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29 June SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Afghan Officials Hail Talks With Insurgents - NYT

Afghan Taliban Deny Taking Orders From Pakistan - Reuters

Troop Immunity Likely to Be Focus of US, Afghanistan Deal - Reuters

India Presses for More Private Investment in Afghanistan - VOA

India Seeks Larger Role in Stabilizing Afghanistan - WP

India's Growing Stake in Afghanistan - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Search and Destroy - Slate “Little America” book excerpt



With Strikes, Syrian Rebels Showcase Their Reach - NYT

US: Damascus Violence Is Sign Assad Losing Control - VOA

Explosions Shake Heart of Damascus - CNN

Blast Hits Damascus, Turkey Sends Troops to Border - Reuters

Turkey Boosts Forces at Syrian Border - VOA

Turkey Reinforces Border with Syria - WP

Syrian Tanks Amass Near Turkish Border - Reuters

Assad Rejects External Solution - BBC

Assad, in Taped TV Interview, Calls Iran a Wise Friend - NYT

Russia Favors Syrian Solution to Political Crisis - VOA

Russia Says Transition Needed But Cannot Be Imposed - NYT

Clinton, Russia’s Lavrov Set for Syria Showdown - AP

Russia Proposes Changes to Annan's Syria Proposal - Reuters

Annan 'Optimistic' Talks Will Have Acceptable Outcome - Reuters

Activists: Dozens Killed in Syria Shelling - AP

UN Seeks More Money to Help Syrian Refugees - VOA

Hamas Says Militant Killed in Syria - WP

Forging Peace - WP opinion

Russia Is to Syria What the US Is to Bahrain - MT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

