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23 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


Top Afghans Tied to ’90s Carnage, Researchers Say - NYT

Allen: 2012 US Troop Drawdown Halfway Done  - AP

'Sticky Bombs,' ala Iraq, Now Appearing in Afghanistan - S&S

Eight Killed in Deadly 24 Hours for NATO in Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan 'Kills Foreign Trainers' - BBC

5 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan - AP

Rockets Fired From Pakistan Pound Villages In Afghanistan - NYT

NATO Trucks Remain Stalled in Pakistan’s Southern Port - VOA

Afghan Social Media War Steps Up With New Campaign - Reuters

Afghanistan Maps Natural Mineral Resources - VOA

UN, Clerics Urge Afghan Peace During Ramadan - VOA

Lost Boys of Bagram Still Live in Prison's Shadow - Reuters



Syria’s Largest Cities Rocked by Clashes - WP

Both Sides Claim Progress as Violence Continues in Cities - NYT

Syrian Clashes Home in on Crucial City - CNN

Syria Rebels' Gains in Damascus Surprise Even Them - LAT

Rebels Face Heavy Shelling in Syrian Capital - AJ

Fresh Clashes Rock Syria Cities - BBC

Activists: Syrian Helicopters Strike Damascus - VOA

Assad's Forces Overrun Two Damascus Districts - Reuters

Defector: Rebels Seize Syrian Army Infantry School - Reuters

Syrian Forces Execute 20 Unarmed Men in Damascus - Reuters

Syria Crisis Spills Over into Lebanon - VOA

What Would Assad's Fall Mean for Lebanon? - VOA

Britain Vows to Support Syrian Opposition - VOA

Israel: Assad Still in Damascus and Retains Army's Loyalty - Reuters

Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Deal with Syrian Chemical Weapons - VOA

Israel Leader Ready to Act to Secure Syria Arsenal - AP

Netanyahu: Hezbollah May Get Chemical Arms if Assad Folds - Reuters

World Braces for Fallout from Syria - SMH editorial

How Long Can the Syrian Regime Last? - Economist editorial

Bet on More Violence in Syria - Slate opinion

Battle for Syria Is a Battle for the Mideast - Guardian opinion

Syria Marks the End of Colonialism - DS opinion

No Sanctuary for Assad - WS opinion

Sectarianism Divides Syria's Rebels - TI opinion

What We Know, and Don't, About Syria - CNN opinion

Life During Wartime - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Official: Iran Can Produce Nuclear Fuel for Ships - AP

Iran Adds Batch of Fuel to Reactor - Reuters

Al Qaeda: We’re Returning to Old Iraq Strongholds - AP

Car Bombings Kill Dozens in Iraq - VOA

Wave of Deadly Bombings hits Iraq - BBC

18 Killed in Sundown Bombings in 2 Iraqi Towns - AP

Israel Alert for Attacks Abroad, Eyeing Olympics - AP

Fresh Israeli Immolation Protest - BBC

Senior Yemen Army Officer Survives Roadside Bomb - Reuters

Egypt Allowing Palestinians Entry Without Permits - AP

Morsi Faces Economic Challenges Amid Textile Strikes in Egypt - WP

Egypt President: 1952 Coup Fell Short on Democracy - AP

Gunmen Free Libya Olympic Chief - BBC

Hold Iran Accountable for Terror - WP editorial

Obama Must Better Navigate Perils of Arab Spring - NYDN editorial

Israel’s Embattled Democracy - NYT editorial

The Mythical Islamist Tide - TNI opinion

Regime Change Needs to be Endgame for Iran - WT opinion

The Muslim Brothers Worry the Saudis - FP opinion

So Much for Obama's "Asia Pivot" - WPR opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Has to Fight to Purchase Lauded IED Buster - WT

Army Destroyed Buried Bombs Detection Report - WT

Marine Corps Creates Law Enforcement Battalions - AP

Trial of Soldiers Accused of Hazing Pvt. Chen Draws National Interest - TFO

A Spiteful New Policy at Guantánamo Bay - NYT editorial


United States

Privacy Rights Violated by Intelligence Agencies, Official Says - WP

Officials Admit Surveillance has Crossed Legal Threshold at Times - AP

Bill Would Clip Wings of Private Drone Use - WT

Colorado Shooting Claims Lives of Sailor, Airman - AFPS

The Spy Hunt for Whistle-Blowers - NYT editorial

The Moral Hazard of Drones - NYT opinion

Does Obama Have a Foreign Policy Edge? - Commentary opinion

Fast and Furious Stonewalling Looks Like Guilt - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain Vows to Support Syrian Opposition - VOA

Britain Will Be the Winner of the London Olympics - Telegraph editorial



US Cuts Military Aid to Rwanda - VOA

West African Defense Chiefs Meet Over Mali Crisis  - VOA

Famine Danger Continues in Parts of Somalia - VOA

Somali Militants Execute 3 Said to Inform CIA, MI6 - AP

Somalia's Al Shabaab Executes Three of Its Own for Treason - Reuters

Sudan Wants S. Sudan Deal but Pins Impasse on Juba - Reuters

Madagascar 'Quells Army Mutiny' - BBC

Madagascar Army Quells Mutiny, Kills Rebel Leader - Reuters

Blast Near North Nigeria Beer Garden Kills Boy - AP

What the Islamist Takeover in Mali Really Means - TNR opinion



Latin America’s Elected Authoritarians - WP

Thousands March in Mexico Against Election Results - AP

Mexicans in New Election Protest - BBC

Colombian Rebels Blow Up Cano-Limon Oil Pipeline - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Says Opponent, Romney Share Agenda - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Will Not Stop Taking Over Airwaves - AP

'Crash Kills Top Cuban Dissident' - BBC

Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Dies in Car Crash - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Scandal, Economy, Unrest Mar China's Leader Change - AP

China to Formally Garrison Disputed South China Sea - Reuters

China: Heavy Rains Blamed for at Least 37 Deaths in Beijing - NYT

US Osprey Aircraft Arrive in Japan Amid Protests - AP

Japan Begins Radiation Inquiry - AP

Carter Meets With Officials in Thailand - AFPS

Leaf for Drug Cocktail Adds to Thailand’s Woes - NYT

Burma's President Visits Thailand - VOA



Greek PM: Country’s Plight Like US Great Depression - VOA

Sicily’s Fiscal Problems Threaten to Swamp Italy - NYT

3 Face Negligence Charges in Reaction to Russia Flood - NYT

Norway Remembers Victims of Bomb, Shooting Attacks - AP


South Asia

In Pakistan and India, Hopes for Cricket Diplomacy Take Hold - WP

India's Mukherjee Claims Presidential Poll Victory - VOA

Congress Veteran Wins Indian Presidency - BBC

Political Veteran Elected as India’s President - NYT

Carter’s India Visit to Focus on Defense Cooperation - AFPS


Regarding the USMC Law Enforcement battalions.....sounds like a good idea and not surprising coming from the Marine Corps with its history of dealing with small wars, like running the Haitian gendarmerie in the 1920s.

Some in the Army have advocated reactivating Constabulary groups to execute similiar missions but to no avail. Seems like the Marines are preparing for threats we will likely face versus the ones we want to face.