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14 July SWJ Roundup

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David Ignatius - WP Columnist


Bomb Kills Provincial Women’s Affairs Chief in Afghanistan - LAT

Female Afghan Politician Killed - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills 22, Wounds 40 at Afghan Wedding - Reuters

Well-Known Afghan Commander Among Dead in Wedding Blast - AP

7 Officials in Afghan Investment Agency Quit, Protesting Graft - NYT

Locklear Lauds Australia’s Commitment, Sacrifice in Afghanistan - AFPS

Face of Defense: Marine Earns Silver Star for Valor - AFPS

Face of Defense: Mine Detection Dogs Clear Afghan Roads - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

From Bad to Worse in Afghanistan - CT opinion



Reports of Massacre, Scores Dead, Draw Swift Condemnations - McClatchy

Syria Massacre Part of Air Force Operation - Reuters

Outrage Mounts Over Syria Massacre - VOA

Syrian Army Attack on Tremseh Condemned by World Leaders - BBC

World Outrage at Syria 'Massacre', but No Action - Reuters

Clinton Says Syrian Government ‘Murdered’ Civilians in Village - WP

Clinton: Syria Massacre Reports Indicate Deliberate Murder - Reuters

UN Blames Regime Forces for Syria Massacre - AP

Fresh From Syria, Rebel Commanders Unite in Frustration - NYT

US: Defections Weakening Syrian Government - VOA

UN Chief Threatens 'Consequences' in Syria Deaths - AP

A Syrian Defector’s Odyssey - WP

UN Expects to Provide Food to 850,000 Syrians - AP

Syria Moving Parts of Chemical Arsenal, US Says - NYT

Wary of Rebels and Chaos, Syria Moves Chemical Weapons - Reuters

Pentagon: Syrian Chemical Weapons Appear Secure - AFPS

Turkish Military Tries to Dispel Speculation Over Downed Jet - Reuters

End the Charade in Syria - WP editorial

How to Save Syria - WP opinion

How Long Can al-Assad Hang On? - CNN opinion

Syria's Detached and Deluded Elite? - CNN opinion

Syria a 'Cockpit' for Proxy Wars - DM opinion

Pressure Valve Blows for Syrian Defections - CNN opinion



US Slaps More Sanctions on Iran - VOA

US Tightens Sanctions on Tehran - BBC

Aging Airliner Fleet Seen as Faltering Under US Sanctions - NYT

Iran Reports: War Games Showed Missile Accuracy - AP

Justice Probe Nets Iran Nuclear Procurement Ring - WP

US: 2 Charged with Trying to Export Material to Iran - AP

US Indicts Iranian, Chinese for Nuclear Export Plot - Reuters



Clinton's Visit to Egypt: Premature or the Push Cairo Needs? - CNN

Egypt’s New President Is Being Undercut by State-Run Media - NYT

Mursi Seeks Talks on Egypt Crisis - BBC

Islamic Militants Gain Foothold in Egyptian Desert - WP

Egypt Captor Holding 2 US Citizens Vows More Abductions - AP

The Egyptian Mess - LAT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Government Auditors Say Billions Wasted in Iraq Work - AP

Iraqi Interpreter for Military Gets a US Visa - LAT

UN: Attacks Harm Yemen Politics - BBC

Gaza Strike Kills Hamas Militant - BBC

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brunei to Send Women to Olympics - VOA

