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3 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan Military Units Find it’s Tough Going it Alone - WP

USAID’s Afghanistan Chief Talks Development in a Volatile Landscape - S&S

US Senate Approves New Ambassador to Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Forces Thwart Kabul Attack - VOA

Afghan Forces Kill 5 Would-be Suicide Bombers - CNN

Investigator Recommends No Court-Martial for Soldier Who Killed Civilian - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



General John Allen Meets With Pakistani Military Chief - AFPS

Top US Commander in Afghanistan Visits Pakistan - AP

Major Differences Persist for Pakistan, US - VOA



Officials: US Giving More Syrian Humanitarian Aid - AP

Syrian Leader’s Weapons Under Strain - NYT

UN Draft Drops Call for Syria's Assad to Step Down - AP

UN General Assembly to Denounce Syrian Crackdown - AP

UN Syria Envoy Annan Resigns - VOA

Resigning as Envoy to Syria, Annan Casts Wide Blame - NYT

Annan Resigns as UN Syria Envoy - BBC

Annan Resigns as Envoy to Syria - WP

Annan Quits Syria Role, Blasts UN Security Council - AP

UN's Annan Draws Sympathy, Criticism as Syria Mission Fails - VOA

Iran Blames U.S., Others for Failure of Annan's Plan - Reuters

Syrian Rebels Accused of Executions, Other Abuses - AP

Syrian Rebels Now Have Heavy Weapons - Reuters

Leading From Behind? Syria's Invisible President - Reuters

In Syria, Mortars Kill 21 in Damascus Refugee Camp - AP

Syrian Conflict Creates Food Insecurity for Millions - VOA

Officials: US Giving More Syrian Humanitarian Aid - AP

Syrian General Among 1,000 Refugees Fleeing to Turkey - Reuters

Panetta Pledges Help to Jordan for Syrian Refugees - AFPS

Russia Sends Navy Vessels to Syria Base - Reuters

The Lessons of Failure in Syria - WP editorial

Obama Arming al Qaeda - WT editorial

Obama's Syria Strategy Is Working - FP opinion

Assad's Regime Transforming Into a Militia - Time opinion

Egypt Made Al Jazeera. Syria Is Destroying It - FP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Rejects US Extradition for Terror Commander - AP

Iraq Accuses Turkey of Interfering in Affairs - AP     

Iraq: Attacks in West Baghdad Kill 3 Soldiers, Policeman - AP

Bahrain Police Clash with Protesters - AP

Egypt Names Cabinet, Keeps Veteran Defense Minister - VOA

New Egyptian Cabinet Sworn In - BBC

New Egyptian Cabinet Includes Many Holdovers - NYT

Egypt Asks US to Release Egyptian Held in Gitmo - AP



NATO Awarding New Medals for Counter-Piracy, Libya Missions - S&S


US Department of Defense

Welsh Air Force Chief-of-Staff Confirmation Can Proceed - S&S

Military Mental Health Crisis Exposed with Camp Liberty Killings - S&S

Senate Panel Supports Funds for USS Miami Repair - PPH

Valor Website Now Includes Service Crosses - AFPS

Sentencing Begins in Air Force Sex Scandal Trial - AP

Feds Sue Over Benefits of NYC Police Officers in Military - AP


United States

Cybersecurity Bill Fails in Senate - WP

Senate Fails to Approve Cybersecurity Legislation - AP

Pile of Bills Is Left Behind as Congress Goes to Campaign - NYT

US to Resist Losing Control of Internet to UN - BBC

A Pernicious Drive Toward Secrecy - NYT editorial


United Kingdom

John Keegan, Historian Who Put a Face on War, Dies at 78 - NYT

Olympic History on Display During London Games - VOA

Charge of the Light Brigade Bugle Stolen in Eastbourne - BBC



How to Keep Feeding the Planet - WP opinion



Clinton to Focus on Security in Uganda, S. Sudan - VOA

Clinton to Meet Uganda's Yoweri Museveni - BBC

Clinton Urges Sudan, South Sudan Reconciliation - AP

Sudan, S. Sudan Fail to Reach Agreement - VOA

In Uganda, an AIDS Success Story Comes Undone - NYT

Official: Uganda Not Fighting in Congo - AP

Nigerian Communities, Government Fight Over Housing Demolitions - VOA

Ethiopia Rejects Rumors, Says PM's Health Improving - VOA

Guinea-Sierra Leone 'Deal' to End Yenga Dispute - BBC

Saving Sudan From Syria’s Fate - WP opinion



Mexico: Reclaiming the Forests and the Right to Feel Safe - NYT

Colombia to Challenge Court's Indigenous Land Ruling - BBC

Honduras Gun Ban in Conflict Zone - BBC

Peru Seizes $2.3m in Fake Bills Headed to US - BBC

US-Bound Cubans Pour Into Panama Through Colombia - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez: An Uncounted Enemy WT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Task Force Stems Chemical Trafficking in Asia-Pacific - AFPS

Shame and Indignation in China as Olympians Come Under Fire - NYT

Blind Chinese Activist Meets With US Lawmakers - VOA

China Jails 20 for Separatist Activity in Xinjiang - AP

China Discourages Fasting for Uighur Muslims - AP

Taiwan Expects US Deals After Beef Import Concession - VOA

UN: Tens of Thousands Without Drinking Water in N. Korea - VOA

UN: North Korea Seeks Immediate Food Aid After Floods - BBC

N. Korea’s Kim Jong Eun Joined on Roller Coaster by British Official - WP

North Korea's New Leader Makes Diplomatic Debut - AP

North Korea's Kim Tells China, Economy a Priority - Reuters

US Troops Battling High Temps in South Korea - S&S

Australia, Indonesia Seek Common Ground on Asylum Seekers - VOA

Vietnam Says US Religious Freedom Report Is Wrong - AP

Papua New Guinea Elects New PM, Ending Chaos - AP

Uzbekistan Bans Foreign Military Bases on its Land - Reuters

Mongolia's Ex-President Gets Jail Over Corruption - AP

Tokyo-Seoul Relations Need to Grow Up - JT opinion



European Crisis Has Ripple Effect on US Firms - WP

ECB Confident in Euro, No New Measures for Now - VOA

Spain Arrests 3 Suspected al-Qaida Members - VOA

3 Arrested in Spain Are Suspected of Having Links to Al Qaeda - NYT

Spain Nabs 3 al-Qaida Suspects, Europe Plot Feared  - AP

Tymoshenko’s Trials Cloud Ukraine’s Democratic Future - VOA

Russia Pulls Plug on Drunken Paratroopers’ Swimming Pool - NYT

Bomb Scare Delays Russian Punk Protest Trial - VOA

Mixed Russian Feelings on Jailed Punk Rock Band - NYT

Court Decides Not to Certify Ouster Vote In Romania - NYT


South Asia

Drought Delivers Fresh Blow to Reeling Indian Economy - Reuters

Bangladesh Orders Suspension of Aid to Rohingya Refugees - VOA

Bangladesh Orders Charities to Stop Aid to Rohingyas - BBC

India's Blackout: Time to Give Politicians a Shock - Economist editorial