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1 July SWJ Roundup

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Militants Storm Eastern Afghan District, Killing 10 - VOA

Rare Meeting Between Afghan Government, Taliban - AP

US Nixes $300,000 Office Upgrade for Afghan Official in New HQ - WP

Bomb Kills 2 Afghan Policemen Outside Bank - AP

Young Afghans Seek Solace From War in Heavy Metal Rock - Reuters



World Powers Agree on Syria Transition - VOA

UN Calls for New Syria Government - BBC

World Powers Agree on Steps for Syria - CNN

Talks Come Up With Plan for Syria, but Not for Assad’s Exit - NYT

Talks Fail to Specify Plan for Assad - WP

Syria Conference Leaves Open Assad Question - AP

Assad's Fate Unclear in World Powers' Syria Plan - Reuters

Annan Says He Expects Assad to Cooperate With Syria Plan - Reuters

Clinton Says Syria Deal Means Assad Must Go - Reuters

Russia's Lavrov Delighted at Syria Meeting Outcome - Reuters

Raised on Power, Assad Risks All - Reuters

Palestinians in Syria Reluctantly Drawn Into Vortex of Uprising - NYT

Syria Troops Regain Key Damascus Suburb - AP

Activists: Syria Troops Fire on Damascus Funeral, Killing 30 - Reuters

Syria's Opposition Is Disorganized, Good - FP opinion

Syria Needs a Vigilante - SMH opinion



Morsi Sworn In as Egypt's New President - VOA

Mursi Sworn In as Egypt's Leader - BBC

Morsi Sworn In as Egyptian President - WP

Morsi Takes Office, Praises Egyptian Military - WSJ

Power Struggle Begins as Egypt’s President Formally Sworn In - NYT

Egypt's New President Begins Struggle for Power - AP

Tables Turn as Egypt's Islamist President Sworn In - Reuters

Tone of Egyptian Foreign Policy May Change, Not Substance - LAT

Will Morsi Govern for All of Egypt? - DS editorial

Can Egypt's Peace with Israel Hold? - DT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Muslim Brotherhood’s Ascent Impacts Region - WP

US Defense Leaders Provide Middle East Update - AFPS

EU Oil Embargo on Iran Takes Effect Sunday - VOA

US Bets New Oil Sanctions Will Change Iran’s Tune - NYT

Iran Calls for OPEC Emergency Meeting - AP

Report: Iran to Deploy Submarines in Caspian Sea - AP

Oil Wealth Returning, Iraq Sees Malls Rise - NYT

Violence Surge Spurs Fears in Iraq 6 Months after US Pullout - AP

Palestinian Leader Abbas Postpones Israel Meeting - Reuters

US-Israel Missile Defense Exercise Rescheduled for Autumn - AP

Israel’s Yitzhak Shamir Dies at 96 - WP

Former Israeli PM Shamir Dies at 96 - AP

Tunisia Declares Its Desert 'Closed Military Zone' - AP

Snap Elections Won't Cure Iraq's Broken Politics - GN editorial


US Department of Defense

DOD Leaders: Sequestration Threatens Military’s Successes - AFPS

Slain Fort Bragg Battalion Commander Identified - S&S

Senior Leaders Reflect on Talks With Troops, Wounded - AFPS

Ft. Hood: Hasan Trial Set for Aug. 20 as Judge Denies Continuance - AFPS

Recruiting Remains on Target for Active Components - AFPS

President Nominates Grass as Next National Guard Chief - AFPS

Guard Members Aid Flood-stricken Floridians - AFPS

TRICARE Unchanged by Health Care Ruling, Officials Say - AFPS

Master Sgt. Says No to Chinese-made Boots - AFT

Panetta: Military Has ‘No Tolerance’ for Sexual Assault - AFPS

CO, CMC of Pax River Naval Health Clinic Fired - S&S

3 CA Army National Guard Captains Plead Guilty to Fraud - McClatchy

NSA’s New Standard for Oxymoronic Newspeak - ST opinion

Ending Military Sexual Assault - WP opinion



United States

Obama: Employ All Resources to Fight Colorado Wildfires - AFPS

Obama Weekly Address Focuses on Colorado Wildfires - VOA

Federal Agencies Partner to Combat Western Wildfires - AFPS

National Guard Colonel to Direct Colorado Wildfire Effort - S&S

National Guard Commander to Oversee Colorado Wildfire Response - AFPS

Fire in Colorado 30% Contained; National Guard Troops Deployed - AP

US Storms Knock Out Power to Millions - VOA

DC Area Power Outages After Storm Could Last for Days - WP

Mid-Atlantic Storms Bring Stifling Heat and Power Loss - NYT

Bill Restricting US Lobbying for Foreign Governments Has Support - VOA

In Supreme Court Term, Striking Unity on Major Cases - NYT

Declare Victory: al-Qaeda Has Been Defeated - CNN opinion


United Kingdom

Secret Plans to Loan US Warship to UK During Falklands Conflict - DM

PM 'Prepared to Consider EU Vote' - BBC

UK Politicians: Banking System Is Corrupt - AP



‘Lost Boys’ Peril Returns in Sudan - NYT

South Sudan Oil Shutdown Chokes Economy - VOA

Mali: Islamic Militants Destroy Timbuktu Islamic Shrines - VOA

Mali: Islamists Damage Timbuktu Shrines - BBC

Militants Seek to Destroy Mali Shrines - Reuters

Kenya Pursues Somali Kidnappers From Refugee Camp - AP

UNHCR: Refugee Status Ends for Angolans, Liberians - VOA

Swedes Mark Year in Ethiopia Jail - BBC

Former President Bush Arrives in Zambia - VOA

Africa on the Rise - NYT opinion



Pocketbook Issues Weigh Heavily as Mexicans Vote - NYT

Worries About Vote Buying Despite Mexican Reforms - AP

Ousted Paraguay President Calls Removal ‘Coup Against Democracy’ - WP

Guatemala: ‘Beyond the Horizons’ to Have Far-Reaching Impact - AFPS

A Better Mexico - WP opinion

Mexicans Ready for a Change - JT opinion

The Dam Boom in the Amazon - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Hong Kong Marks 15 Years Since Chinese Handover - BBC

Hong Kong in Dour Mood as Chinese Leader Makes Return Visit - NYT

New Hong Kong Leader Takes Office Amid Discontent - AP

Tough, Pro-Beijing Leung to Lead Wary Hong Kong - Reuters

Hong Kong Reporter Detained Over Question to President - VOA

HK Reporter Asks About Tiananmen, Upsets Hu Visit  - AP

Key Figure in China’s Political Tumult Quits Legislature Post - WP

1st Japan Reactor Goes Online Since Nuclear Crisis - AP

Burmese Government Demands Opposition Use 'Myanmar' - VOA

Malaysian, Indonesian Culture Spats Flare Up - VOA

Will China Go to War Against Vietnam? - AS opinion



Germany’s Merkel Defends Compromise on Euro - BBC

Cyprus Sparks Controversy as EU's Next President - VOA

Georgian President Names New PM as Elections Loom - Reuters


South Asia

India Floods Kill 29, Displace More than a Million - AP

Russia Elbows US in Indian Ocean - AT opinion