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19 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Attacks on Allied Troops Prompt Shift in Afghan Policy - NYT

US to Beef Up Rural Police Forces in Afghanistan Despite Attacks - LAT

'Green on Blue' Growing Toll - CNN

NATO, Taliban in War of Words Over Afghan Deaths - AP

Fertilizer Seizures on the Rise in Afghanistan - WP

Iran Rejects Allegation of Role in Deadly Afghan Bombings - Reuters

Taliban Fighters Killed in Airstrike - NYT

NATO Air Strikes in Eastern Afghanistan Kill Taliban - BBC

4 Afghans, 3 NATO Troops Killed in Holiday Attacks - AP

Bomb at Afghan Bazaar Kills 4 Civilians - AP

British Soldier Killed While on Sentry Duty in Afghanistan - BBC

Afghan Villagers Take on the Taliban - TE editorial



Drone Attacks Pound Northern Pakistan, Killing 13 in Two Days - Reuters

4 Killed in US Drone Strike in Pakistan - VOA

US Drone Attack on Militant Hideout Kills Five - AP

US Drone Kills 5 Militants in Northern Pakistan - AP

Imran Khan Must Be Doing Something Right - NYT



US Says Iraqis Are Helping Iran to Skirt Economic Sanctions - NYT

Syria Denies Defection of Vice President - VOA

Syria War Tipping Mideast Balance Toward Sunnis - AP

Role of Kurds Divides Syrian Opposition - WP

Kurdish Muscle-Flexing Splinters Assad’s Foes Down Regional Lines - WP

Aleppo: ‘Why Are They Doing This?’’ - CNN

As UN Monitors Leave Syria, More Bodies Are Found - NYT

Brahimi Welcomed as Syria Envoy - BBC

Syria's Assad Makes Rare Public Appearance - AP

Q&A: The Growing al Qaeda Factor in Syria - CNN



US Says Iraqis Skirting Sanctions With Help for Iran - NYT

Iran Commander 'Welcomes' Possible Israeli Strike - AP

UN Chief Condemns Iran's Anti-Israel Rhetoric - VOA

Egypt President 'to Visit Iran' - BBC

Egypt President to Visit Iran, a First in Decades - AP

Israeli Attack on Iran Won't Spark Larger War - TG opinion

Israel Doesn't Fear Iranian Retaliation - CDM opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Kurdish Muscle-Flexing Splinters Assad’s Foes Down Regional Lines - WP

Syria War Tipping Mideast Balance Toward Sunnis - AP

Iraqi Sunni Cleric’s Convoy Struck by Bomb - AP

Al-Qaida Carries Out Deadly Attack in Yemen - VOA

Al-Qaeda Militants Attack Yemen Port City of Aden - WP

'Al-Qaeda' Attack in Yemeni City - BBC

Militants Attack Yemen Intelligence HQ, Killing 20 - AP

At Least 14 Killed in Attack on Yemen Intelligence HQ - Reuters

Suicide Bomber Kills 1 in South Yemen - AP

Yemeni Secessionist Leader Released - Reuters

Palestinian Government Debt Hurts Private Sector - AP

Bahrain Security Forces Kill Young Protester - Reuters

In Egypt’s Sinai, Violence New Challenge for Peacekeepers - WP

Egypt President 'to Visit Iran' - BBC

Car Bombs Kill Two in Libyan Capital - Reuters

US Must Rethink the Middle East - WP opinion



UK, Ecuador Seek Solution to Deadlock Over Assange - AP

In Embassy Drama, Eyes of Police (and Public) Focus on Assange - NYT

Ecuador's President Defends Asylum Grant for Assange - VOA

Ecuador Wants 'Assange Guarantee' - BBC

Assange to Speak From Ecuador Embassy in Row Over His Fate - Reuters

Ecuador Rallies Latin America in Assange Battle With UK - Reuters

Assange's Stubborn Grip Hurts Wikileaks - CNN opinion


US Department of Defense

Dempsey: Transition in Military Uncomfortable but Necessary - AFPS

Analysis: Skeptics Doubt Defense Scare in Hampton Roads - DP

Marines Apply Lessons from MV-22 Crash Throughout Force - AFPS

Navy Decides to Repair Sub that Suffered $400M Damage in Arson - AP

Fort Hood First to Use New Model for Heavy Equipment Transport - KDH


United States

Computer Monitoring of Federal Workers Worries Privacy Advocates - WP

Historic Convoy of Military Vehicles Rolls Through Alaska - AND

Puerto Rico Votes on Plan to Amend Constitution - AP



Sudan: Parts of Darfur See Stability, but Others Are Seething - NYT

Northern Mali Militants Recruiting Children - VOA

Sudanese Refugees Face 'Disaster' - BBC

Sudan Plane Crash Kills Up to 31 Including Minister - Reuters

Zimbabwe's Political Impasse High on SADC Agenda - VOA

Crowd Rallies Near Site of South African Mine Shooting - VOA

Anger Over South Africa Miners' Fate - BBC

Mine Violence Hits at South Africa Political Power Nexus - Reuters

Ebola Virus Outbreak in DR Congo - BBC

Some African Athletes Stay Behind in London - VOA



Mexico Arrests 'Associate of Fugitive Joaquin Guzman' - BBC

3 Women Shot to Death on Road in Central Mexico - AP

Mexico Investigates Reports of Missing Journalist - AP

Peruvian Troops Killed by Rebels - BBC

Bolivia Lynching: Brazil Condemns Deaths - BBC

Mass Arrests in Chilean Schools - BBC

In Haiti, Change Born From Disaster - WP


Asia Pacific / Central

Crime Fighter Now May Face Chinese Justice Over Role in Scandal - NYT

Japan Boats Reach Island Disputed With China - BBC

Japan Activists Raise Flags on Disputed Isle - AP

Leader Visit North Koreans at Border Post - NYT

Burma Forms Commission to Probe Sectarian Violence - VOA

Philippine Minister Missing After crash - BBC

Asia’s Roiling Sea - NYT editorial

China Murder Trial a Rigged Spectacle - CNN opinion



Analysts See Freedom of Speech in Russia Slowly Eroding - VOA

Russia Faces Criticism over Band Sentence - VOA

Eight Die in Russian Caucasus Bombing, Mosque Shooting - Reuters

Bomber Kills 7 Russian Policemen at Funeral - AP

Russia: Gunmen Open Fire in Mosque in Dagestan - AFP

Poland Plans to Phase Out its Su-22M in Favor of Armed UAVs - DU

Germany: Islamic Prophet Depictions Shown in Mosque Demonstrations - AP

An Outrageous Crackdown in Russia - BG editorial

Germany May Destroy the Euro - TT opinion

For Russians, Corruption Is Just a Way of Life - NYT opinion


South Asia

India: Text Message Threats, Rumors Came From Pakistan - Reuters

India Blames Pakistan for Exodus - BBC

India Says Pakistan Websites Caused Migrant Panic - AP