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1 September SWJ Roundup

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US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


August Year’s Deadliest Month for Foreign Troops in Afghanistan - LAT

Attack Kills 12 Near NATO Base in Afghanistan - AP

Twin Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 12 in East Afghanistan - Reuters

Young Girl and Boy Found Beheaded in Afghanistan - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

We Will Win in Afghanistan - TG opinion

The Forgotten War - WP opinion



Syrian Rebels Attack Aleppo Security Compounds - VOA

Rebels Say Hold Half of Aleppo Despite Air Strikes - Reuters

Syrian Troops Shell Damascus Neighborhoods after Clashes with Rebels - AP

Syria Opposition to Expand, Improve Organization, Leader Says - Reuters

Civilians Face Dramatically Worsening Conditions in Syria - Reuters

Syria Diplomacy Stalls Over Safe Zone - AP       

Turkey to Keep Pushing for UN-Backed Syria Safe Zones - Reuters

Some Syrian Refugees Find Safe Zone at Border - WP

Aid Agencies Scrambling to Relocate Refugees from Syrian Schools - VOA

Egypt Condemns 'Oppressive' Syria - BBC

Egypt Says Syria's 'Oppressive Regime' Must Go - Reuters

In Syria, a Noble Idea Fails - WP opinion



Nonaligned Nations Back Iran’s Nuclear Bid, but Not Syria - NYT

Iran Urges Nonaligned Nations Role in Syria - AP

Iranian Hopes Dashed at Non-Aligned Summit - VOA

UN’s Ban Ki-Moon Defends Iran Visit, Says Pushed for Change - Reuters

UN Airs New Concerns After Iran Says Nuclear Program Peaceful - VOA

Israelis Say UN Report Strengthens Iran Warnings - AP

Iran, North Korea Sign Technology Agreement - AP

Egypt's Morsi Slaps Down Iran's Khamenei - NYP opinion

Iran's 'Soft Power' Offensive - CNN opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US-Israeli Military Exercise to Be Smaller Than First Planned - Reuters

Police: Gunmen Kill 4 Iraqi Worshippers in Baghdad - AP

Yemen Officials: US Drone Strike Kills 8 Militants - Reuters

Officials: 8 Militants Killed in Airstrike in East Yemen - AP

Thousands Join Peaceful Bahrain Anti-Government Protest - Reuters

Hamas Looks to Egyptian Border - WP

What About Israel? - WP opinion

How to Make a Conference Matter - NYT opinion

What Happened to Egypt's Young Revolutionaries? - FP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Seems Set to Brand Haqqani Network as ‘Terrorist’ - NYT

Obama Admin Divided on Designating Haqqani Network Terrorist Group - WP

Clinton: Haqqani Report Will Meet Deadline - AP

Fighter Jets to Protect Skies During Democratic Convention - AFPS


US Department of Defense

DOD Partners with Cities, Countries on Biosurveillance - AFPS

Army Retains Current Physical Fitness Test - AP

US Soldier May Appeal Canadian Deportation Order - S&S


United States

Weapons Plant Security Issues Are Described in US Audit - NYT

Inquiry Finds No Misdeeds by Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona - NYT