EU Oil Embargo on Iran Goes into Effect Sunday - VOA

Iran Warns EU About 'Illegitimate Measures'  - AP

US Exempts China, Singapore From Iran Oil Sanctions - VOA

US Clears China, Singapore from Iran Oil Sanctions - AP

21 Are Killed in Iraq in the Latest Attacks of a Deadly Month - NYT

Strategic Dividends of Iraq Efforts Within Reach, Official Says - AFPS

Iraq's Commitment to US Mission Questioned in Congress - Reuters

National Service Proposal Riles Israeli Arabs - AP

Illegal West Bank Settlement Outpost Cleared - AP

UAE: US Raises New Concerns Over American Hunger Striker - AP

US Urges UAE to Free American Businessman on Bail - Reuters

Bahrain's Police Action Unjust, HRW Says - UPI

In 'Islamist' Egypt, Generals Still Have Final Say - Reuters

Rooted in the Land, Egypt's President Has Huge Task - Reuters

Egyptian First Lady-to-Be Sparks Debate - WP

Libyans Remember Jail Massacre - BBC

Libya: Detained ICC Lawyer Speaks with Family - UPI

Libya: Gaddafi Loyalist Seeks UK Asylum - BBC

Religion Not Arab Women's Problem? - CNN report on poll

Iran's Nuclear Static - UPI opinion

Islamists, US Power and Kuwait - AC opinion

The Egyptian Military Wins Again - FA opinion

Could Islamic Democracy Surprise Us? - TT opinion

Don't Ignore Mideast's Hunger for Change - ES opinion


US Department of Defense

US Military Seeks to Spread Skills Around World to Ease Burden - CNN

Honored Montford Point Marines Recall Breaking Racial Barriers - S&S

Drill Sergeants Compete for Recognition as Army's Best - S&S

Air Force Identifies 31 Alleged Victims in Lackland Sex Abuse Scandal - S&S

Air Force Investigates Sex Scandal - WP

Sergeant, Vet Convicted in Corruption Probe Surrounding Iraq War - FO

Military Contractor Cited for Treatment of Goats - VP

Navy Recruiter Charged with Wearing Unearned Awards - NT

Dempseys Discuss Challenges, Benefits of Military Moves - AFPS


United States

Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress - VOA

US Attorney General Holder 'in Contempt' - BBC

United Technologies: Cover-up of Military Software Sales to China - WP

Military Contractors Are Fined Over Aid to China - NYT

United Technologies Sent Military Copter Tech to China - Reuters

US Supreme Court OKs Obama's Health Care Plan - VOA

Supreme Court Rules Stolen Valor Act Unconstitutional - S&S

Panetta Commends Jacoby for NORTHCOM Fire Assistance - AFPS

US Strategy for 21st Century Needed - UPI opinion

A Pyrrhic Victory - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

British Police Demand that WikiLeak’s Assange Report to Station - AP

UK Police Serve Notice on WikiLeak’s Assange - CNN

Report: Ex-British Minister Sold Secrets to Czechs - AP

British Police Arrest Spanish ETA Pair - BBC

Two Men Arrested in London Terror Probe - CNN

British Memorial Honors World War II Bomber Crews - NYT



Australian Lawmakers Reject Asylum Seeker Bill - VOA

Australia Votes Down Asylum Bill - BBC

Australia Debates What To Do With Asylum Seekers - CNN


New Zealand

27-year US-New Zealand Nuclear Feud Rears its Ugly Head - FP

Old Diplomatic Spat Keeps Kiwis Out of Pearl Harbor - HSA


United Nations

July UN Meeting to Discuss Global Arms Trade Treaty  - VOA



Coups Hand ECOWAS Huge Challenge - VOA

US Ambassador to Kenya Resigns Over 'Differences' - AP

Force Won't Fix Economy, US Tells Sudan - UPI

Amnesty International: Arms Imports Fuel S. Sudan Violence - VOA

Islamist Militants Stream into Northern Mali Town After Victory - VOA

Northern Mali Protesters Earn Government Praise - VOA

Heritage Sites in Mali Under Threat - UPI

Mali: Timbuktu on UNESCO Danger List - BBC

Somali and Somaliland Presidents Meet in Dubai - BBC

Somalia: Piracy Conference Urges Public-Private Solutions - AP

Women as Human Pack Horses in DR Congo - NYT

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Loyalist 'Fears for Life' - BBC

Nigerian President's Call for Birth Control Sparks Debate - VOA

Africa Benefits from Chinese 'Colonialism' - NYT opinion



Mexico Election Campaign Wraps Up - BBC

Mexico Offers Reward for Airport Killer Police - Reuters

Venezuela: Court Defeat for anti-Chavez TV - BBC

Mercosur Bloc 'to Suspend Paraguay' - BBC

Mutinous Police, Bolivia Reach Deal - CNN

Bolivian Police End Salary Strike - BBC

Army Reserve Vets Make House Calls in Guatemala - AFPS

Mexico's Election and the Drug War - FA opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

South Korea Postpones Military Data Pact With Japan - NYT

S. Korea Puts Off Japan Military Pact at Last Minute - AP

Pacific Exercise to Feature More Participants, Biofuel Use - AFPS

Chinese Police Crack Down on Guangdong Protesters - VOA

China: Xinjiang 'Hijack Attempt Foiled' - BBC

Plane Hijack Foiled in West China's Xinjiang - AP

Space: China Conquers Final Frontier - CNN

China Spacecraft Returns to Earth - BBC

China: Hong Kong Faces an Identity Crisis - WP

15 Years After China Takeover, Hong Kong Uneasy - AP

China Blocks Bloomberg Site After Report on Leader - AP

China Blogger Says Court Overturns His Conviction - AP

NY Times Launches Chinese Web Site - VOA

N. Korean Claims South Agents Tricked Her to Defect - AP

Burma Opposition Leader Finds Support as European Tour Ends - NYT

Myanmar (Burma) Tells Suu Kyi Not to Call Country 'Burma' - AP

Aid Workers Detained in Burma - NYT

Thai Official Informs US Envoy over NASA Issue - S&S

US Postpones Thai Weather Project - BBC

Cambodian Villagers Protest Controversial Laos Dam - Reuters

Uzbekistan Quits Russia-Dominated Security Pact - AP

Mongolia Vote Snags as Ruling Party Seeks Recount - AP



EU Leaders Agree on Bank Rescue Fund - VOA

Eurozone Agrees on Banks Rescue - BBC

EU Deal Buoys Markets Despite Sketchy Details - Reuters

War Crimes Court Drops One Genocide Count Against Serb Karadzic - VOA

UN Court Acquits Serb Karadzic of 1 Genocide Count - AP

Ex-Leader of Bosnian Serbs Fails to Get War Crimes Trial Halted - NYT

Turkish Generals Look to Life Beyond Prison Bars - Reuters

Further Integration Won’t Fix Club Med States - UPI opinion

Weak Turkey Suddenly Loves the West - TG opinion


South Asia

India Police Kill '17 Maoists' - BBC

Indian Man Freed After 30 Years in Pakistani Jail - VOA

India Spy Returns from Pakistan - BBC

ICG Questions Military Aid to Pakistan - UPI

Taliban Video Shows 17 Beheaded Pakistani Soldiers - CNN

Pakistanis View US as the Enemy, Poll Finds - LAT

Pakistan: Shia Strike over Quetta Attack - BBC

Now Obama Just Has to Worry About Pakistan's Supreme Court - FP opinion

Pakistan Collapsing from Within - CNN opinion