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1 August SWJ Roundup

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US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


In Afghanistan, Targeted Attacks on Leaders an Ominous Trend - LAT

July Deadliest Month in Nearly a Year for Coalition - S&S

Amb. Crocker: Afghanistan on Track for Next Stage in Development - AFPS

Afghan Govt: Insurgents Kill 4 Afghan Civilians - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Training Enemies in Afghanistan - LAT opinion

Why China Must Do More in Afghanistan - TD opinion



Pakistan, US Sign NATO Supply Deal - VOA

Pakistan, US Sign Deal On Supply Routes to Afghanistan - AP

Pakistan’s Spy Chief Visits US at Time of Frayed Relations - NYT

Pakistan ISI Chief in US Visit - BBC

US Envoy Nominee Pledges to Focus on Militant Group - NYT

Pakistan's Dangerous Descent - PS opinion



Battles Show No Letup in Syria's Aleppo - VOA

Rebels in Syria’s Largest City Said to Seize 2 Police Stations - NYT

Aleppo Fighting Traps Thousands, UNHCR Says - BBC

Only Exit for Besieged Leader May Be In a Body Bag - WP

Panetta on al-Assad: 'Get the Hell Out Now' - CNN

Fate of Nation at Stake, Says Assad - BBC

Assad Says Syria's Fate Hinges on Battle With Rebels - Reuters

Syrian President Lashes Out at 'Internal Agents' - AP

Syrian Rebel Army Chief Slams New Opposition Group - Reuters

Syria Rebels Suspicious Over Defector's Motives - AP

Report: Syrian Rebels Acquire Surface-To-Air Missiles - Reuters

Inside a Rebel-held Prison in Syria - CNN

Alawites Spurned by Rebels in Syria - WT

Kofi Annan’s Legacy Gets Bruised - WP

Fall of Damascus Not End of Assad - TNI opinion



US: Iran Remains Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism - VOA

White House and Congress Are in Step Over Iran Sanctions - NYT

Obama Imposes New Sanctions on Iran - VOA

US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran - WP

US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran - BBC

New Iran Sanctions Hit Banks in China, Iraq - CNN

US Defense Secretary Begins Sensitive Meetings With Israelis on Iran - VOA

Panetta to Discuss Iran with Israeli Allies - AFPS

Iranian Nukes and Jerusalem - WT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Bombs Kill 21, Underlining Iraq Chaos - AP

Car Bombs Kill 19 in Iraqi Capital - Reuters

Deadly Car Bombings Hit Baghdad - BBC

US Vets Have Mixed Regret, Detachment on Iraq Violence - S&S

Iran, Syria Top Panetta's Agenda in Israel - AP

Israel to End Draft Exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox - AP

