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6 July SWJ Roundup

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US-trained Afghan Militia Troops Desert to Taliban-led Insurgents - WP

US Concerned by Rise in Afghan Insider Attacks - AP

Afghans Move Closer to a Foreign Investment Goal - NYT

Tokyo Conference Crucial to Future Afghan Aid - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



NATO Supply Trucks From Pakistan Resume Trek to Afghanistan - NYT

First NATO Trucks Cross Pakistan Border - AP

Border Reopening Solves Immediate Problem, One Down the Road - S&S

Reopened Supply Routes Mean Cost Savings, DOD Spokesman Says - AFPS

Long Road Ahead in US-Pakistan Ties After NATO Deal - Reuters

Détente on Supply Routes - NYT editorial

Pakistan's Undemocratic Supreme Court - FA opinion



UN Monitor Chief: Violence in Syria Reaches 'Unprecedented' Levels - VOA

Iraq Says al-Qaida Fighters Flowing into Syria - AP

Amid Reports of Defection, Opponents of Syria’s President Meet - NYT

Syrian General Reportedly Defects - WP

Diplomats Press Assad, Top Syrian General Defects - AP

Senior Defection Cheers Anti-Assad Coalition at Paris Meet - Reuters

'Friends of Syria' Set to Meet in Paris - CNN

Paris Meeting Seeks Syria Action - BBC

Clinton Goes to France for Syria Talks, then Asia - AP

UN to Recommend Fewer Syria Monitors, Same Mandate - Reuters

Syria Another Kofi Annan Tragedy? - WP opinion

US Must Bend to Iran & Russia on Syria - Stratfor opinion



Gulf Sabers Rattle as Iran Sanctions Bite - Reuters

Iranian Exiles, US Supporters Under Scrutiny - WP

Tanzania Probes Iran Oil Tankers Re-Flagging Allegations - BBC

Nuclear Brinksmanship with Iran - TNI opinion

Are Obama's Iran Sanctions a Ruse? - TD opinion



From Bullets to ballot box: Libyans freely cast votes - WT

Libya's Election a Giant Step Toward Democracy - AP

Libya: ‘This is our Fate in our Hands’ - WP

Libyans Rally Before First Post-Gadhafi Election - AP

Nervous Libyans Ready for First Taste of Democracy - Reuters

Election Material Burned in Libya - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

