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9 July SWJ Roundup

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Afghanistan Designated Major US Ally - VOA

US Grants Special Ally Status to Afghanistan - NYT

Clinton Declares Afghanistan a Major non-NATO Ally - WP

US, Pakistan, Afghanistan Call on Taliban to Join Reconciliation - VOA

Peace Talks Spawn Violent Taliban Splinter Groups - AP

$16 Billion Pledged to Afghanistan, With Caveat - NYT

International Donors Pledge $16bn in Aid to Afghanistan - WP

Donors Pledge $16bn in Afghan Aid - BBC

Afghanistan Promises to Fight Corruption as Donors Pledge Billions - VOA

Corruption in Afghanistan Still a Problem - WP

Afghan Official’s Big Job: Clean Up Banking Scandal - WP

Obama to Ask for Civilian Afghan Aid Through 2017 - S&S

US Troops Score Win Against IEDs in Afghanistan - AP

Roadside Bombs Kill Dozens in Afghanistan - CNN

Bombs, Clashes Kill 35 Including Seven NATO Soldiers - Reuters

US NATO Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb - BBC

NATO: 6 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan - AP

14 Afghan Civilians Die in Twin blasts - WP

Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Policemen - AP

Video: Taliban Shoot Woman in Public Execution as Men Cheer - CNN

In Video of Execution, Reign of Taliban Recalled - NYT

Taliban Publicly Execute Woman Near Kabul - Reuters

Locals Vow Revenge for Afghan Woman's Execution - Reuters

The Afghan Air War - NYT video

Is the Afghan War Doomed? - WP book review / opinion

Will Afghanistan and Pakistan Go to War? - FP / SWJ opinion

Paying the Price in Afghanistan - Commentary opinion



Clinton's 'Sorry' Unlikely to Stop Pakistan’s Support of Insurgents - S&S

Clinton Looks for Better US-Pakistani Cooperation - AP

Clinton Says US, Pakistan Ties Still Raise Tough Questions - Reuters

Hardline Islamists Lead Thousands in Protest Against NATO Supply Line - AP

Pakistan Shuns Physicist Linked to 'God Particle' - AP



UN Envoy Annan in Syria for Talks With Assad - VOA

Clinton Says Assad's Days Are Numbered - VOA

Clinton: With Defections, Syrian Regime's 'Days are Numbered' - CNN

Assad Says US 'Destabilizing Syria' - BBC

Syria's Assad Rejects Comparison With Egypt, Libya - AP

Syria's Assad Says Annan Peace Plan Must Not Fail - Reuters

Annan Arrives in Damascus, Syria Tests Missiles - Reuters

Syria Launches Large-Scale Military Exercises - VOA

Syrian Military Holds Exercises in Show of Force - AP

NATO Tying Turkey's Hands on Syria - TN opinion



Morsi Orders Egyptian Parliament to Reconvene - VOA

Egypt’s President Orders Return of Parliament - NYT

Morsi Moves to Restore Islamist Parliament - WP

Egypt President Reinstates MPs - BBC

Egypt's President Reconvenes Dissolved Parliament - AP

Egypt's Generals Meet on Recall of Parliament - AP

Egypt Army Meets to Discuss Presidential Decree - Reuters

Egyptian Military Still a Revered Institution - WP

For Egypt’s Leaders, Jobs are First Priority - WP

Egypt's Morsi to Make Saudi Arabia His First Foreign Visit - VOA

Obama Invites Egypt's Islamist Leader to US - Reuters

A Do-over with Egypt - WP opinion

Is Morsi Confronting Egypt's Generals? - Time opinion



Coalition Led by Pro-Western Official Claims Lead in Libya - NYT

Libya’s Election Blow to Islamist Rise in Arab Spring Wake - AP

Libya's Jibril Calls for Grand Coalition - Reuters


Middle East

Arab Spring Highlights International Court Flaws - NYT

Book: Israeli Spies Behind Iran Assassinations - AP

Premier Vows Exemptions in Israel Draft Will Change - NYT

