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7 August SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Pakistan, Afghanistan Tensions Flare Cross-Border Attacks - VOA

NATO: Haqqani Commander Killed in Eastern Afghanistan - VOA

NATO Airstrike Kills Haqqani Leader in Afghanistan - AP

Putin Praises NATO in Afghanistan, but Prepares Fallback Plan - VOA

Marines Stabilizing the Wild Southwest of Afghanistan - SDUT

Entrepreneurs Serving Afghan Expats See Good Times Ending - Reuters

Kabul Police: Roadside Bomb Kills 8 Civilians - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Gunmen Attack NATO Truck in Pakistan, Killing 1 - CNN



With Diplomacy Dead, US Banks on Syrian Rebel Win - AP

Syria's Prime Minister Defects, Flees to Jordan - VOA

Syrian Rebels Buoyed as PM Defects - WP

A Defection In the Dark Jolts Syrians - NYT

Syria 'Crumbling' as PM Defects - BBC

White House Says Assad Losing His Grip on Power - Reuters

Another Blow to Syrian Regime - CNN

Syrian Prime Minister Defects, Fighting Goes On - Reuters

Aide: Syrian PM's Defection Months in Planning - AP

Information Minister: Cabinet Meets, All Ministers Attend - Reuters

Survivor Describes New Syria Mass Killing - AP

Kurdish Gains in Syria Rattle Turkey - VOA

Expelled Jesuit Priest Calls for UN Peacekeepers in Syria - VOA

If Assad Falls in Syria - NYT editorial

A Bloody History Repeating Itself in Syria? - G&M opinion

Syria’s Ghost War Could End Up Haunting Us - TT opinion

Syria War Unleashes Kurds Against Turkey - JP opinion


Egypt / Israel / Sinai Attack

Israeli Leaders Urge Greater Security Following Sinai Attack - VOA

Israeli Defense Chief Says Egypt Attack a ‘Wake-Up Call’

Attack in Sinai Poses Challenge to Egypt’s Islamist President - WP

Egypt Hunts Sinai Militants After Soldiers Killed - AP

Egypt Vows Crackdown on 'Infidels' After Border Massacre - Reuters

Sinai Attack Tests Egyptian President’s Relationship With Israel - NYT

Sinai Spree Prods Hamas to Act Against Gaza Jihadis - Reuters

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Blames Raid on Israel - BBC

Egypt's Brotherhood Says Mossad Behind Sinai Attack - Reuters

Israel Dismisses Accusation of Involvement in Egypt Attack - Reuters

Bloody Sinai - WP editorial


Middle East / North Africa

US Downsizing Operations in Iraq - VOA

UK Bank 'in $250bn Scheme with Iran' - BBC

Regulator Says British Bank Helped Iran Hide Deals - NYT

Iran's Currency Falls to Record Low Against Dollar - AP

International Rights Groups Seek Access to Monitor Saudi Courts - Reuters

Yemen Seizes Six Militants in Suicide Bomb Town - Reuters

Yemeni Leader Cuts Powers of Ex-President's Son - AP

A Real ‘Cultural’ Difference - WP opinion



NATO Announces New Head of Norfolk Command - AP


US Department of Defense

Army’s Vehicles Not Tough Enough for Bombs - WT

Army Captain’s 'Lost' Nomination for Medal of Honor Questioned - S&S

Military Adding More Electric Vehicles to Fleet - S&S


United States

NASA Celebrates Mars Rover Landing - VOA

Photo Shows Mars Rover Descent - BBC

Former US Soldier Identified as Sikh Temple Gunman - VOA

Sikh Temple Shooter Was Army Veteran, White Supremacist - S&S

Sikh Temple Gunman Linked to Hate Groups - WP

Suspect Is US Army Veteran; Ties Seen to Racist Groups - NYT

US Gunman Had 'White Power Links' - BBC

Defense, Interior Departments Join Forces on Renewable Energy - AFPS

Panetta: DOD-Community Partnerships Essential in Austerity - AFPS

Obama to Sign Veterans Measure, Then Campaign - AP

Employers Court Troops, Spouses, Vets at Job Fairs - AFPS

Defenseless Against Cyberattacks - WP editorial

Furor Over Operation Fast and Furious - WT opinion



Clinton Promotes US Investment in Africa - VOA

S. Africa Relations on Clinton’s Radar - WT

Clinton Visits Mandela in S. Africa - WP

African Leaders Discuss Sending Troops Into DR Congo - VOA

East DR Congo Faces 'Catastrophic Humanitarian Crisis' - BBC

UN Humanitarian Chief Seeks First-Hand Look at Congo Crisis - VOA

Sudan, S. Sudan Ink Oil Deal; More Needed - VOA

Sudan Says to Resume South Sudan Talks on August 26 - Reuters

Four Killed, Police Station Attacked in Sudan's Darfur - Reuters

Ivory Coast Violence: Abidjan Army Attack Kills Seven - BBC

Six Dead in Pre-Dawn Raid on Ivory Coast Military Camp - Reuters

Saying Mali ‘Is Our Country,’ Militias Train to Oust Islamists - NYT

Mali Crisis: Gao Protests 'Stop Hand Amputation' - BBC

Sect Claims Attacks in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Kenya Judge Nancy Baraza Should be Sacked - BBC

Zambian Minister Condemns Killing of Chinese Mine Manager - VOA



4 Mexican Army Officers Ordered to Stand Trial - AP

Kenya Charges Venezuelan Diplomat with Murder - BBC

Venezuelan Charged in Diplomat's Killing in Kenya - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

US Warns China Against Further Moves in South China Sea - AP

Villain or Scapegoat? Gu Kailai Faces Trial in China - Reuters

Japan Utility Shows Recordings of Nuclear Crisis - NYT

Japan Nuke Plant Chief on Video After Tsunami: 'This is Serious' - AP

Activist Claims Underground Democracy Group Active in N. Korea - WT

South Korean Activist Alleges Torture in Chinese Prison - VOA

Fighting With Rebels Rages in Southern Philippines - AP



Poland Wants Own Segment in US Missile Defense - AP

Spain 'al Qaeda Cell' May Have Targeted Gibraltar - CNN

Obama Pledges Support to Spain on Economic Challenges - Reuters

UK Coalition in Crisis Over Parliamentary Reform - Reuters

Suspected IRA Man Arrested Over Belfast Gun Attack - AP

3 Russian Troops Killed by Bomber in Chechnya - AP

Greece to Deport 1,600 Immigrants - BBC

Greece Rounds Up Migrants; Official: ‘Invasion’ Imperils Stability - NYT

France's New Passion: All Things Chinese - VOA


South Asia

For Hundreds of Millions in India, Every Night is a Blackout - WP

Indian Sikhs Shocked About US Shooting - VOA

Some Answers About Sikh History in India - AP

Sri Lanka Denies Release of 37 Chinese Fishermen - Reuters