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8 July SWJ Roundup

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Afghanistan Designated Major US Ally - VOA

US Grants Special Ally Status to Afghanistan - NYT

Clinton Declares Afghanistan a Major non-NATO Ally - WP

Afghanistan Made 'Major US Ally' - BBC

US Designates Afghanistan a Major Ally - CNN

Clinton Visits Kabul, Declares Afghanistan 'Major Ally' - TT

$16 Billion Pledged to Afghanistan, With Caveat - NYT

Donors Pledge $16bn in Afghan Aid - BBC

International Donors Pledging $16B in Afghan Aid - AP

Donors Offer $16 Billion Afghan Aid at Tokyo Conference - Reuters

Obama to Ask for Civilian Afghan Aid Through 2017 - AP

Corruption in Afghanistan Still a Problem - WP

Afghan Official’s Big Job: Clean Up Banking Scandal - WP

Peace Talks Spawn Violent Taliban Splinter Groups - AP

US Troops Score Win Against IEDs in Afghanistan - AP

14 Afghan Civilians Die in Twin blasts - WP

Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Policemen - AP

US Cozies Up to Outcast Uzbekistan for Afghan Role - AP

ISAF Commander Condemns Farah Rocket Attack - AFPS

Taliban Publicly Execute Woman Near Kabul - Reuters

Is the Afghan War Doomed? - WP book review / opinion

Will Afghanistan and Pakistan Go to War? - FP / SWJ opinion



Clinton's 'Sorry' Unlikely to Stop Pakistan’s Support of Insurgents - S&S

Clinton Looks for Better US-Pakistani Cooperation - AP

Clinton Says US, Pakistan Ties Still Raise Tough Questions - Reuters

Hardline Islamists Lead Thousands in Protest Against NATO Supply Line - AP

Pakistan: Gunmen Kill 18 at Roadside Restaurant - AP

Pakistan Drone Attack Kills 12 - BBC

Pakistan Police Foil Huge Artifact Smuggling Attempt - BBC

Reading Pakistan: By the Numbers - IBT opinion



Clinton: Syria Must End Violence to Avoid 'Catastrophic Assault' - Reuters

Syrian Defection Prompts Calls for Sanctions - VOA

DOD Officials Call Syrian General’s Defection, ‘Significant’ - AFPS

Pentagon Cheers Defection of Syrian General - AP

Clinton: Russia, China Blocking Progress on Syria 'Intolerable' - VOA

China Rejects US Criticism Involving Syria Conflict - VOA

A Young Syrian’s Evolution to a Revolutionary - NYT

Lebanon Hit by Deadly Syria Fire - BBC

Shells Fired From Syria Kill Lebanese - AP

Syria's Fighting Spills Into Lebanon, Five Killed - Reuters

Turkey Mourns 2 Pilots Downed by Syria - VOA

The Tide Turns Against Assad - TE editorial

Syria Options Dwindling - CNN opinion / analysis

Is Syria Unsolvable? - CNN opinion

Edging Closer to a Coup in Syria - TNI opinion

Russia Fears Islamist Takeover in Syria - NYT opinion

Fresh Hope for Ending Syria's Bloodbath - NYP opinion



Iran Says it Has Plan to Close Strait of Hormuz - AP

US: Iranian Dissident Group Must Complete Move From Iraqi Base - VOA

US Urges MEK to Relocate in Iraq - WP



Libyans Hold Emotional Multi-Party Election, First in 60 Years - VOA

Libya Holds Vote After 40 Years of Dictatorship - NYT

Libyans Flock to Historic Polls - BBC

Libyans Turn Out Big in Landmark Election - CNN

Excited Libyans Vote Hopefully, Remember Sacrifices - TT

Libyans Hold 1st Nationwide Vote in Decades - AP

Libyans Celebrate Free Vote Despite Violence - Reuters

Count Begins after Libya Election - BBC

Obama Hails Libya Elections as Democratic Milestone - Reuters

Clinton Hails Libyan Election, Pledges US Support - AP

Violence in Libya Underscores Struggles Ahead - WP

Discontent Rules in Cradle of Libya Revolution - Reuters

Libya Election Helicopter 'Shot' - BBC

Libyan Anti-Poll Protester Shot Dead in East - Reuters

'No Fair Trial' for Gaddafi's Son, Says Lawyer - BBC

Libya Takes Faltering Step Toward Democracy - TI editorial

Libya’s Milestone Election - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Highlights International Court Flaws - NYT

