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29 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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ISAF Trainers Told to Get Closer to Afghan Partners to Prevent Attacks - S&S

Pakistan Battles Militants from Afghanistan - AP

Police Chief in Southern Afghanistan Survives Attack That Kills 4 Civilians - NYT

NATO May Need More Troops to Ship Home Afghan Gear - Reuters

Investigation Finds No Malicious Intent in Quran Burning Case - AFPS

Marines Disciplined for Taliban Desecration - AFPS



Many Hands Patch Together Syrian Rebels’ Arsenal - NYT

Once-Hunted Activist Emerges to Rebuild his Syrian Homeland - WP

Syrian Group Envisions Transition From Assad - NYT

Goal of Syrian Opposition Still Elusive - AP

Syria’s Assad Claims Progress Against Rebels - WP

Assad Says Syria Is Facing Regional, Global Battle - AP

Numbers of Syrian Refugees Strain Neighboring Countries - VOA

Syrian Refugees Flood Into Jordan and Turkey in a Sharp Rise - NYT

Turkey Presses UN to House Refugees Inside Syria - Reuters

Syrian Crisis Will Not Plunge Lebanon into Chaos, Analysts Say - VOA

Turkish Military Is Key Factor in Syria Planning - AP

Turkey to Press for Safe Zone in Syria - AP

Assad Says Buffer Zone Unrealistic - Reuters

Syria Defectors Live in Secret Camp in Jordan - AP

Amnesty International Web Site Hacked - WP

A Refugee Disaster in the Making - NYT editorial

Can Hezbollah Survive the Fall of Assad? - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Calls Iran the Greatest Nuclear Threat - AP

7 Killed in Attacks Targeting Iraq Security Forces - AP

Nine Iraqi Soldiers Killed in North Baghdad Attacks - Reuters

Lebanon: Growing Up with Guns, Not Toys - CNN

Saudi Arabia Straddling the Line on Women’s Rights - VOA

UN Sees Bleak Outlook for Gaza Unless Services Improved - NYT

Israeli Court Rejects Suit Over US Activist's Death - VOA

Israeli Court: Military Not at Fault in US Activist’s Death - WP

Court Rules Israel Not at Fault in Death of American Activist - NY

Former Israeli Commandos Dominate Politics - AP

French Prosecutors Open Probe Into Arafat's Death - VOA

France Opens Arafat Murder Case - BBC

France Opens Murder Inquiry into Arafat's Death - AP

China Pledges Credit, Police Cars to Egypt - VOA

China, Wary of Arab Spring, Hosts Egypt's Morsi - AP

Egypt Broadens Sinai Campaign Against Militants - Reuters

Libya Officials Seem Helpless as Sufi Shrines Are Vandalized - NYT

The Staying Power of Arab Monarchies - NYT opinion

In Egypt: Morsi’s Wrong Turn - NYT opinion

Can Hezbollah Survive the Fall of Assad? - NYT opinion

Israel Faces Fateful Decision in 10 Weeks - TOI opinion


US Department of Defense

Marines Must Live With 'Good Enough' As Budget Shrinks - AOL

Marines Consider Increased Role for Women in Corps - AFPS

Amos: Some Male Marines Anxious About Women in Combat Jobs - AP

DLA Orders Six-month Meat Supply to Aid Industry - AFPS

Experts: Fort Hood Suspect's Beard Might Bias Jury - AP

'No Easy Day,' Bin Laden Raid Book: Osama Was Unarmed - HP


United States

Mitt Romney Clinches Republican Nomination - WP

Romney Wins Nomination as Convention Gears Up - NYT

VA Officials: Veterans Being Tricked into Paying for Benefits Help - AP

Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Lies About Military Medals Still Punishable - TT

