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30 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Armed Forces Day: With the UK troops in Afghanistan - BBC

IMF Approves Disbursement After First Review of Afghan Program - Reuters

US Tries to Crimp Taliban’s Cash Flow - WP

Some Taliban at Gitmo Could Go to Afghanistan, Officials Say - AP

Search and Destroy - Slate “Little America” book excerpt



Syrian Groups Say Violent Day Left High Civilian Toll - NYT

Syria Conflict Stokes Calls for Global Arms Treaty - VOA

Which Way Forward in Syria? - CNN

Key Talks Due on Syria Peace Plan - BBC

Pessimism Clouds Start to Syria Talks - Reuters

US, Russia Remain Divided Over Syria - VOA

Russia's Syria Policy Planners Look for 'Plan B' - VOA

No Satisfying Explanation for Russia’s Stance on Syrian Conflict - WP

Russia, US Key to Last-Ditch Syria Talks in Geneva - AP

UK's Hague Says Syria Talks 'Very Difficult' - Reuters

Syrian Troops Besiege Rebellious Suburb - AP

US Downplays Turkish Troop Moves Near Syrian Border - Reuters

UN Publishes Report on Iran Arms Trade With Syria - Reuters

Where's the Action on Syria? - WP editorial



Morsi Pledges to Represent All Egyptians - VOA

Morsi Hails Cairo Crowds - BBC

Morsi Defiant on Eve of Taking Office - WP

Egypt President-Elect Vows to Fight for Authority - AP

Morsi Says He Will Work for Release of Sheik Jailed in US - NYT

Egypt's Islamist President-Elect to Be Sworn In - AP

Egypt's First Islamist President to Be Sworn In - Reuters

How Egypt’s Army Won - NYT opinion

The Key to Liberating Egyptians? - CNN opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Feels Pinch of New Sanctions - WP

Iranian Says Nuclear Talks Have Reached ‘Critical Point’ - NYT

Iran Expects to Equip Gulf Ships with Missiles Soon - Reuters

3 Blasts Kill 8 in Central Iraq  - AP

US, Israeli Military Drill Set for October-November - Reuters

Palestinians: Meeting Delayed With Israeli Vice PM - AP

Israeli Coalition Divided on Military Conscription - NYT

UNESCO: Bethlehem Nativity Church is 'Endangered Site' - VOA

Bethlehem Sites Given UN Status - BBC

Iran-Israel: Bombing or the Bomb? - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

US Drops Charges Against Kuwaiti Held at Guantanamo - Reuters

Fort Hood Commander Tapped to Lead US Army Europe - S&S

All 8 Air Force Firefighting Planes Activated - AP

One Soldier Killed, Two Injured in Fort Bragg Shooting - FO

Fort Bragg Shooter Faced Court Martial, Discharge, Officials Say - NBC

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Trial Won't be Delayed - AP

Air Force has Identified 31 Alleged Victims in Lackland Scandal - S&S

Naval Academy Greets Record Number of Female Plebes - S&S



United States

Foreign Spying of US Companies on the Rise, FBI Says - LAT

Attorney General Holder Won’t be Prosecuted for Contempt - WP

Hillary Clinton’s Last Tour as a Rock-Star Diplomat - NYT

Panetta: Partnerships Bolster National Security - AFPS

US Charges Vietnamese Man With Helping Yemeni Militants - Reuters

Supreme Court Defends the Right to Lie - WP editorial


United Kingdom

Armed Forces Day Being Celebrated - BBC

WikiLeaks’ Assange 'Declines' British Police Order - BBC

Assange: I'm Not Leaving Ecuadorian Embassy - CNN

A Handshake in Belfast - NYT editorial



Watchdog Group Warns of 'Dangerous Expansion' of State Power - VOA



US Military Plans Operations in Africa - VOA

UN Warns Sudan About 'Heavy-Handed' Suppression - VOA

Protests Heat Up the 'Sudanese Spring' - CNN

Sudan Austerity Protesters 'Tear-Gassed' - BBC

ECOWAS to Meet on Mali, Guinea Bissau Crises - VOA

US Ambassador to Kenya Quits Before Audit Release - NYT

Aid Workers Kidnapped in Kenya - BBC

Nigeria Says Arrests Oil Pipeline Bomber - Reuters

UN Refugee Status Ends for Angolans - AP

After Rwanda Genocide, Stifled Dissent - NYT opinion



Mexico Seems Poised to Embrace Party It Ousted in 2000 - NYT

Mexican Election Watchdog Under Pressure in Sunday's Vote - Reuters

Bomb Explodes in Mexican City Days Before Election - Reuters

Venezuela: Anti-Chavez TV Channel Pays $2.1m Fine - BBC

Mercosur Welcomes Venezuela, Suspends Paraguay - Reuters

Paraguay Suspended from Mercosur Bloc - BBC

Paraguay Suspended From Mercosur, No Sanctions - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

S. Korea Postpones Signing Military Pact with Japan - VOA

S. Korea Puts Off Japan Military Pact at Last Minute - AP

No Outcry over Korea-based Soldier's Suspended Sentence - S&S

UN Publishes Report on North Korea Sanctions Violations - Reuters

Japan: Thousands Protest Restarting of Nuclear Power Plant - NYT

Thousands at Japan PM's Office Decry Nuke Restart - AP

US Reaches Out to China, but Not for Naval Maneuvers - NYT

US Urges China to Avoid Censorship - WP

Chinese Police Crack Down on Guangdong Protesters - VOA

Key Figure in China's Political Tumult Quits Post - AP

China Paves Way to Charge Cop Who Sparked Bo Drama - Reuters

China: Plane Hijacking Foiled in West, 6 Detained - AP

Ningxia, China Muslims Hope Islamic Ties Profitable - VOA

Philippine Troops Kill 13 Communist Rebels - AP

Burmese Civil War Displaces Tens of Thousands - WP

US Confirms 1st Ambassador to Burma in 22 Years - AP



Eurozone Leaders Try Again to Resolve Debt Crisis - VOA

Germany’s Merkel Gets Parliament to Approve Euro Deals - NYT

Germany’s Merkel Defends Compromise on Euro - BBC

Germany Cedes Some Ground in Steps to Bolster Euro - NYT

Italy’s PM Nudges German Chancellor Toward Growth - NYT

EU Bailout Funds to go to Banks - WP

Europe's Bold Rescue Plan Still Awaiting Details - AP

Fate of Turkish Courts Hangs in the Balance - VOA

Clinton Recommends Fewer Business Barriers for Young Latvians - VOA

Clashes Injure Dozens as Serbs Visit Kosovo Battle Site - BBC

Greek Militant Group Claims Microsoft Attack - Reuters


South Asia

India Says Pakistan Involved in 2008 Mumbai Attacks - VOA

Sri Lankan Police Raid News Website, Arrest 9 - AP

World Bank Pulls Out of Bangladesh Project Amid Corruption - Reuters