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3 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


Can Afghanistan Survive Without America? - TNY

US, Pakistan Hint at Deal to Reopen NATO Supply Routes - NYT

US, Pakistan Deal Seen Soon on Afghan Supply Routes - Reuters

US Drawdown in Afghanistan Includes Many Trainers - AP

Afghan Forces Take Security Lead in Southern Afghanistan - AFPS

Fallen Marine's Letter to Family Resonates with Many - LAT

Afghan Policeman Kills 3 British Soldiers - BBC              

Three British Soldiers Killed by Afghan Officer - NYT

Britain Says 3 UK Soldiers Die in Afghan Shooting - AP

Australian Soldier Dies on 7th Tour of Afghanistan - AP

Seven Killed in Kandahar Bombing - BBC

Afghanistan Accuses Pakistan Army of Rocket Attacks - Reuters

Taliban Bodies are 'Returned to Pakistan for Burial' - BBC

Bagram Detainee Case Comes Before UK's Top Court - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Arab League, Syrian Opposition Discuss Syrian Crisis - VOA

Syrian Opposition Makes New Push to Unite - AP

UN Rights Chief: Both Sides Responsible for Serious Abuses - VOA

UN Rights Chief Plea on Syria Weapons - BBC

UN Rights Chief: Strengthen Syria Observer Mission - AP

Syria Strikes Damascus Suburb; UN Decries Arms Flow - Reuters 

Diplomacy Failing, West Faces Tough Syria Choices - Reuters

Will New Plan to End Syrian Bloodshed Work? - CNN

Anan’s ‘Plan B’ Shortcomings - CNN

85 Soldiers, Including General, Defect en Masse to Turkey - NYT

Assad Regrets Shooting Down Turkish Jet, Report Says - AP

Syria's 'Network of Torture Chambers' - CNN

Meeting on Syria a Coalition of the Timid - CNN opinion



US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal to Iran - NYT

Iran Reports Long-Range Missile Launch in Exercise - AP

Iran Says it Wants 'Win-Win' in Nuclear Talks - AP

Iran Officials Alarmed by Sanctions - WP

Iranians in Kenya Planned Israeli, US Attacks - AP


Middle East / North Africa

UN Confirms Saudi Dissident, Group Off Al Qaeda List - Reuters

Israel Disbands Panel on Military Service Rules - NYT

Israel Explodes Spy Gear in South, Says Lebanon - AP

Hamas Suspends Voter Registration Process in Gaza - NYT

Officials: 8 Killed Bombings in Central Iraq - AP

Car Bomb Kills 25 in Southern Iraq, Official Says - Reuters

Britain Probes Bahrain Bomb Plot - BBC

Transforming Egypt's Economy, Military Daunt Morsi - VOA

Egypt's New Leader Claims Revolution's Mantle - AP

Libya Frees Four From International Court’s Team - NYT

Libya Frees Detained ICC Staff After Apology - Reuters

Libya ICC Lawyer Melinda Taylor, Colleagues Fly Out - BBC

Iran Talks Break Down - WP opinion

Iraq Transition Raises Thorny Questions - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

US Cyber Command Short On Offensive Cyber Experts - DN

At Least 1 Dead in Air Force C-130 Firefighting Crash in SD - S&S

Obama Calls Firefighting Airmen Heroes - AFPS

Firefighting C-130s Placed on Operational Hold After Crash - AFPS

Guard Responds to Weather Damage, Wildfires - AFPS


Army Makes Case For Funding Culture Skills Beyond COIN - AOLD

Review: Changes Needed in Guard, Reserve Pay - S&S

Oxygen Problems on F-22 Elude Air Force’s Fixes - NYT

Navy to Resume Sinking Old Ships in US Waters - AP


United States

US Edging Toward Decision on New Nuclear Arms Cuts - AP

Industry Offers Conduct Code for Unmanned Aircraft - AP

Cost to Protect US Secrets Doubles to Over $11 Billion - NYT

US Officials Insist No Specific Olympic Threat - CNN

AG Holder Says GOP Has Made Him ‘Proxy’ for Obama - WP

Congress Asks: Is Cloud Computing Safe Enough? - WP

Labor Department Announces Grants to Train Homeless Vets - AFPS

Veterans Mentor Says He Lied About Military Record - HC

Former PTSD Counselor Charged with Falsifying Record Arrested - HC

Amelia Earhart Search Goes Underwater - VOA

US Record Heat Wave to Continue This Week - VOA

US Risks Losing its Space Edge - CNN opinion

Hate Speech and Stolen Valor - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