You Can Lie About Getting a Purple Heart, But Don’t Wear It - WSJ

Top US Prison Chaplain: Muslim Clerics Advised on Prayer Policy - WT

Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall Along Gulf Coast - NYT

Isaac Now a Hurricane; Army Corps Says New Orleans Ready - LAT

Curiosity Rover Sends Back Voice, Photos From Mars - VOA



US Reports That Piracy Off Africa Has Plunged - NYT

Forbes Hails Changes in Africa’s Business Environment - VOA

Sudan, South Sudan Prepare for Talks, as They Support Rebels - WT

One Killed As Kenyan Police Clash With Mombasa Rioters - VOA

Grenade Attack in Kenya Kills Police Officer - NYT

Grenade Kills Kenyan Policeman - BBC

Death Toll in Kenya Riots Over Clerics Death 4 - AP

Mali's Muslim Leaders Negotiate with Northern Islamists - VOA

Survey Shows Lake Tanganyika’s Oil ‘Potential’ in Tanzania - VOA

Somali Parliament Elects New Speaker - VOA

Somalia's MPs Choose New Speaker - BBC

Somali Diaspora See Hope in Mogadishu - LAT

Ex-Somali PM Must Pay $21 Million for Alleged Torture - Reuters



Americans Shot in Mexico Were CIA Operatives Aiding in Drug War - NYT

US Workers Shot by Mexican Police May be CIA Employees - WP

Mexico’s Calderon Apologizes for Attack that Wounded 2 US Officials - WP

Mexican President: US SUV Shooting Unacceptable - AP

Calderon Promises Answers on US Staff Shot in Mexico - Reuters

Mexico Sect Vows Fight Over Public Schools - AP

Colombia Government Exploring Peace Talks with FARC Rebels - WP

Colombia Pursues Talks with FARC - BBC

Colombia Arrests Londono Suspects - BBC

Argentine Leader Could Face Criminal Fraud Probe - AP

Venezuela Stamps Out Refinery Blaze, Eyes a Restart - Reuters

Fire Doused at Venezuela Refinery Hit by Explosion - AP

Iran is a Threat in Latin America - WT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Clinton Set to Take US Asia Push to South Pacific - Reuters

Elite Asian Military Strike Forces - TMM

US Bases in Korea Largely Unscathed by Typhoon Bolaven - S&S

Typhoon Hits N. Korea, Still Reeling From Floods - AP

Former Diplomat Predicts More Provocations by N. Korea - VOA

North Korean Reforms are Smokescreen, Say Senior Defectors - WT

Japan, North Korea Hold First Talks in 4 Years - AP

Japan Leans Toward Zero Nuclear Stance, Caution Remains - Reuters

Japan Urges China Probe into Flag Attack - BBC

China, Wary of Arab Spring, Hosts Egypt's Morsi - AP

Indonesia Turns to Clerics to Halt Radicalization - WP

Report: Burmese Army Continues Rights Violations in Karen State - VOA

Burma Trims Down Entry Blacklist - BBC



More Than a Dozen Die in 2 Attacks in a Russian Republic - NYT

Russia: Suicide Bomber Kills Muslim Cleric as Putin Urges Unity - Russia

Russian Activists Criticize 8-Year Drug Sentence - NYT

Kremlin's Rights Council Blasts Pussy Riot Verdict - AP

Amnesty Urges Balkans to Probe War Disappearances - AP

Ukraine Rejects Appeal by Former Premier - Reuters

Norwegian Leader Apologizes for Poor Police Response to Massacre - LAT

Norwegian PM 'Sorry' Over Breivik Mass Murder Response - BBC

French Prosecutors Open Probe Into Arafat's Death - VOA

Russia’s Shot Across the Bow in Gulf of Mexico - WT opinion


South Asia

Christians Flee Their Homes in Pakistani Capital - VOA

Pakistan Clerics Want Impartial Blasphemy Probe for Minor - VOA

Lawyers Seek Release of Christian Girl Charged With Blasphemy in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Blasphemy Girl 'is 14' - BBC

Militants Attack Pakistan Army Post, Kill 9 Troops - AP

Pakistan: Corruption Blamed for Poor Olympic Performance - WP

India Court Convicts 32 in 2002 Religious Riots - AP

India Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Mumbai Attacker - Reuters

India: Court Upholds Mumbai Gunman's Death Sentence - AP

Charity Keeps India’s Young on Track - WP