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Afghanistan Not Ready to Govern Itself, Say Afghan Legislators - SB

Clinton: Pakistan to Reopen NATO Supply Lines to Afghanistan - VOA

Pakistan Reopens Supply Routes after Clinton Says 'Sorry' - S&S

Clinton’s ‘Sorry’ to Pakistan Ends Barrier to NATO - NYT

Pakistan to Open Supply Routes after US Apology - WP

Pakistan Allows NATO Convoys to Resume - BBC

Pakistan Reopens NATO Supply Routes to Afghanistan - CNN

Pakistan Ends Blockade of NATO Supply Routes - TT

US, Pakistan Reach Deal to Reopen Afghan Supply Routes - Reuters

Panetta Welcomes Opening of Pakistan Supply Lines to Afghanistan - AFPS

Man in Afghan Army Uniform Wounds 5 NATO Soldiers - BBC

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,896 - AP

Problems Hobble Afghan Air Force - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Clinton Says We’re Sorry - NYT opinion



Syrian Opposition Draws Up Goals for Transition - NYT

Rifts Split Syria's Opposition at Cairo Meeting - AP

Fights Break Out at Syrian Opposition Meeting - Reuters

HRW: Syria Has 'Archipelago' of Torture Centers - VOA

HRW: Syria 'Regime Torture Widespread' - BBC

Syria's 'Network of Torture Chambers' - CNN

Russia Accuses West of Distorting Syria Agreement - TT

Assad Reportedly Regrets Syria Downing of Turkish Jet - VOA

Assad 'Regrets' Downing of Turkish Plane - BBC

Expelled Priest Turns Diplomat for Syrian Opposition - Reuters

Militant Group Claims Syrian TV Channel Attack - Reuters



Iran’s President Says New Sanctions Are Toughest Yet - NYT

US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal to Iran - NYT

Iran Says Ballistic Missile Tests 'Response to Threats' - VOA

Iran Says It Test-Fires Missiles in War of Nerves - Reuters

Iran Nuclear Talks Could Resume - WP

Iranians 'Were Targeting British High Commission in Kenya' - TT

Russia to Renew Iran S-300 Sales if Syria Fails - Bloomberg

Iranians Yearn for Freedom, Too - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Bombings Across Iraq Killed at Least 40, Wounded 100 - VOA

Dozens Killed in Rising Iraqi Violence - NYT

'Many Dead' in Iraq Bomb Attacks - BBC

Bombs Kill 44 Before Shiite Ritual in Iraq - Reuters

Iraq Bombs Kill 40; Officials Eye Security Bribes - AP

Yemen Air Strikes Kill Four Al Qaeda Suspects - Reuters

Yemen Official: Drone Kills 2 al-Qaida Militants - AP

Palestinians Protest Against PA - BBC

Lebanon Finds Israel 'Spy Devices' - BBC

Lebanon Artists Confront Censorship - NYT

UN Ends Saudi Dissident Sanctions - BBC

Judge Helped Egypt’s Military to Cement Power - NYT

Islamists Put to the Test in Libya Vote - WP

Libya: Gaddafi’s Son Lives the Good Life, Can it Last? - WP

France, Algeria: Two Lenses on the Past - VOA

What Does Morsi Mean for Israel? - NYT opinion


United Nations

UN Chief Pleads for Arms Pact, Palestinians Demand Seat - Reuters



NATO Chief Discusses Alliance Role in Syria, Afghanistan - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Army Looks for Global Partnerships - WT