Romney Begins Post-Convention Presidential Campaign - VOA

Deferred Action Gives Hope to Asian Immigrants - VOA

Obama: Improve Mental Health Access, Care for Military, Vets - AFPS

Private Funeral Held for Neil Armstrong - BBC

Loose Talk on Nuclear Weapons - WP editorial

Republicans, in Search of a Foreign Policy - NYT opinion

Obama Puts US Torturers Beyond the Law - TG opinion



South Africa Justice Minister Demands Explanation for Miners' Charge - VOA

South Arica Rethinking Mine Murder Charges - BBC

S. Africa Minister Questions Decision to Charge Miners with Murder - AP

Miners’ Rage Points to Shift in South Africa - NYT

Alarm at Nigeria Spy Records Leak - BBC

Congo Asks UN to Sanction Rwanda Officials for Rebel Support - Reuters

Congo Wants UN Force to 'Neutralize' Rebels - AP

Sudan Withdraws Candidacy for UN Rights Council - AP

Ivory Coast Violence Stokes Political Tensions - VOA

Angola's Polls Close Amid Claims of Irregularities - VOA

Angolans Vote in General Election - BBC

Ghana's New Leader to Face Voters - BBC

Zambia Opposition Unhappy with Government ‘Intimidation’ Tactic - VOA

Ex-Somali PM Ordered to Pay Plaintiffs in War Crimes Case - VOA

Greek Oil Tanker Released by Pirates Off Coast of Togo - BBC

How the US Can Out-Invest China in Africa - CSM opinion



PRI Declared Winner of Mexico's Presidential Vote - AP

Mexico's Lopez Obrador Rejects Presidential Poll Ruling - BBC

Mexico Extradites Last Arellano Felix Brother on Drug Charges - Reuters

Mexico 'Drug Lord' Arellano Felix Extradited to US - BBC

Brazil Presses Venezuela on Alleged Amazon Massacre - Reuters

Venezuela Says Refinery Hit by Explosion Restarts - AP

Rights Groups Fear Militarization in Guatemala - AP

Swiss Police Arrest ex-Police Boss of Guatemala - AP

Swiss Arrest Wanted Guatemalan ex-Police Official - BBC

Ecuador Journalist Emilio Palacio Granted Asylum in the US - BBC

UN Says Haiti Struggling to Cope With Cholera as Aid Withdrawn - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

Clinton Pledges Security in South Pacific Visit - AP

Americans Remain Divided on China Trade Issue - VOA

China’s Coming Leadership Change Met with a Shrug - WP

Chinese Dissident, Jailed on Evidence Provided by Yahoo, Freed - NYT

China Activist Wang Xiaoning Free - BBC

Chinese Activist Chen to Visit China's Rival Taiwan - Reuters

Merkel’s China Trip Focuses on Economy, Not Rights - NYT

Japan Officials to Visit Disputed Islands - AP

Japan and North Korea Agree to New Talks - NYT

Iran, North Korea Sign Technology Agreement - AP

7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Eastern Philippines - VOA

Pacific Partnership Crew Monitors Philippine Earthquake Situation - AFPS

2 Militants, 1 Police Officer Killed in Anti-terrorism Raid in Indonesia - AP

Indonesia Anti-Terror Squad Kills Two Suspected Militants - Reuters

Burma Reveals Names Removed from Blacklist - VOA



Russia's Putin Calls for Stalin-Style 'Leap Forward' - Reuters

Kosovo Force Rotation Prepares for Peacekeeping Mission - AFPS

Azerbaijan Pardons, Frees Officer Convicted Killer of Armenian Officer - AP

Armenia Breaks Ties With Hungary - BBC

Armenia Says Suspends Hungary Ties in Soldier Row - Reuters

Turkey: Erdogan’s Grand Vision for Istanbul - WP

Russian Injustice - WP editorial


South Asia

Pakistani Court Extends Detention of Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy - VOA

Blasphemy Arrest Highlights Tensions in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistani Extremist Leader Held in Jail - VOA

US Drone Strike Kills 5 Suspected Militants in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Pakistan: 7 Killed in Car Bombing in Northwest - AP

Pakistan: Deadly Blast Hits Peshawar Market - BBC

A Superstar Televangelist in Pakistan Divides, Then Repents - NYT

India's Economic Growth Better Than Forecast - BBC

India’s Gujarat Riots: BJP's Kodnani Jailed for 28 Years - BBC

Israeli Anger at India Clothing Shop Called Hitler - BBC

Pakistan’s Missing Voters - NYT opinion

India: Delhi Police Fumble Iran Bomb Probe - AT opinion