At Least Six 'Talented' Generals Quit Army Over Defense Cuts - DT

Scottish Independence: Defense Inquiry Gets Under Way - BBC

Bagram Detainee Case Comes Before UK's Top Court - AP


United Nations

Talks Begin on Global Arms Treaty - BBC



AFRICOM’s Makeup Promotes ‘Whole-of-Government’ Approaches - AFPS

Boko Haram Battles Crush Northern Nigerian City - VOA

Law Expert: Better Protection Needed Following Kenya Church Attacks - VOA

Iranians in Kenya Planned Israeli, US Attacks - AP

Mali Says Rebel Tomb Desecration a War Crime - VOA

Mali Islamists Exert Control, Attacking Door to a Mosque - AP

Mali Militants 'Raid Timbuktu Mosque' - BBC

Kidnapped Foreign Aid Workers Rescued in Somalia - VOA

Kenya Camp Aid Workers Rescued in Somalia - BBC

Tanzania Denies Doctor 'Torture' - BBC



Mexico’s President-Elect Seeks to Reassure US - WP

For Mexico’s President-Elect, a Strategic Journey - NYT     

Mexico's Next President Faces Uphill Fight - AP

Mexico's Pena Nieto to Push for Quick Reforms - Reuters

Mexico's Pena Nieto: 'No Return to the Past' from PRI - BBC

Mexican Vote: Key Questions Linger - CNN

Mexico's Creaky Economy to Test Pena Nieto's Ambitions - Reuters

Mexico: Reactions to Peña Nieto’s Victory - WP

Mexican Election Runner-Up May Challenge Results - Reuters

Venezuela Presidential Palace Employee Arrested - AP

Guatemalan Students Protest Over Education Reform - BBC

Mexico Elects a New President - NYT editorial

Mexico’s Mandate for Compromise - WP opinion

Mexico’s Next Chapter - NYT opinion

For Mexicans, It Was the Economy, Stupid - NYT opinion

Nieto More Dangerous Than He Looks - FP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Report Sheds Light on North Korean Nuclear Program - VOA

UN Report: North Korea Ships Arms, Violating Sanctions - AP

Recriminations Fly in S. Korea After Backing Off Japan Military Deal - WSJ

South Korea Opens New Government Hub - VOA

South Korea Opens 'Mini Capital' in Sejong City - BBC

Japan’s Leader Set Back as Faction of His Party Quits - NYT

Key Faction Deserts Japan's Ruling DPJ - BBC

Dozens Quit Japan's Ruling Party in Blow to PM - AP

Japan’s PM Noda Survives Challenge - WP

Okinawa Governor Rejects Plan to Deploy US Plane - AP

Russia's Medvedev Lands on Disputed Far East Island - Reuters

China Paper Accuses Manila Over South China Sea 'Plot' - Reuters

China Aligns With India, Japan on Piracy Patrols - AP

Two 'Plane Hijackers' Die in China's Xinjiang - BBC

Burma Frees at Least Three Political Prisoners in Amnesty - Reuters

Australia, Indonesia Boost Ties to Fight Smuggling - AP



Europe’s Banking Chief Wields New Power in Crisis - NYT

France Faces Budget Cuts to Meet European Target - NYT

Russia’s Putin Seeks to Show He Won’t Buckle to US - WP

Foreign-Funded Nonprofits in Russia Face New Hurdle - NYT

German Intelligence Official Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Inquiry - NYT

Scandal-Hit German Spy Head Quits - BBC

25-Nation Bloc to End Kosovo's Supervision - AP

European FMs Want 'Decisive' Effort to Regulate Arms Trade - VOA

In Europe, Small Change - WP editorial


South Asia

Voice of Mumbai Attacks Points Finger at Pakistan - Reuters

Defining Moment for Indian PM - WP

Justice and ‘a Ray of Hope’ After 2002 India Riots - NYT

In India, Scant Monsoon Rains Raise Concerns for Farmers - VOA

Indian Gang Held Over £150,000 ATM Trick - BBC