Ultra-Orthodox Face Israel Draft - BBC

Palestinians, Israel Agree on Revenue Revamp - Reuters

Jordan Police: 12-Member Terror Cell Arrested - AP

Bahrain Is Criticized for Its ‘Torrent’ of Tear Gas Use - NYT

Rights Group: Ban Tear Gas Sales to Bahrain - AP

UAE, Australia Sign Nuclear Cooperation Pact - AP

UAE Urged to Release Activists - BBC

Clinton: World Seeking Inclusive Government in Egypt - VOA

Panetta Confident Morsi ‘President of All’ Egyptians - WP

Panetta: New Egyptian President is ‘His Own Man’ - AFPS

Israel: Egypt’s Morsi Vows to Pursue Peace - WP

Egypt-Israel: Uncertainty Over Letter Underscores Delicate Ties - NYT

Egypt Foreign, Finance Ministers Say to Keep Jobs - Reuters

Egypt's Osama Kamal Says to Head Energy Ministry - Reuters

Osama Saleh Says to Be Egypt's New Investment Minister - Reuters

Libya: Gaddafi's Son Seeks Hague Trial - BBC


US Department of Defense

Study Criticizes Pentagon Over Its Plans for a Greater Focus on Asia - NYT

Sequestration Has Defense in the Dark - WT

Senator McCain Criticizes Looming Defense Cuts in Tampa - TBT

Pearl Harbor Seen as Possible Site for New Ships - HAS

Looming Navy Shuffle to Make Big Waves in Hampton Roads - VP

Army May Train Women for Rigor of Front Lines - WT

Army Sergeant Gets 30 Days in Battery of Soldier - S&S

The Truth About Military Cuts - NYT editorial


United States

Romney Wraps Rocky Trip Abroad - WP

Romney’s Trip a Bumpy Ride - WT

Defense Cuts, Layoff Notice Dispute Sets Off Tiff - AP

'Fast and Furious' Gun Case Doomed by Reckless Strategy - Reuters

DOD, VA Release Mobile App Targeting Post-traumatic Stress - AFPS

US Man Admits Plot to Support al-Shabab in Somalia - BBC

Romney’s Less-than-Successful Trip Abroad - WP editorial

Cybersecurity at Risk - NYT editorial

Lawmakers, Media are Duplicitous on Leaks - WP opinion

Anti-leaking Bill Doesn’t Address Real Sources of Information - WP opinion

Drones Kill Transnational Terrorists - WT opinion

Romney Needs New Foreign Policy Team - FP opinion


United Kingdom

Somali Twins Admit UK Terror Fundraising - AP

Military Pension Age Could Rise - BBC



Clinton to Promote Economic Growth, Democracy on Africa Trip - VOA

Security in Focus as Clinton Begins Africa Trip - Reuters

Clinton in Senegal on Africa Tour - BBC

Sudan: UN Renews Darfur Force, Cuts Troops - VOA

Sudan: Six Die in Darfur Price Protests - BBC

DR Congo: Tens of Thousands Flee North Kivu - VOA

Mali Government Condemns Islamist Executions in North - VOA

Mali Faces 'Human Rights Chaos' - BBC

2 Bombers Killed at Somalia Constitution Meeting - AP

Suicide Bombers Target Somali Constitution Conference - Reuters

West Africa: ‘Permanent Food Crisis’ in Sahel - BBC

Swaziland: Outside King’s Plush Halls, Streets Rise in Anger - NYT

Guinea-Bissau Drug Trade 'Rises' - BBC



Mexico Files Drug Charges Against 3 Generals - AP

Mexico Charges Generals Suspected of Drug Gang Ties - Reuters

US Worried by Organized Crime Attacks on Mexican Media - BBC

Gunmen Raid, Burn Mexico Magazine Printing Plant - AP

Colombian Rebel Chief Says He's Ready for Peace - AP

Colombia Cocaine Yield 'Down 25%' - BBC

With Brazil as Advocate, Venezuela Joins Trade Bloc - NYT

Venezuela Becomes Mercosur Trading Bloc Member - BBC

Spaniard in Jail Over Cuban Dissident Death - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

USPACOM Weighs Pre-Prepositioning Logistics for Disaster Response - AFPS

North Korea Squelches Hopes New Regime Will Bring Change - S&S

UN to Assess North Korea Floods - BBC

South Korea Repeats Call for China to Investigate Torture Claim - NYT

S. Korea Backs Activist Allegedly Tortured in China - AP

Asia Stocks Fall as China Manufacturing Slows - AP

China Protests US Sanctions Against Chinese Bank - AP

Chinese Politician's Wife Charmed and Threatened - AP

China, S. Korea Slam Japan's Claims Over Disputed Islands - Bloomberg

Japan's Pro-bomb Voices Rise as Nuke Power Debated - AP

Reactor Shutdown in South Korea Raises Blackout Fears - VOA

Philippines and Cambodia in South China Sea Row - BBC

Philippine Troops Rescue Hijacked Crewmen - AP

Buddhist Protesters Greet UN Rights Expert in Western Burma - VOA

Human Rights Watch Cites 'Atrocities' in Burma - AP

World Bank Set to Resume Aid to Burma - AP

Vietnam Protests Low Ranking in Conservation Report - VOA



Romney Wraps Up Three-Country Trip With Praise for Poland - VOA

Romney Praises Polish Spirit, Creativity in Warsaw - AP

Russia: Investigators Charge Alexei Navalny - AP

French Muslim Shoppers Demand Halal Foods - VOA

Bulgaria Releases Photo of Suicide Bomber - AP


South Asia

Power Is Restored Across India After Massive Blackout - NYT

Power Fully Restored Across India - BBC

Power Restored Across India After Historic Failure - AP

India: An Electrical Grid Is Pressed to Its Limit - NYT

Blackout Fuels Doubts About India’s Economic Ambitions - WP

China, India Prepare for Tussle - WAJ opinion