attack - AP

Turkey: Leftists Claim Istanbul Bombing - BBC

Trial of Cyprus Terror Suspect Postponed - AP


South Asia

Poll: More Indians Dissatisfied With Country's Direction - VOA

Court Gives India Cartoonist Bail - BBC

Jailed Indian Cartoonist Released on Bail - AP

India Pledges Financial, UN Support for Palestinians - VOA

Pakistani Hindus Flee to India, Seeking Refugee Status - VOA

Pakistan Christian Family 'Fear for Lives' - BBC

Pakistan Factory Fires Kill 125 Workers - Reuters