Vietnam War at 50: A Lesson for Afghanistan? - USAT

C-130 Crews Resume Firefighting Operations - AFPS

NC Air Guard Identifies Airmen Killed in C-130 Crash - AFPS

Facebook Posts Shed Light on Fort Bragg Shooter's Mind-set - S&S

Appeals Court to Hear Case of Marine Jailed in Iraqi Civilian Killing - LAT

Army Dismisses Officer Who Killed Soldier in Friendly-fire Incident - WP


United States

America Readies for Independence Day Celebrations - VOA

Fears of Fires Take Fireworks Out of July 4th Celebrations - Reuters

Difficulties of Moving From Military to Diplomatic Circles - NYT

Demonstrations Show Domestic Drones Could be Hacked - VOA

IMF: Europe's Problems Slow US Economic Recovery - VOA

Plenty of Job Openings for US Vets, in Canada - S&S

The American Debate - NYT editorial

Happy Dependence Day - WT editorial

The Fourth of July - WP editorial

Thanks to King George - WT opinion

The Downside of Liberty - NYT opinion

The Price and Responsibilities of Liberty - WT opinion

A More Perfect Union, Built on Shared Debt - Bloomberg opinion

A Land of Liberty or Equality? - WP opinion

Making July 4 Unpatriotic - WT opinion

The Balkanized States of America - WT opinion

Happy Independence DNA - WT opinion

Why We Need Mayberry - CNN opinion

Immigration Ruling Nixes State Sovereignty - WT opinion

Civil War: Schools for Soldiers - NYT opinion



AFRICOM Builds Logistics Capability in African Partners - AFPS

Boko Haram Battles Crush Northern Nigerian City - VOA

Nigeria Mulls Gas Flare Crackdown - VOA

Mali: Timbuktu Rejects Islamists' Reason for Destroying Shrines - VOA

'Mines Planted' Around Mali Town - BBC

Zimbabwe Foreign Bank Handover Deadline Row - BBC

CPJ Rips Ethiopian Crackdown on Journalists  - VOA

Liberian President’s Party Members Demand Jobs - VOA

South Africa Mine Union Revolt Shows Cracks in ANC Rule - Reuters

The International Criminal Court is Hurting Africa - TT opinion



Narrow Victory for Mexico’s New Leader Signals Challenges Ahead - NYT

Mexico's New President Will Need Outgoing Party for Reforms - Reuters

Mexico's President-Elect May Double Security Spending - Reuters

Mexico Student Movement Protests Results of Presidential Election - WP

Accusations Grow of Vote-Buying in Mexico Election - AP

Mexico Presidential Candidate Demands Recount - BBC

Mexican Leftist Asks for Presidential Recount - Reuters

Brother of Mexico’s Zetas Cartel Leaders Held in Texas Jail - AP

Colombia General Turns Himself In, Flown to US - BBC

Ex-Police General Surrenders in Colombia - AP

Questions Raised on Venezuela Joining Mercosur - AP

Chavez: Venezuela to Buy Tanks From China - AP

Venezuelan Doctor Held Over Leaks - BBC

Argentine Workers Keep Oil Blockade in Place - AP

Peru May Suspend Freedom of Assembly Over Protest - Reuters

Emergency in Peru After 3 Killed in Mining Clash - AP

Three Dead in Peru Mine Protest - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

RIMPAC Exercise Praised as Key Tool for Global Prosperity - HAS

Philippine President Wants US to Monitor Disputed Waters - PDI

Reactor Restarts, but Japan's Energy Policy in Flux - Reuters

US Sending Ospreys to Japan Despite Local Protests - AP

Cancellation of S. Korea Pact with Japan Reflects Rise of Park Geun-hye - ANN

Russia's Medvedev Visits Disputed Pacific Islands - AP

Russia Angers Japan with Visit to Disputed Island - CNN

UN Report: N. Korea Ships Arms, Violating Sanctions - AP

Hunting for N. Korea Invasion Tunnels to Prove a Threat - NYT

China Vows Crackdown on Environmental Protesters - VOA

After Year of Peace, Trickier Times Ahead for Thai PM - Reuters

Burma Poised for Cabinet Shake-Up, MPs Say - Reuters

Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim Speaks Out - WP interview



Terror Threat to London Olympics? - CNN

German Spy Agency Faces Shake-Up in Neo-Nazi Case - AP

Suspected al-Qaida Financier Arrested in France - AP

France to Tackle 'Crushing Debt' - BBC

France: Police Raid Sarkozy's Home in Funding Probe - Reuters

Lawmakers in Ukraine Approve Bill on Language - NYT

Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Quits After Language Vote - Reuters

Ukraine Police Battle Protesters, Teargas Used - Reuters

Ukraine Interior Minister Arrest 'Violated Rights' - BBC

Europe: Is the UK In or Out? - TT opinion


South Asia

South Asia Rivals India, Pakistan to Hold Peace Talks - BBC

India-Pakistan Security Talks Come Amid New Tensions - VOA

India-Pakistan: Peacocks at Sunset - NYT opinion