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10 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Taliban 'Prepared to Work with US on Security' - TT

US to Transfer Bagram Prison to Afghans - VOA

US Transfers Control of Bagram Prison to Afghan Officials - WP

US Hands Bagram Prison to Afghans - BBC

US Hands Over Bagram Prison to Afghans - AP

US Puts Transfer of Detainees to Afghans on Hold - NYT

Records Missing on Afghan Army Fuel Costs - NYT

US Watchdog Questions Spending for Afghan Army - AP

US Probes Reported Record-Shredding of Fuel Buys for Afghan Army - Reuters

Bombs Kill 1, Wound 16 in Western Afghanistan - AP

Potential for a Mining Boom Splits Factions in Afghanistan - NYT



Aleppo Hit by Deadly Car Bomb, Syrian Government Air Strike - VOA

Car Bomb Kills 17 in North Syrian City of Aleppo - AP

Explosion in Aleppo 'Kills 17' - BBC

Simultaneous Bombs Hit Army Compounds in Aleppo - Reuters

Syria Criticizes France for Supporting Rebels, Fears Grow of Islamist Infiltration - NYT

Turkey Cracks Down on Syrian Refugees - WP

Jordan Militant Warns of Attacks in Syria - AP

Russia Rejects US Push for More Pressure on Syria  - VOA

Clinton: Deep Differences with Russia on Syria - AP

Syria Rebukes France for Supporting Rebels - AP

Iran Says UN Syria Envoy Brahimi to Visit Tehran - Reuters

Syria's Campaign of Decapitation - TDB opinion



Iraq Attacks Kill At Least 92 as Sunni VP Sentenced to Death - VOA

Death Sentence for a Top Iraqi Leader in a Day of Bloodshed - NYT

Iraq's Fugitive VP Convicted as Attacks Kill 92 - AP

Iraq Sentences VP Hashemi to Death - BBC

Iraq's Sunni Vice President Sentenced to Death - AP

Gunmen Kill 3 Anti-al-Qaida Fighters - AP

Timeline: Deadliest Attacks in Iraq in 2012 - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

US Agency Plans $150M Investment in Mideast Fund - AP

Extreme Poverty in Gaza’s Isolated Enclave - NYT

Egypt Vows Structural Reforms, Meets US Executives - AP

Gaddafi Son's Libya Trial to Be Delayed by Five Months - Reuters

Leader of Al-Qaida North African Branch Dies in Car - AP

Al Qaeda in the Maghreb Commander Dies in Mali - Reuters

So What If Iran Gets the Bomb? - NYT opinion

Good Riddance to Iranian Diplomats - NP opinion

Why So Silent on Iranian Human Rights? - TI opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Questions and Answers on the 9/11 War Crimes Trial - AP

Civilian 'Hacktivists' Fight Terrorists Online - LAT

Bin Laden Author Interview Aired - BBC

Navy Seal Defends Osama bin Laden Killing - TT

After Tough Year, al-Qaeda Still a Threat - TD opinion

America Still the Target of 9/11 Jihad - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

Surprising Methods Heal Wounded Troops - AP

War Impacts Veterans Returning Home Year Later - DDN

USS Miami Fire Shows Dangers Navy Subs Face in Dock - AP

The Air Force’s Bug-eyed Plan for New Spy Gear - DR

House Chairman Visits Air Force Base Reeling From Sex Scandal - AP

How Big Should the Defense Budget Be? - NYT opinion


United States

US Jobs Numbers Fuel Presidential Campaign Rhetoric - VOA

US Budget Cuts Sharpen Battle for Fighter Jet Exports - Reuters

WTC Memorial Magnificent, But at a Steep Price - AP

Age, Health Chip Away at Roster of Medal of Honor Recipients - HSA

Cybersecurity: A New Kind of Warfare - NYT editorial

Obama's Global Report Card - PI opinion

Democrats Now the Foreign Policy Party - Slate opinion

Romney Can Play Offense on Foreign Policy - Commentary opinion

It’s Time to Get Serious About Science - WP opinion



Human Trafficking: A Misunderstood Global Scourge - CSM

The Many Forms of Exploitation - CSM editorial



Summer of Siege for West Africa as Discontent Boils Into Street - NYT

Drug Trafficking Rising in Central Africa, Warns Interpol - VOA

Mali Military: Army Killed 16 Islamic Preachers - VOA

Mali Army Kills 16 at Checkpoint - BBC

Mali Islamists Say Army Killing of Preachers Declaration of War - Reuters

International Force for Congo Faces Money, Credibility Hurdles - AP

Somali MPs to Elect New President - BBC

Somalia's New Parliament to Elect President - AP

Chad Prisons 'a Death Sentence' - BBC

Gold Fields Says 15,000 Workers Strike at South Africa Mine - Reuters



To Smuggle More Drugs, Traffickers Go Under the Sea - NYT

Mexico's Obrador Leaves Coalition - BBC

Ex-Candidate Quits Mexico's Main Leftist Party - AP

Mexicans Snap Up ‘Made in USA’ - WP

Chile Protest Ends in Violence - BBC

Power Failure Darkens Extensive Area Across Cuba - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

US, China Claim Leadership Role in Asia-Pacific Region - DPA

US Warns Asia Heads Over Disputes - BBC

China, Japan Discuss Island Dispute at APEC Meeting - VOA

Pro-Beijing Candidates Outmaneuver Opponents as Hong Kong Votes - NYT

China: Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp Takes Narrow Election Lead - VOA

China: Hong Kong Democrat Leader Ho Steps Down - BBC

Slim Hong Kong Legislative Win for Beijing Backers - AP

Survivors of China Twin Quakes Await Supplies - AP

Japan PM to Face 3 in Ruling Party Leader Vote - AP

Japan's PM Noda Likely to Keep Party Leadership - AP

Indonesia Cracks Down on Domestic Terrorism Plots - AP

Alleged Bomb Maker Surrenders to Indonesia Police - AP

Kazakhstan Accused of Abusing Oil Workers - NYT

Asia Must Shed Myth of Limited Good - CSM editorial

What Keeps the Chinese Up at Night - NYT opinion



Europe Plan Faces Threat in Germany - NYT

German Envoy Goes to Greece, Leaving Lectures Behind - NYT

Pussy Riot Fest Held in Russia Despite Pressure - AP

Serbia Says it Has Witness About Rebels’ Organ Harvesting - AP


South Asia

For India's New Finance Minister, There Is No Time to Waste - Reuters

India Launches Satellites in 100th Space Mission - AP

Indian Cartoonist Jailed After Gov't Criticism - AP

India: Outrage Over Cartoonist Arrest - BBC

Indian Hospital Hires Bouncers to Deter Attacks - AP

In Pakistan, Girl Freed But Blasphemy Debate Still Stuck - CSM

Pakistan: Policeman Probing Sectarian Killings Shot Dead - AP

Fighting for Bangladesh Labor, and Ending Up in Pauper’s Grave - NYT

US Peace Corps Volunteers Return to Nepal - AP