Israeli PM Promises Military Draft Reform After Protest - CNN

Israeli Likud Backs Conscript Law - BBC

Israel Moves to End Religious Military Exemptions - Reuters

Israel to Bring Remaining Ethiopian Jews by 2014 - AP

Palestinians: Abbas to Visit Iran for International Conference - AP

Bombing in Central Iraq Kills Six - BBC

Iran Says Diplomat Target of German Smear Campaign - AP

Saudi Police Arrest Prominent Shi'ite Muslim Cleric - Reuters

Saudi Officials Arrest Radical Shiite Cleric - AP

Influential Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Dies - AP

Yemeni Soldiers Free Officer They Abducted - Reuters

Limits to Iran Sanctions - WP opinion

Message to Iraq: Pull Back from the Brink - JP opinion


United Nations

A Treaty on Conventional Arms - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Troops Driving Humvees for 20 More Years, Maker Says - SBT

Unit of Crashed Firefighting C-130 Quietly Handles Perilous Duties - S&S

Warrior Transition Unit’s Role Changes with Times - S&S

Navy Ramps Up Crackdown on Drug Use, Widens Testing - S&S


United States

Americans Have More Confidence in Military - OCR

Extreme Heat Continues in US - VOA

Unrelenting Heat Wave Bakes All in Its Reach - NYT

US Heatwave Leaves Dozens Dead - BBC

13 Minutes to Doomsday - WP editorial

Another Stab at the US Constitution - NYT opinion



Sudan Military Vows to Avenge Killings of 2 Government Officials - VOA

Sudan Opposition Figure Arrested - BBC

South Sudan Looks Ahead After Rough First Year - VOA

Blood and Oil Tinge South Sudan's First Birthday - Reuters

South Sudan Rebel, Now President, Takes on Poverty, Graft - Reuters

Timeline: South Sudan-Born Out of Conflict - Reuters

Gunmen Strike Nigeria Towns, Killing Dozens - AP

Nigeria Officials Killed at Funeral - BBC

Nigeria Senator Killed at Mass Burial After Ethnic Clash - Reuters

Congo Rebels Seize Eastern Town After Army Flees - AP

DR Congo Rebels Seize Key Town - BBC

Congo Rebels Seize Strategic Eastern Town - Reuters

Mali’s Tomb Raiders - NYT opinion



Mexican Electoral Officials Confirm Pena Nieto Win - Reuters

Mexicans Protest Over Presidential Poll Winner - BBC

DEA Agents Killed Pilot of Drug Flight in Honduras - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Rivals Should Not Campaign in Slums - AP

Cuba's Raul Castro Welcomed to Vietnam - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Clinton Makes Effort to Rechannel the Rivalry With China - NYT

China's Premier Warns of Further Economic Slowdown - AP

China Pollution Protest Ends, but Suspicion of Government High - Reuters

S. Korea: US General Apologizes For Dispute In Seoul - NYT

Rights Groups Urge Release of ASEAN Declaration - VOA

Violence, Threats Rise as Malaysia Election Nears - Reuters

Burma: Many Fear Completion of Stalled Dam Project - WP

Ruling Party Wins E. Timor Poll - VOA

East Timor PM Heads for Poll Win - BBC



Russian Flood Death Toll Hits 150; Putin Orders Investigation - VOA

Russia: Putin Tours Flooded Region, Questions of Negligence Arise - NYT

Putin Orders Probe Into Russia Flood Deaths - AP

France, Germany Mark Postwar Reconciliation Amid Divisions - VOA

Germany and France Celebrate Their Bond - NYT

Germany, France Urge Closer European Unity - AP

Romania Rocked by Political Turmoil - VOA

Greek Government Wins Confidence Vote - AP

Greek Government Wins Confidence Vote, Battles Loom - Reuters

Europe’s Missing Union - NYT opinion


South Asia

Flood Toll Rises, Damage Mounts in Northeast India - AP