Israeli Military Draft Pits Secular Jews vs. Ultra-Orthodox - AP

Israeli Protesters Demand Military Draft Reform - Reuters

Bombing in Central Iraq Kills Six - BBC

Yemen: 4 Killed at Southern Secessionist March - AP

Yemen on High Alert After al Qaeda Threatens Prison Break - CNN

Egypt President to Visit Saudi Arabia on 1st Foreign Trip - AP

Militarizing the Persian Gulf Won't Tame Iran - GN editorial

The Muslim Brotherhood's Long Game - FA opinion

Egypt, Improve on Women's Rights - CNN opinion

Europe's Right Wing Enters Mideast Peace - DS opinion


US Department of Defense

At Nellis AFB, Teaching the Shadowy Art of Cyber Warfare - LVS

The Drone Zone - NYT

Court Upholds Soldier's Conviction in 2008 Killing of Iraqi Civilian - TPO

Unprecedented Dual Engine Failure Caused April Hornet Crash - S&S

Wartime Remains of 6 US Airmen Recovered in Laos - S&S


United States

McChrystal Says it's Time to Bring Back the Draft - S&S

New Veteran Unemployment Falls in June, Hinting at Positive Trend - S&S

Franchising Making Comeback, with Veterans as Good Prospects - McClatchy

Is America the Moral Leader in the World? - CNN opinion


United Kingdom

Al-Qaeda Terror Suspect Caught at Olympics Site - TT

Seventh Arrest in Terror Probe - BBC

British Police Arrest Seven Terror Suspects - VOA

7th person Arrested in British Terrorism Probe - AP

N. Ireland Tensions Rise Over Bloody Sunday Probe - AP

US Court Rules IRA Interview Must be Given to PSNI - BBC

Norway's EU Example: An Option for Britain? - TT

Britain's Only EU Hope Lies Hidden in Lisbon - TT opinion



N. Nigeria City Fears Both Police Brutality and Boko Haram - VOA

S. Sudan Prepares for 1st Independence Anniversary - VOA

Sudanese Refugee Camp 'Horrific' - BBC

Malians Wonder What Another Summit Will Achieve - VOA

Mali Militants 'Recruit Children' - BBC

West African Heads Urge Mali to Act Over Militants - Reuters

ECOWAS Urges Mali Unity Cabinet - BBC

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Returns From Medical Checks in Singapore - Reuters

Mali: Libya’s Unintended Consequences - NYT opinion

Africa Foreign Aid: The Coffin-Maker Benchmark - NYT opinion

End the Suffering in the Sudans - CNN opinion

Mali’s Timbuktu Tomb Attack is Unacceptable - CNN opinion



Mexico Presidential Election: Obrador to Challenge Result in Court - BBC

Mexico City Mayoral Win is Seen as Show of the Left’s Strength - WP

Mexicans Protest over Poll Winner - BBC

Students March Against Mexico's Election Result - AP

Argentina Now a Drug Trafficking Destination - NYT

Bolivian Farmer Dies in Protests - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan's Government Eyes Buying Disputed Islands - AP

China Dismisses Japan Plan to Buy Disputed Islands - Reuters

Clinton Makes Effort to Rechannel Rivalry With China - NYT

China: Hong Kong Seizes 'Record' Cocaine Haul - BBC

China: $98m in Cocaine Seized in Hong Kong - CNN

China Boosts State Firms as Entrepreneurs Struggle - AP

Plans for S. Korean Naval Bases Moving Forward - S&S

Booming Southeast Asia in Quandary Over US-China Rivalry - Reuters

Philippine Economy Makes Gains - VOA

Philippine Rebels Free 3 Abducted Mining Employees - AP

Detained Burma Students Released - BBC

Activists Held by Burma Released - AP

East Timor in Key National Poll - BBC

A Lost Deal for South Korea and Japan - NYT editorial

Japan's Resurgent Militarism a Threat - KT editorial

China's Quest to Dominate the Seas - TNI opinion

China’s Inevitable Democracy - WP opinion

In China, Hong Kong Press Under Attack - CNN opinion



Romania President Impeached Amid EU, US Concern - AP

Romania Suspends Leader Basescu - BBC

Romania Under Fire After President Suspended - Reuters

Bosnia’s Sarajevo: Moving Forward Even as War Scars Remain - S&S

At Least 99 Dead in Russian Storms, Crude Oil Shipments Halted - VOA

Dozens Killed in Russia Flooding - CNN

103 Dead in Southern Russia Floods - AP

Russia's Putin Seeks Answers Over Deadly Floods - Reuters

Germany: Red Army Faction Militant Jailed - BBC

Germany: Ex-Red Army Faction Member Convicted in 1977 Killing - AP

France: Hollande Plans New 'Genocide Law' - BBC

Russia Approves 'NGO Agents' Bill - BBC

Sweden: WikiLeaks Assange Deadline for Extradition Looms - CNN

Russia: Putin Tightens the Screws - WP editorial

Why Greeks Know More About Politics than Americans - WP opinion

Cyprus vs. Cyprus - WP opinion


South Asia

Former Nepal King Wants to Return - BBC

India’s Blood-Stained Democracy - NYT opinion