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24 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Deadly Rocket Attacks Straining Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations - S&S

Cross-border Shelling Raises Tension - WP

Source: Afghan Policeman Kills 3 Americans - CNN

US, Afghan Officials Say American Civilian Killed - AP

Afghan Security Forces Say Major Hotel Attack Foiled - Reuters

Afghan Cabinet Raises Concern About Mining Legislation - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Aid with Strings for Afghanistan - JT editorial



US Missiles Kill 9 Suspected Militants in Pakistan - AP

US Drone Kills 12 Suspected Militants in Pakistan - Reuters

Gunmen Attack NATO Convoy in Pakistan, 1 Killed - AP

Can Pakistan Be Saved? - TET opinion

What's Working in Pakistan - CNN opinion



Syrian Rebels Still Hopeful as Govt Regains Initiative in Damascus - WP

US Shifting Syria Focus From UN Diplomacy to Aiding Rebels - Reuters

EU Tightens Embargo on Syria - VOA

European Union Tightens Sanctions on Syria - NYT

Arab Leaders Call on Assad to Step Down - VOA

Putin Urges Syria Talks, Signals No Shift - Reuters

UK Report Accuses Syria of Targeting Children - VOA

A Syrian Town's 'Street of Death' - CNN

Bread Queues, Destruction as War Comes to Damascus - AP

Fighting in Syria's 2nd City Persists Overnight - AP

DOD Warns Syria Against Use of Chemical Weapons - AFPS

Syria Says Chemical Arms Reserved for Attack From Abroad - NYT

Syria Pledge on Chemical Weapons - BBC

Syria Says Could Use Chemical Arms Against Foreigners - Reuters

Factbox-Syria's Chemical Weapons Arsenal - Reuters

Syrian Refugee Numbers Rise, Plan Needed, EU Says - Reuters

Turkish Forces Put Down Riots in Two Syrian Refugee Camps - VOA

Iraqis Flee Syria as Former Safe Haven Descends Into Conflict - Reuters

Iraqi PM Orders All Borders Open to Syria Refugees - Reuters

Toothless UN Fails in Syria - TS editorial

How Will History Judge Obama on Syria? - FPI opinion

In Syria, the Big Powers Play Hardball - G&M opinion

As Syria Totters, Russia and China Shudder - Forbes opinion

Preparing for al-Assad's Exit - CNN opinion

Media Distorts Syria's Civil War - FP opinion

The Truth of the Houla Massacre - DS opinion



Wave of Bombings, Shootings Hit Iraq - VOA

Iraqi Insurgents Kill at Least 100 After Declaring Offensive - NYT

Multiple Bombings Bring Death to Iraq - BBC

Iraq Attacks Raise Specter of al-Qaeda’s Return - WP

Attacks Bring Iraq's Deadliest Day in 2 Years - AP

At Least 100 Killed in Iraq in Wave of Attacks - WP

Iraq Death Toll From Wave of Violence Rises to 115 - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Returns Sanction Fight to Gulf Shipping Lanes - AP

Iran Arrests Suspects in 2011 Killing of Nuclear Scientist - CNN

Israel Seeks Army Use of West Bank Area - WP

Israeli Police Investigating Settlement Land Deal - AP

Minister: Bulgaria Bomb Won't Stop Israeli Travel - AP

Yemen Airstrikes Kill at Least 5 Militants - AP

Jordan King's Treads Delicate Line on Reform - AP

Egypt Allowing Palestinians Freer Entry - AP

Israel Too Small to Deter Iran - NYDN opinion

Obama Backing Islamists in Egypt - JP opinion


US Department of Defense

Navy Charges Worker with Arson in $400M Fire on USS Miami - PPH

Military Stands Ready if Needed at Political Conventions - TT

Mandatory Reverse Boot Camp will Prepare Troops to Leave Military - S&S

NY Chinese-Americans Decry Soldier's Death - AP

Active, Reserve Forces Meet Recruiting Goals Through June - AFPS


United States

WikiLeaks Documents in Plain Sight, but Still Classified - NYT

4.8M US Employees Have Access to Nation's Secrets - AP

New US Unit Reviewing Trade Barriers in About 6 Nations - Reuters

Colorado Massacre Suspect Makes Court Appearance - VOA


United Kingdom

G4S Replaced for Newcastle Olympic Security - AP

Olympic Opener Will Be Spectacular but Not Secret - AP

Protecting Israel at the Olympic Games - JP editorial



Africans Urge China to Help Create Sustainable Development - VOA

South Sudan Makes New Peace Offer to Sudan - VOA

South Sudan Offers Khartoum $3bn - BBC

South Sudan Offers to Resume Oil Production - AP

DR Congo Official Applauds US Aid Cut to Rwanda - VOA

Malian Militias Unite to 'Liberate the North' - VOA

EU Deal Over Zimbabwe Sanctions - BBC

Somalia: Al-Shabab Executes Three Militants for Western Spying - VOA

Madagascar 'Mutiny Leader Killed' - BBC

Witnesses Implicate Ivory Coast Dozos in Attack - AP

Are Children Inhibiting Africa's Growth? - DW opinion

Extending the Fight Against Aids - WP opinion



Mexico's Pena Nieto Backs Stronger Trade Ties With Asia - Reuters

Mexico Party Demands Campaign Probe on Leftist - AP

Venezuela: A Mausoleum Built for Bolivar but Worthy of Chavez - AP

Peru's Humala Picking Human Rights Lawyer to Lead Cabinet - Reuters

Cuban Lawmakers Meet to Consider Castro's Reforms - AP

Cuba Dissidents Mourn Activist Killed in Car Crash - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Carter Describes Asia-Pacific Strategy in New Delhi - AFPS

Philippines to Boost Defense, Won't Yield to China - AP

Filipino Rebels Say Police Attack Endangers Truce - AP

China Sends Troops to Disputed Islands - NYT

Tiny China Island Dubbed New City in Sea Claim Bid - AP

US National Security Adviser Visits China - AP

Chinese Commentators Dispute Japan’s Claim to Okinawa - WP

Protests Greet Arrival of Controversial Ospreys in Japan - S&S

Japan Says No Flights Until Osprey Confirmed Safe - AP

Japanese Panel Spreads Blame for Fukushima Disaster - VOA

Inquiry Sees Chaos in Evacuations After Japan Tsunami - NYT

US Military Participates for First Time in Japan Quake Exercise - S&S

South Korean Broadcasting Official to Visit Pyongyang - VOA

Broadcasting Official in N. Korea for Olympics Talks - AP

Indonesian to Join Multinational Combat Drills in Australia - VOA

China Itching for a Fight with Japan - CP opinion

China Failing Test of Economic Vision - JT opinion



New Officer Course Focuses on Multinational Command Leadership - S&S

Cyprus Court Detains Israel Attack Plot Suspect - Reuters

Cyprus: Terror Suspect Similarity with Bulgaria - AP

Putin's Recipe for Disaster in Russia - MT opinion


South Asia

Carter’s India Visit to Focus on Defense Cooperation - AFPS

Carter Urges Closer US-India Defense Cooperation - AFPS

India Struggles to Control Deadly Assam Riots, Hamlets Razed - Reuters

80 Homes Burned as Northeast India Groups Clash - AP

India's Military Comes of Age - Flashpoints opinion

Why India Is Paralyzed - TH opinion