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6 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Hundreds of Afghan Soldiers Ousted - WP

Afghan Soldiers Fired During Insider Attacks Probe - AP

NATO Expresses ‘Deep Concern’ to Karzai - AP

Get Rid of Afghan Army's Bad Eggs - AAP

'Trust Is Absolutely Essential:' Combating Afghan Infiltrator Violence - PBS

The Dangerous Political Battle for Afghanistan - GP

US to Retain Role as a Jailer in Afghanistan - NYT

Two Reported Killed in NATO Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan - DPA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghanistan’s Inside Killings - WP editorial



Iran Supplying Syrian Military via Iraqi Airspace - NYT

Iraq's Role in Syria War Poses Problems for US - AP

US to Iraq: Inspect Iranian Jets Bound for Syria - WP

Egypt, Turkey Slam Syrian President - VOA

Turkey, Egypt Hit Assad for 'Terrorism' - WT

Egyptian President Warns Assad ‘Your Time Won’t Be Long’ - NYT

Turkey Accuses Syria of 'State Terrorism'  - AP

Russia's Putin Defiant on Syria, Calls Romney 'Mistaken' - Reuters

China, US Discuss Differences over Syria - VOA

France Giving Aid to Rebel-held Syrian Cities - AP

Syria Military 'Bombards Aleppo' - BBC

Syria’s Spooky Parallel - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Leak Prompts Israel PM to Cancel Security Cabinet Meeting on Iran - NYT

Iran Hosts Islamic Resistance Festival - WP

Russia: No Sign Iran Developing Nuclear Arms - Reuters

IAEA Shows Diplomats Images of Suspected Iran Nuclear Clean-Up - Reuters

Russia Says Attacking Iran Would Be 'Disastrous' - Reuters

A Classified CIA Mea Culpa on Iraq - FP

Israel Military Says it Strikes Gaza Militants - AP

Israeli Forces Kill Three Militants in Gaza Strip - Reuters

Palestinian Abbas Says Has Backing for New UN Upgrade Push - Reuters

Donors Pledge Another $2.4 Billion to Yemen - VOA

Mursi Wants Egypt at Center of Arab Affairs - Reuters

After Egypt’s Revolution, a Search for the Missing - WP

Mauritania Extradites Gadhafi's Ex-Spy Chief - VOA

Spy Chief for Qaddafi Is Extradited to Libya - NYT

Libya Spy Boss 'Fair Trial' Urged - BBC


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

New Claims about CIA Renditions, Abuses - WP

Poland Provides Answers for CIA Prisons Probe - Reuters

Libyan Alleges Waterboarding by CIA, Report Says - NYT

Human Rights Watch: Evidence of Wider US Waterboarding - AP

Human Rights Group Alleges US Waterboarded Gaddafi Opponents - Reuters

Multinational Seminar Examines Violent Extremism - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Book Claims bin Laden Team Also Attempted Bergdahl Rescue - TIS

Navy Seals: A Battle for the Conscience - CNN

‘No Easy Day’ a Compelling Account of bin Laden’s Assassination - LAT review

War Might Be Making Young Bodies Old - USAT

Blast Gauges Offer Clues About Troops' Wounds - USAT

Report: Half of Military Bases Lack Voting Facility - WT

Like the Army Itself, Recruiters Prepare to Make Do With Less - NYT

Judge Might Order Fort Hood Suspect's Beard Shaved - AP

Pentagon Maps Japan Radiation, Says US Personnel Safe - Reuters


United States

Democrats Defend Obama's Foreign Policy - VOA

Democrats, Pushed by Obama, Alter Platform Over Jerusalem - NYT

Democrats Restore Platform Language on Jerusalem after GOP Criticism - WP

Let Obama Finish the Job, Clinton Urges - NYT

Bill Clinton Offers Spirited Defense of Obama’s Economic Record - WP

Worried Democrats Scramble to Close Fundraising Gap with Republicans - WP

FBI, Hackers Trade Claims on Stolen Apple Device IDs - WT

US Accuses BP of 'Gross Negligence' in Deadly 2010 Oil Spill - VOA

Key Arizona Migrant Clause Backed - BBC

VA Says No Service Dogs Benefits Warranted for PTSD Sufferers - PBP

Maine Lawmakers Debate Definition of 'Veteran' - BDN

A Look Ahead at the Debate on Defense Policies - WP opinion



Quebec Attack May Have Been Assassination Attempt, Police Say - NYT

Why Quebec Should Stay in Canada - Bloomberg editorial


United Kingdom

Northern Ireland Leaders Hold Crisis Talks to Halt Rioting - Reuters



Mali Formally Requests Regional Intervention Force - VOA

Nigeria Rescues Hijacked Tanker - BBC

Polio on Rise in Nigeria, Insecurity to Blame - VOA

Ethiopia Waits for Swearing-in of Prime Minister - VOA

Malema Rallies South Africa Strikers - BBC

Militant South Africa Union Snubs Lonmin 'Peace Deal' - Reuters

Guinea's Embattled Elections Commission Chief to Step Down - Reuters



Colombia Names Team for Peace Talks With FARC Rebels - Reuters

Major Rebel Killed in Peru Clash - BBC

Venezuela; Chavez Backs Oil Minister After Refinery Blast - AP

Chile ex-Police Chief Sentenced - BBC

Strong Earthquake Hits Costa Rica - BBC

Costa Rica Escapes Serious Damage From Big Quake - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

No Movement on Disputes as Clinton Meets With China’s Leaders - NYT

China Shows Disapproval to Clinton - WP

China to Clinton: No Question of Sovereignty Over South China Sea - VOA

Experts: Treaties Complicate US Position in China-Japan Islands Dispute - VOA

Japan: Island Tensions Not Hurting China Ties - AP

China, US Discuss Differences over Syria - VOA

China’s Currency Reforms May Make ‘Get Tough’ Promise Moot - WT

China Charges Ex-Police Chief Who Revealed Bo Xilai Scandal - VOA

China Charges Former Police Chief - WP

China: Key Figure in Scandal That Felled Bo Xilai Charged - NYT

Chinese Men Charged, Trying to Buy US Trade Secrets - VOA

South Korea to Hold Exercise on Disputed Islands - S&S

North Korea May Take Action to Jolt Economy, Analysts Say - NYT

E. Timor: Clinton Seeks to Boost Democracy in Asia's Newest Country - Reuters

Clinton in East Timor on Democracy Push - AP

Criminal Complaints Filed Against Filipino Rebels - AP

Vietnam: Agent Orange Victims Get Scientology Treatment - NYT

Vietnam Puts Journalist on Trial on Bribery Charge - AP

Burma Releases 42 Child Soldiers, Vows to End Practice - VOA

China / US: A Touchy Relationship - NYT editorial



Pardon of Ax Killer May Rekindle War in Oil-Rich Caucasus - Bloomberg

Putin: Russia Can Work With Romney if Elected - AP

Russia Bets Billions on Turn Toward Asia - AP

Activists Demonstrate Against Russia's Arctic Drilling - VOA

Spain Defends Austerity Moves Before Merkel Visit - AP

Turkey Grenade Depot Blast Kills 25 - BBC

Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Militant Positions - Reuters


South Asia

Sri Lanka: China’s Indian Ocean Fortress - WT

Dozens Killed in Blaze at Indian Fireworks Factory - VOA

Pakistan Evicts Save the Children Foreign Staff - AP