Saudi Women to Compete in Games - BBC

Jordan Islamists to Boycott Poll - BBC

Egypt and Tunisia's Leaders Meet Post-Revolt - AP

Tunisian Revolution Hero's Mother Arrested - Reuters

Reading the Arab Spring Elections - NYP opinion

What Do Arabs Think of Their Democracies? - FP opinion

The Arab World's Nation-Building Problem - Contentions opinion

Libya Debut Bucks Regional Trend - TN opinion


US Department of Defense

Budget Cuts Could Threaten Special Operations Innovation - DN

Media Organizations Oppose Guantanamo Hearing Closure - S&S

Nuclear Deterrence Vital in Complex World, General Says - AFPS

DOD Must Have Petroleum Fuel Alternatives, Official Says - AFPS

Report: Troops Open to Increased Pay Now, Health-Care Fees Later - S&S

Historic Exhibit Depicts Pentagon Life Over the Years - AFPS

Dempsey Welcomes National Defense University’s New President - AFPS


United States

Former Captain of USS Cole Critical of US Reaction - VOA

Sept. 11 Case Delay Sought for Muslim Holy Month - AP

US Diplomats Seek Changes to Insider Trading Rule - AP

Transportation Security Administration Expands Pre-Check Program - AFPS

Program Seeks Cost-saving Ideas from Federal Workforce - AFPS

Vet Convicted Under Stolen Valor Act Doesn't Want Record Cleared - FWST

Debate in Congress, Public over US Olympic Uniforms Made in China - WP

Immigrants: Legal, Illegal or Other? - WP opinion

What If There Is No Al-Qaeda? Preparing For Future Terrorism - FPRI opinion


United Kingdom

Olympics Security: G4S 'Set to Lose £50m' - BBC

The Khaki Games? UK Military Bridges Olympics Gap - AP

Olympics Chief Defends Using Troops for Games - AP

London Olympics: RAF Has 'Lethal Force Option' - BBC

N. Ireland Riot: Twenty Police Officers Hurt - BBC

Shots Fired at Police During "Anarchy" in Belfast - Reuters



USPACOM Chief Calls Australia Key Player in Regional Security - AFPS

US Commander Warns Australia on Defense Spending Cuts - SMH

Locklear Lauds Australia’s Commitment, Sacrifice in Afghanistan - AFPS



Pastor Blames Islamic Extremism for Nigeria Violence - VOA

Suicide Bomber Attacks Mosque in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Bomber Targets Mosque in Nigeria - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 at Northeast Nigerian Mosque - Reuters

Sect Attack Claim Complicates Nigeria Crisis - AP

AU Troops Recover Stolen Relief Food in Somalia - VOA

Ethiopia Jails Journalists, Activists for 'Terrorism' - VOA

Ethiopian Blogger Given 18 Years - BBC

DR Congo Lawmaker: Government Has Failed to Protect Citizens - VOA

ICC Issues Congo Arrest Warrants - BBC

DR Congo: UN Helicopter Gunship Fires on M23 Rebels - BBC

International Outrage Grows over Destruction of Mali Shrines - CNN

Northern Malians Protest Strict Islamic Law - VOA

Masked Gunmen Kidnap, Assault Malian Publisher - AP

Leaders in Ivory Coast Resume Reconciliation Talks - AP

'Warrant' for Equatorial Guinea Head's Son - BBC

French Arrest Warrant for Equatorial Guinea VP -AP

View Reveals Angola’s Wealth Gap - WP

Al-Qaeda Tightens Its Grip on Africa - DT opinion



US Report: Mexico Should Focus on Cops, Not Military - CNN

Mexico Runner-up Contests Result - BBC

Mexico’s ‘Unpresentable’ Legislators - WP

US-Mexico 'Drugs Tunnels' Found - BBC

US-Mexico Border Tunnel Nets 40 Tons of Pot - AP

In Venezuela, Extreme Home Makeover: Chávez Edition - NYT

Chavez: Venezuela Is No Threat, Obama Is a 'Good Guy' - Reuters

Brazil Police Raid Amazon Miners - BBC

Brazil Shootings Leave Eight Dead - BBC

Guatemala Frees Colonel Convicted in Bishop Slaying - AP

Miami-Cuba Cargo Shipments Resume - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Is China's Economy Headed for Slowdown? - VOA

China's Growth Rate Slows to 7.6% - BBC

Facing a Slowing Economy, China Turns to American Exports - NYT

China Concludes That Dissident Committed Suicide - NYT

ASEAN Concludes, Exposing South China Sea Rifts - VOA

Images Show Ramped-up work at North Korea Reactor - CNN

N. Korea: Nuclear Weapons Needed to Counter US Threat - DN

It's still 'My Way' or the Highway Under North Korea's Kim - AP

Clinton Meets Burma's President - VOA

Clinton Meets Burmese President - BBC

Clinton Meets Burma’s President - WP

Burma: Clinton Talks with Reformist President - AP

Burma’s Leader Invites US Businesses to Return - NYT

Clinton Discusses Investment, Debt in Cambodia - VOA

Thailand Court Backs Government's Reform Plans - VOA

Thailand Court Rejects Petitions Against Constitutional Change - BBC

Thailand Court Averts Clash Over Constitution - NYT

S. Korea: US Soldier Escapes Jail Time in Brothel Fire - S&S

How Much Power Does China's Army Have? - TD opinion

While Tibetans Burn - WP opinion



CJCS Dempsey Meets With Russian Counterpart at Pentagon - AFPS

Russia approves new curbs on NGOs - WP

Russia NGO 'Agents' Bill Approved - BBC

Russia Speeds Law on Rights Groups, Snubbing US - Reuters

Russian Law Would Place Tougher Restrictions on Nonprofits - NYT

Turkish Fashion Magazine Targets Female Islamic Professionals - VOA

Turkish Court Frees Activists Accused of Kurdish Ties - Reuters

Bosnian Serb Mladic's Trial Halted Because of His Health - AP

US Army's Only Garrison in Netherlands Cases Colors - AP

Romania Govt Pushes Ahead With Campaign Against President - Reuters

Cyprus Police Detain Terrorism Suspect - AP

Repression in Romania - WP editorial

Europe in Most Danger Since 1930s - DT opinion


South Asia

Foreign Investment in India Slows - VOA

In Pakistan, Vigilantism on the Rise - WP

Pakistan Judges Give PM Two Weeks to Pursue Zardari Case - BBC

Defining the Future of Sri Lanka - WP

Former Tamil Tiger Snipers Join Sri Lanka Shooting Team - BBC

Our High-Maintenance Relationship with Pakistan - WP opinion