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28 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


General Allen: Insider Attack Controversy Misses Larger Point - AFPS

Urgent Request Sent from Afghanistan for Palantir System - WT

2 US Troops Killed, 17 Partygoers Beheaded in Afghan Violence - AP

Taliban Beheads 17 Afghan Civilians - VOA

Taliban Said to Behead 17 Afghans - WP

Taliban Behead Afghan 'Party-Goers' - BBC

Differing Theories in Killing of 17 in Taliban Stronghold - NYT

Taliban Brutality Turns Afghans Away - USAT

Police Chief in Afghanistan Survives Truck Bomb - Reuters

No Criminal Prosecution of GIs Who Urinated on Dead, Burned Qurans - S&S

US Military Disciplines 9 Over Video and Koran Burning - NYT

US Troops Tried to Burn 500 Korans - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Doing Business with Despots? - WP opinion

Afghanistan Withdrawal a Slow-Motion Rout - TG opinion



France Urges Creation of Interim Government, Pledging Recognition - NYT

France Urges Recognition of Shadow Syrian Government - WP

France Would Recognize Syrian Opposition Govt - AP

Syrian Helicopter Downed in Damascus - VOA

Syria Helicopter Downed in Damascus - BBC

Syrian Rebels Take Down Military Helicopter - WP

Syrian Rebels Claim to Shoot Down Helicopter - AP

US: 300 Killed in Suburbs of Syrian Capital - AP

UN Chief Urges Speedy Probe of Syria Mass Killings - AP

Syrian Bloodbath: Who to Believe? - CNN

Syrian Army Drops Leaflets Over Damascus - AP

10,000 Syrian Refugees Stuck at Turkish Border - AP

Missing Turkish Cameraman Appears on Syrian TV - VOA

Syria’s Escalating Slaughter - WP editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Officials: Gunmen with Silencers Kill General - AP

Iraqi Minister Resigns in Dispute with Premier - AP

Experts: Tightening Iran Sanctions Hurts Ordinary Iranians - VOA

Iran's Military Chief Suing US Over Sanctions - AP

Iran Says it May Open Military Site to Visit - AP

After Attacks, Israeli Schools Confront Hate - NYT

Anti-Rocket School Protects Israeli Kids Near Gaza - AP

UN: Gaza 'Not Livable by 2020' - BBC

Court Clears Israeli Army Over Death of US Activist - Reuters

Israel Develops Bullet Proof Grenade - AP

Palestinians from Syria Twice Displaced - VOA

Yemen Presidential Advisor Says Survives Attack - Reuters

Egyptian President’s Visit to Iran Reflects Foreign Policy Shift - WP

Egypt's President Rules Out Currency Devaluation - Reuters

Egypt President Names Assistants - BBC

China, Wary of Arab Spring, Hosts Egypt's Morsi - AP

Iran’s Nuclear Quest - NYT editorial

The Talkfest in Tehran - FP opinion


US Department of Defense

GOP Plank Decries ‘Social Experimentation’ in Military - WT

Ward Unlikely to Face Court-Martial for AFRICOM Misdeeds - S&S

5th Soldier Pleads Guilty to Hazing, Assault in Chen Suicide Case - FO

Court: No Ruling on Fort Hood Suspect's Beard - AP


United States

US Officials Checking SEAL Raid Book for Secrets - AP

The Document That Might Spell Trouble for Ex-Navy SEAL Author - TA

Soldiers Allegedly Plotted to Kill Obama, Oust Government - TH

Official Stirs Texas City With Talk of Rebellion - NYT

Fighter Jets Protect Skies During Republican Convention - AFPS

Tropical Storm Isaac Bearing Down on Louisiana Coast - CNN

Tropical Storm Isaac Builds as It Churns Toward Coast - NYT

Obama Declares Storm Emergency in Louisiana - BBC



Why Do So Many African Leaders Die in Office? - BBC

Chinese Arms Flowing Into Sudan - VOA

Somali, AU Troops Oust al-Shabab from Port Town - VOA

Al-Shabab Loses Control of Somalia Port - BBC

Alleged Al-Shabab Backer Killed in Kenya - VOA

Kenya: Islamist Cleric Killed in Mombasa - BBC

Somali Militants: Kenya Muslims Should 'Protect Their Religion' - Reuters

Disease, Malnutrition Plague Growing South Sudan Refugee Camp - VOA

Nine Prisoners Executed in Gambia; Rights Groups Outcry - BBC

'Intimidation' Keeps South Africa Mine Shut - BBC

Rich-Poor Divide Scars Angola as It Heads for Polls - Reuters

Malawi Reduces Crime Rate, Says Police Spokesman - VOA

Sex Strike Against Togo's Leader - BBC



Mexican Federal Police Taken into Custody in US Gov’t Vehicle Shooting - WP

Mexico Detains 12 Officers in Attack on US Embassy Vehicle - NYT

Mexican Police Detained in Shooting of US Agents - AP

Feared Mexican Zetas Leader ‘Z-40’ Now Top Target - AP

In Mexico, Rehearsing to Inject Drama Into the Courtroom - NYT

Mexico Sect Vows Fight Over Public Schools - AP

Colombia’s President Confirms ‘Exploratory’ Talks with FARC Rebels - AP

Colombia Rebels 'to Hold Peace Talks' with Government - BBC

Colombian Government Seeking Peace With FARC Rebels - Reuters

Colombia's ELN Rebels Offer Peace Talks - Reuters

Nicaragua Probes Drug Network of Fake Journalists - AP

Fire Spreads at Venezuela Refinery, 41 Dead - AP

Venezuelan Government Criticized in Deadly Refinery Blast - NYT

Gangs’ Truce Buys El Salvador a Tenuous Peace - NYT


Asia Pacific / Central

ASEAN Nations Struggle with Rivalries - WP

USPACOM Center Strives to Build Humanitarian Assistance Preparedness - AFPS

China, Wary of Arab Spring, Hosts Egypt's Morsi - AP

2 Tibetan Teens Die After Self-Immolating in China - AP

Storm to Close Schools in Korea, Annual Military Exercise Suspended - S&S                                                     

Youthful Populace Helps Make Philippines Economic Bright Spot - NYT

Thousands Flee Burma Floods - VOA

Burma Trims 2,082 Names Off Its Blacklist - AP

UN Seeks Details on Employees Sentenced in Burma - Reuters



Admiral Stavridis Expects Busy Autumn for NATO, USEUCOM - AFPS

For Russia’s Putin, Report Says, State Perks Pile High - NYT

Wife of Russian Opposition Activist Gets Jail - AP

Russian Eco-Warrior Turns to Politics to Challenge Putin - Reuters


South Asia

Indian PM Dismisses Charges of Coal Mine Corruption - VOA

Legislators Jeer India Premier on Coal Deals - NYT

Pakistani Court Gives PM More Time to Obey Order - AP

Christian in Pakistan Blasphemy Case Ruled Minor - AP