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18 July SWJ Roundup

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*Note: No SWJ Daily Roundup 19-20 July*


Computer Analysis Predicted Rises, Ebbs in Afghanistan Violence - LAT

22 NATO Supply Trucks Destroyed in Afghanistan - AP

Court Convicts Afghan Soldier in Attack on Allies - NYT

Afghan Soldier Sentenced to Death for Killing 4 French Troops - AP

Bagram Detainees Want to Use US Constitution to Argue for Release - McClatchy

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,910 -AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Obama’s Wartime Negligence Aids GOP - WT opinion

Foolhardy Predictions of Afghan Civil War - TD opinion



Pakistan to US: Replace Drones with Jets - AP

US, Pakistan Close to Signing NATO Supply Deal - AP

US House Urges Adding Haqqani Group to Terrorist List - Reuters

Taliban Bans Polio Vaccine for Kids - CNN

Pakistan: Gunmen Attack WHO Team in Karachi - VOA

Gunmen Attack UN Polio Doctor in Pakistan - NYT

The Looming US-Pakistan Catastrophe - NI opinion



Syria Hardens Its Response to Rebels in Damascus Clashes - NYT

Rebel Forces Appear to Gain Ground in Syria - WP

Syrian Rebels Claim Advances - VOA

'Suicide Attack' on Security Building in Damascus - BBC

Syrian Rebels Start 'Liberate Damascus' Operation - Reuters

Battles Rage in Damascus - VOA

Terrified Syrians Pack Up to Flee Capital - WT

Fighting Spikes in Damascus as UN to Vote on Syria - AP

UN Warns Syria Combatants Over 'War Crime' - AJ

Putin, Annan Meet on Syria Crisis - AP

Ban Visits China Ahead of Security Council Showdown on Syria - VOA

Hollande: Syrian General Who Defected in Paris - AP

Syria's Assad Trusts Inner Circle in Fight for Survival - Reuters

For Refugees Who Fled With Nothing, Wait Seems Endless - WP

Iraq Tells Its Citizens in Syria to Return Home - Reuters

Massacre Images Smuggled Out of Syria - CNN



Americans Favor Diplomacy Over Military Action Almost 4 to 1- TA

Iran Admits Sanctions are Hurting - AP


Middle East / North Africa

No Warning Before US Attack in Gulf, Witness Says - VOA

US Offers Condolences to India Over Fatal Navy Shooting in Gulf - LAT

Pentagon: 20 Nations Plan Exercise in Mideast - AP

Middle East Exercise Focus on Seaborne Mine Countermeasures - VOA

DOD: Middle East Minesweeping Exercise Set for September - AFPS

Unity Government in Israel Disbanding Over Dispute on Draft - NYT

Kadima Party Quits Israeli Government - BBC

Israel Creates Settler University - BBC

US Blacklists Bahraini al-Qaida Trainer - AP

Egypt Intelligence Agency Tries to Reclaim Image - AP

In Egypt, Beards Appear Where Once Banned - WP

Liberal Success in Libya Election - BBC

Libya Election Results Put Liberal Alliance First - AP

Libya's Jibril Beats Islamists in Vote, No Majority - Reuters

UK Officers in Libya to Investigate 1984 Shooting - AP

Tunisian President in France to Repair Ties - VOA

Tunisian Leader Promises Ben Ali Fair Trial, Safety - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Military Has to Fight to Purchase Lauded IED Buster - WT

DOD Officials Explain Sequestration Danger - AFPS

Sequestration Threatens FY 2013 Funds, Official Says - AFPS

Dempsey: Forming Partnerships Vital for Future Force - AFPS

New Acquisition Chief Describes Goals, Challenges - AFPS

Legal Tussle Unfolds in Case Against Cole Suspect - WT

Guantanamo Judge Won't Step Down in USS Cole Bomb Case - Reuters

Ex-Navy SEAL Gets Nearly 18 Years in Weapons Case - AP


United States

Senators Debate Security of Electricity Grid - WT

Obama Picks Diplomats for Afghanistan and Pakistan - NYT

GSA Chief Freezes New Hiring, Reins in Bonuses for Execs - WP

HSBC Used by 'Drug Kingpins', Says US Senate - BBC

Coast Guard Complains of Hoax Distress Calls - AP

Needles Found in Delta Air Lines On-board Sandwiches - BBC

Obama's Rollover Foreign Policy - WS opinion

Spies, Lies and the New York Times - WT opinion

The US Will be Lost Without LOST - WT opinion

America’s LOST Sovereignty - WT opinion


United Kingdom

As Olympics Loom, So Do Problems - WP

Olympic Security: Should London be Worried? - CNN

Olympic Security: A 'Humiliating Shambles' - VOA

Olympics Organizers Insist Early Woes Are Minor - AP

British Parliament Investigates Shortfall in Olympics Security - NYT

G4S Hurts Its Future With Olympic Contract Debacle - AP

British Soldiers Swap Afghanistan for Olympic Duty - AP


United Nations

Israeli Named to Top UN Post - WP



China Touts Relations With Africa Amid Grumbling - AP

Dlamini-Zuma Sworn in as First Female Leader of the AU - VOA

UN: Somali Refugees Surpass One Million in Horn of Africa - VOA

Somali Anger at Corruption Report - BBC

Somali Pirate Kingpins Enjoy 'Impunity' - Reuters

Jihadists’ Fierce Justice Drives Thousands to Flee Mali - NYT

Mali Journalists Stage 'News Blackout' - VOA

Nigeria: Lagos Demolishes Slums on Water - BBC

Equatorial Guinea: UNESCO Awards Controversial Obiang Prize - VOA

Street Kid Associations Helping At-Risk Youth in Kenya - VOA



Venezuela Sees 'Increasing Abuse of Power' - BBC

Indians Drag Colombian Soldiers Off Hilltop - AP

Arrests Over Chile Military Death - BBC

Wired to Fight Fear in Mexico - WP opinion

Five Signs Obama is Losing Latin America - WT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

As China Talks of Change, Fear Rises on Risks - NYT

Rising China Star Set for Key Promotion - Reuters

N. Korea Promotes Leader Kim Jong Eun to Top Military Rank - WP

North Korea Shift Seen as Curb on Military - NYT

North Korea's Kim Named Marshal - BBC

North Korean Leader Cements Control Over Army - Reuters

North Korea's Military Shake-up - CNN

Analysis: Signs Emerge Kim Leading N. Korea His Way - AP

Philippines Wary of Chinese Fishing Boats Near Spratlys - VOA

Thai, Cambodian Troops Withdraw From Disputed Area - AP

Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi to Accept Award in US - VOA

Burma's Suu Kyi Plans Trip to US in September - AP



Russia Trade Deal: US Plans Sanctions for Human Rights Abuses - NYT

US, Russia Try to Reset and Retrench - WP

Spy Vs. Spy: Wiretapping on the Increase in Russia - VOA

Economic Gloom in Europe Barely Touches Proud Poland - NYT

Greece Again in a Tough Spot - WP

Russia’s Summer of Idealism - NYT opinion


South Asia

India’s Next Top Man - NYT opinion


I have question about the suicide bombing in Syria today that killed a number of high ranking people. It may be that the group that pulled off that attack will gain status within the rebellion. Also history seems to show that groups that use suicide bombers are very unsavory. Do people think that assumption and observation are valid and if they are, is that suicide bombing an indication of good things happening or bad things happening?