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17 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Mullah Omar Addresses Green-on-Blue Attacks - LWJ

Taliban Say They Have Infiltrated Afghan Forces - AP

11 Killed as US Copter Goes Down in Afghanistan - NYT

US Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan - WP

ISAF Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan Kills 11 - AFPS

7 US Troops Among 11 Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan - AP

Afghan Helicopter Crash Kills 11 - BBC

Taliban Claims Responsibility for Afghan Helicopter Crash - VOA

Longtime Maine DEA Agent Takes Drug Fight to Afghanistan - PPH

Afghan Drivers Endure Bad Roads, Bandits, Corrupt Police - DPA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Militants Launch Deadly Assault on Pakistani Airbase - VOA

Militants Storm Pakistani Air Base, Sparking Firefight, 10 Deaths - WP

Militants Attack Pakistani Air Force Base - NYT

Attack on Air Base Raises Fear About Country's Nuclear Arsenal - LAT

Attack Shows Need for Pakistani Taliban Offensive - AP

Pakistani Taliban Kill 22 Shiites in Bus Attack - NYT

Pakistan Shias Killed in Gilgit Sectarian Attack - BBC



UN Security Council Ends Syria Observer Mission - VOA

UN Says It Will End Its Syria Observer Mission - NYT

UN Ends Observer Mission in Syria - BBC

Azaz Residents Pick Up After Aerial Bombings - VOA

Syrian Rebels Seek Anti-aircraft Missiles - VOA

Syrian Rebels State Terms for Freeing Iranians - VOA

Securing Chemical Weapons May Take Tens of Thousands of Troops - Reuters

A More Active US in Syria - WP opinion

America and Iran Square Off Over Syria - TD opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Reliance on Saudi Oil Heads Back Up - NYT

Israel’s President Criticizes Talk of Unilateral Strike on Iran - NYT

Fears of War Grow in Israel With Iran Strike Talk - AP

Iran Pardons 130 Post-Election Detainees - AP

Lebanon Kidnappings Cause Regional Scare - VOA

In Lebanon, Sunnis Threaten Shiites as Kidnappings of Syrians Rise - NYT

Many Dead in Fresh Iraq Violence - BBC

Wave of Attacks Kills Dozens in Iraq - NYT

At Least 22 Killed in Wave of Attacks in Iraq - AP

Bahrain Sentences Activist for Unauthorized Protests - VOA

Jail Term for Bahrain Activist - BBC

Bahrain Sentences Activist to 3 Years in Prison for ‘Inciting’ Protests - NYT

Yemen Secessionist 'Held in Aden' - BBC

Reuters Hacked for Third Time with Hoax al-Faisal Death - BBC

In Paper, Chief of Egypt Army Criticized US - NYT

Egyptian TV Presenter, Chief Editor to Go on Trial - AP

Term for Women Sparks Ire in Tunisia - WP

Egypt: President Morsi’s Rebalancing Act - NYT editorial

Israel's Iran Itch - NYT opinion

Barack Obama Has Been Great for Israel - FP opinion

Lebanon Once Again on the Brink - TG opinion



Assange Granted Asylum by Ecuador - BBC

Ecuador Grants Asylum to WikiLeaks’ Assange - WP

Ecuador Grants Political Asylum to Assange - AP

Political Asylum May Not Change Assange's Status - VOA

Assange Faces Long Stay in Ecuador’s London Embassy - NYT

Experts See Little Chance UK Will Seize Assange - AP

Ecuador's Decision to Grant Assange Asylum a Bold Act of Hypocrisy - FOX opinion


US Department of Defense

How Politicians, Media Overstated Military Budget Cuts by $100B - ProPublica

US Military Pilot Training Emphasizes Drone Warfare - VOA

38 Suspected Suicides in July May Mark Grim Record for Army - S&S

Army Saw Spike in Suicides in July - WP

Army Suicides Doubled Last Month from June's Total - AP

Researchers Gain Better Understanding of TBI and Long-term Effects - FNP

Degenerative Brain Disease Threatens Afghan War Vets - HP

Former IG for 31st Fighter Wing Charged with Sexual Assault - S&S


United States

Iraqis Charged in Kentucky Linked to IED Attack Zone - AP

Iraqi-born Suspect, Once Hailed as War Hero, Has History of Violence - TG

Vets Facing Difficult Transition to Civilian Jobs, Survey Finds - S&S

'Stars Earn Stripes' Receives Criticism from Veterans - LAT

The Right to Counsel at Guantánamo Bay - NYT editorial

Obama’s Guantanamo Reversal - WP opinion



Pursuing Soft Power, China Puts Stamp on Africa’s News - NYT

Niger Struggles Against Islamist Militants - WP

Sudan Says 80 Protesters, Activists Released - AP

Zuma Cites Progress on Zimbabwe Constitution - VOA

Mali Moves Ahead with Plan to Form Unity Government - VOA

At Least 60 Die in DR Congo Mine Collapse - VOA

NGO: Kenyan Coast a Haven for Child-Porn Producers - VOA

Police Fire on South Africa Miners - BBC

Mine Strike Mayhem Stuns S. Africa as Police Open Fire - NYT

Police: More Than 30 Killed in S. Africa Shooting - AP

Kenya: All Bodies Recovered from Ugandan Helicopter Crash - VOA

Ethiopian Church Patriarch Dies - BBC



Murder Arrests in Mexico Met With Skepticism - NYT

Mexico Detains 8 Suspects in Journalist Killings - AP

Chilean Students Arrested in Santiago Schools - BBC

Dominican Republic President Takes Office - BBC

Ecuador Leader Stakes Claim to Moral Superiority - AP

Appeals Process Begins for American Imprisoned in Nicaragua - Reuters

Cuba Prosecutors Seek Seven Years for Spain's Carromero - BBC

Retrial Ordered for Islamic Leader in Trinidad - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Mulls Next Steps in Island Spat with China - VOA

Japan Plans to Deport Chinese on Island - NYT

Osprey Flights Over Japan to Be Minimized, US Marines Say - Reuters

China to Announce Murder Trial Verdict on Monday - AP

China's Hu Gives Show of Support for North Korea - Reuters

Senior North Korean Leader Meets Chinese President - AP

S. Korean Presidential Candidate Vows Unconditional Aid for North - Reuters

Consumer Confidence in Indonesia Growing - VOA

Burma Rights Commission Resists Investigating Rohingya Abuses - VOA

Communist China on the Verge of Collapse - WT opinion



Finland Prepares for Euro Break Up Scenario - Reuters

French Police Arrest Amiens Riot Suspects - VOA

First Arrests Over French Riot - BBC

Russia's Female Punk Rock Band Trio Face Verdict - Reuters

Russia Assigns Bodyguards to Judge Ahead of Verdict in Pussy Riot Trial - NYT

Bulgaria: Photo of 2nd Bombing Suspect Released - AP

Spain Holds Bulgarians Over S American Cocaine Ship - BBC

Turkey: Istanbul Alcohol Ban Divides City's Residents - VOA


South Asia

Fearful Migrants Flee Indian City - BBC


Afpak channel reports today that the toll of NATO troops killed by Afghan security forces is up to 39. That does not count wounded and those who were targeted but managed not to get hit. This problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Can anything be done to reduce this problem? From my remote viewpoint it doesn't look as if anything can.

Also I have a question. This seemed to have started on its own with Afghans getting mad and getting even on their own hook. Now with MO's statement, is it that the Taliban is or will try to take advantage of an already ongoing pattern and make it worse?