6 Killed, 20 Wounded in Iraq Bomb Blast, Police Say - CNN

Israeli Identity at Heart of Service Debate - NYT

Oxfam: Palestinian Prosperity 'Hampered' - BBC

Palestinian Leader Wants More on Arafat’s Death - AP

Bahrain Boy Held Over Protests to Be Monitored - Reuters

Egypt Army Salutes Mursi, Both Strive for Control - Reuters

Pain and Joy as Algerians Celebrate Independence - VOA

How Morocco Dodged the Arab Spring - NYROB opinion



Wikileaks Releasing 'Syria Files' - BBC

WikiLeaks Releases Syria Emails - CNN

WikiLeaks to Publish Material From 2.4 million Syrian Emails - AP


United Nations

Obama Told to Back Off UN Gun Treaty - WND

Opposition to UN Arms Trade Treaty Heats Up - TH

The UN is Coming for Your Guns - WT editorial

Gun-grabbing UN Treaty - PTR editorial

UN Treaty Would Disarm US Foreign Policy - BH opinion

NRA's Arms Treaty Hysteria Too Much Even For Fox - MM opinion



NATO to Strengthen Ability to Act with Global Partners - AFPS

China-Russia's Anti-NATO Drive Fizzles - TD opinion


US Department of Defense

Military C-130 Crews Continue Firefighting Efforts - AFPS

Navy Dismisses Exam-cheating Claims in Submarine Force - S&S


United States

Clinton Goes to France for Syria Talks, then Asia - AP

Senator’s Letter to AG Holder Demands Accountability - WT

Veterans Affairs Chief Criticized For Low Profile - NYT

Emotional Toll of Losing Loved Ones to War Can Last a Lifetime - PTR

George W. Bush Focuses On Quiet Service After Presidency - VOA

Malware May Knock Thousands Off Internet on Monday - AP

Counterfeit Industry Tied to Organized Crime, Terrorism - VOA

In War, Civilians Unsung Service - WP opinion

Obama, Drones and Just War Theory - BR opinion


United Kingdom

UK Army to Lose 17 Major Units Amid Austerity Push - AP

British Police Flex Muscle as Olympics Near - CNN

British Police Nab Six in Anti-Terror Raids - VOA

6 Arrested in Terror Raids Around London - AP

Police to Investigate 1972 'Bloody Sunday' Killings - Reuters

Police Chief: Bloody Sunday Probe Can't Start Yet  - AP



AFRICOM Promotes Humanitarian Response Readiness in Africa - AFPS

UN Concerned About Rising Terror Threat in Mali - VOA

UN Puts Off Mali Force Decision - BBC

UN Stops Short of Endorsing Intervention in Mali - Reuters

UN Council Threatens Sanctions on Mali Fighters - AP

Poverty, Pollution Lower Life Expectancy in Nigeria - VOA

Nigerian Rebels Swap Weapons for Welding - WP

Nigerian Men 'Linked to al-Qaeda' - BBC

Dissent Sprouts in Sudan, but It May Not Be Arab Spring - NYT

UN Mission Warns of Economic, Refugee Crises in S. Sudan - VOA

UN Council Extends South Sudan Mission - AP

S. Sudan Archivists Battle Rats, Termites, Time - VOA

DR Congo Troops 'Flee into Uganda' After Rebel Clashes - BBC

Somalia Faces 'New Hunger Crisis' - BBC

US Sanctions Eritrean Officials for Aiding Somalia Militants - Reuters

Mali: Trouble in Timbuktu - WP editorial

War on Terror Moves to Nigeria - FP opinion



Mexico Wants Close Security Ties With US, With Limits - WP

Official Count Confirms Pena Nieto Win in Mexico - AP

Colombian Ex-General Waives Detention Hearing in US -AP

Colombian Police Arrest 'Drug Dealer' at His Wedding - BBC

Argentina ex-Junta Leaders Jailed - BBC

Argentina 'Dirty War' Dictators Guilty of Stealing Babies - CNN

Ex-Argentine Dictators Stole Babies from Dissidents - AP

Cuba's Raul Castro Meets China Leaders - BBC

Earthquake Relief Where Haiti Wasn’t Broken - NYT

A Radical Turn for Mexico? - MH opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

US Military Faces Balancing Act in Asia - VOA

Wary Neighbors Turn Into Partners in Developing Southeast Asia - NYT

Panel: Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 'Man-Made' - VOA

Inquiry Declares Japan’s Fukushima Crisis Man-Made Disaster - NYT

Japan Leaders Slammed for 'Man-Made' Nuclear Disaster - LAT

Japan Blasted for Disaster Response - WP

Japan, Taiwan Activist Visits Fuel Isle Dispute - AP

S. Korea Fires Top Presidential Aide Over Pact With Japan - NYT

S. Korea Arrests Activist After Unauthorized Trip to North - NYT

N. Korea a Grim Picture of Deprivation - AP

Amnesty: Chinese Crackdown on Uighurs Continues - VOA

After Hijacking Attempt, China Tightens Airport Security - NYT

China 'Smashes' Child Trafficking Gangs - BBC

Obama Touts US Trade Complaint Against China - VOA

China Encourages People to Spend - WP

Burma Detains Thai Villagers in Unclear Border Area - Reuters

Japan: A Needless Nuclear Disaster - WP editorial

Asia Pivoting, Rebalancing: Good, Bad, and Ugly - FP opinion

China Is Obsessed with America - TD opinion

South Korea's Huge Diplomatic Blunder - JAD opinion

Letting North Korea Starve - TNI opinion



German Spy Chief Admits Mistakes in Neo-Nazi Probe - AP

Russia Debates 'NGO Agents' Bill - BBC

Greece Admits Veering From Bailout Obligations - Reuters

UN Appoints Human Rights Investigator on Belarus - AP

Romania President Accuses Government of Power Grab - Reuters


South Asia

India-Pakistan Talks Focus on Mumbai Attacks

PM Singh Pledge on India Business - BBC

India a Long Way from Superpower Status - FP opinion