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31 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


Inspector General’s Report Criticizes Construction Projects - WP

Millions Lost on Afghan Projects - BBC

Report: Afghan Project Delays May Hurt Strategy - USAT

Afghanistan's Economy Seen as 'Not Sustainable' - S&S

Afghans Hopeful, But Worried About Future - VOA

DOD, U.S. Agencies Help Afghanistan Exploit Mineral Wealth - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistan to Push for Intelligence Sharing at US Talks - Reuters

Militant Group Poses Risk to US-Pakistan Relations - NYT

Taliban Happy Pakistan Reopened NATO Supply Line - AP



Thousands Flee Fighting in Syria's Aleppo - VOA

Top Diplomat Defects as Thousands Flee Aleppo - WP

Syrian and Rebel Forces Claim Gains in Nation’s Largest City - NYT

Rebels Inch Closer to Syria's Largest City - CNN

Aleppo Rebels Say They Stand Firm in 'Regime's Grave' - Reuters

Syria Army Steps Up Aleppo Attack - BBC

Panetta: Aleppo Attacks Might Spell End to Assad Government - VOA

Panetta: Syria Military Must Remain Intact When Assad Goes - Reuters

Syrian Diplomat Quits London Post - BBC

UN Mission Chief's Convoy Attacked in Syria - Reuters

Turkey Strengthens Forces on Syrian Border - NYT

France Plans New Security Council Push on Syria - VOA

Targeted in Syria Civil War, Iraqis Flee Back Home - AP

Escaping Syria to a Barren Plain - NYT

Way Forward in Syria Is Not via Iran - Commentary opinion



Panetta: All Options Open to Stop Iran’s Nuke Program - AFPS

Panetta Urges More Time for Economic Pressure on Iran to Work - NYT

Panetta Urges Time for Iran Sanctions - WP

Deal Struck to Tighten Sanctions Against Iran - AP

Key Lawmakers Reach Deal on New Iran Sanctions - Reuters

Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls Sanctions 'Ridiculous' - AP

Courts Rebuke Iran’s President With Sentences and Ally’s Firing - NYT

Four Sentenced to Death Over $2.6bn Iran Bank Fraud - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Romney Riles Palestinians With Digs at Culture, Economy - Reuters

Palestinians Slam 'Racist' Romney - BBC

Palestinians: Arafat Widow Seeks French 'Assassination' Probe - AP

Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Surrenders to Saudi Arabia Authorities - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Says Detained Shi'ite Cleric Mentally Imbalanced - Reuters

Iraq to be Cleared of Chemical Weapons - USAT

Gunmen Kill Local TV Journalist in Northern Iraq - AP

Nearly Half of Yemen Faces Hunger - VOA

Kidnapper of Italian Guard in Yemen Demands Ransom - AP

Clinton: Religious Freedom in Egypt 'Quite Tenuous' - Reuters

Egypt Court Move Suspends Constitution Row - Reuters

US Ready to Help Tunisia With Democracy, Panetta Says - AFPS

Mr. Romney Stumps in Israel - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Navy’s 30-year Shipbuilding Plan Underfunded by $94 Billion - S&S

Navy Taking Measures to Fill Undermanned At-Sea Billets - S&S

Guard, Reserve Training Expands - USAT

Holcomb Found Not Guilty of Negligent Homicide in Chen's Death - FO

Army Sergeant Acquitted of Negligent Homicide in Soldier's Suicide - Reuters

The Danger of Obama’s Inaction on Sequestration - WP opinion


United States

Anti-leak Measure Targets Background Briefings - WP

Assange's Mother Says US Bent on Extraditing WikiLeaks Founder - Reuters

Bill to Stop Security Leaks Puts a Plug on Democracy - WP editorial

The Highs and Lows of Romney's Foreign Trip - NPR opinion



Secretary of State Clinton Heads to Africa Tuesday - VOA

Islamist Group Executes Two in Northern Mali - VOA

Islamists in North Mali Stone Couple to Death - NYT

Uganda's Army Denies Supporting Congo Rebels - Reuters

Uganda Battles to Contain Ebola Outbreak - VOA

Ebola Confirmed in Uganda Capital - BBC

Senegal Inaugurates New Parliament - VOA



Venezuela Joins Trade Bloc Big on Politics, Protectionism - Reuters

Nicaragua: Folksinger Killers Laundered $1 Billion - AP

Colombia's Main Railway, Workers at Impasse Over Stuck Trains - Reuters

Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya's Death 'an Accident' - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

North Korea Denies Reform Effort - VOA

UN Visits North Korea After Heavy Rain, Floods - AP

N. Korea to Allow S. Koreans to Visit Troubled Resort - AP

Filming a North Korean Dream - NYT

China Criticizes US Report on Religious Freedom - AP

Japan Flags China Military's Policy Role as Potential Risk - Reuters

Japan's Military: Well-Armed but Untested in Battle - Reuters

Japan Pro-Bomb Voices Grow Louder Amid Nuke Debate - AP

Philippines to Bid Out Disputed South China Sea Oil, Gas Blocks - Reuters

Mother of Vietnamese Blogger 'Burns Herself to Death' - BBC

Burma Rejects UN Criticism of Riot Response - VOA

UN Envoy Visits Site of Burma Ethnic Clashes - AP



New Calls for Action on the Euro - BBC

European Officials Again Consider Measures to Save the Euro - WP

Italy PM Calls Confidence Vote on Spending Cuts - Reuters

Italy President Urges Speedy Electoral Reform - Reuters

Radical Cleric to Launch New Bid for Release in UK - AP

Russia to Get Stronger Nuclear Navy, Putin Says - Reuters

Musicians on Trial Over Crude Anti-Putin Song in Moscow Cathedral - NYT

Russia Rock Band Trial Seen as Gauge of Kremlin Will - VOA

Jailed Punk Rockers Plead Not Guilty in Moscow - VOA

Russia: Pussy Riot Punk Band Deny Protest Charges - BBC

Russian Liberals Debate Leaving, But Outside Connections Vilified - WP

After Bus Bombing, Bulgaria’s Ties With Israel Are at Risk - NYT

Romania President Survives Vote - BBC

Romania President Survives Ouster Bid in Low-Turnout Vote - NYT

Romney Hailing US-Polish Ties in Visit to Warsaw - AP


South Asia

Massive Indian Power Failure Puts 300 Million in the Dark - WP

Massive Power Failure Hits India - BBC

India's Northern and Eastern Power Grids Fail - AP

Power Restored to Most of North India - NYT

India Orders Probe of Deadly Andhra Pradesh Train Blaze - BBC