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28 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


Pentagon: Afghan Improvised Bombs Kill Fewer US-led Troops - USAT

Deadly Day for Afghan Police - NYT

Afghan Women Entrepreneurs Look to India for Opportunities - WP

Afghan Rape Case Focuses on Local Police - NYT

Afghanistan Wants Its Cultural Heroes Back - Reuters

Cross-Border Raid: Video Shows 17 Beheaded Pakistani Soldiers - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Dysfunctional Decade in Afghanistan - WPR opinion



Inside Syria's Civil War - FP

Syrian Opposition Rejects Annan Plan if Assad Stays - Reuters

Clinton to Attend Meeting on Syria - WP

Syria Talks Won’t Include the Saudis or Iranians - NYT

Russia 'Backs Annan's Syria Plan' - BBC

Russia Backs Annan Idea of Syria Unity Government - Reuters

UN: Human Rights Violations in Syria Escalating - VOA

Syria Violence Escalates as US Seeks Turning Point - AP

Syrian Arrests Are Said to Have Snared Tens of Thousands - NYT

Gunmen Attack Pro-Assad Syrian TV Station - VOA

Attack Destroys Pro-Government TV Station Near Damascus - NYT

Hamas Says Militant Assassinated in Damascus - AP

Report: Syria May Have Mistaken Turkish Jet's ID - AP

Turkey Steps Up Syria Defenses - BBC

Turkish Troops, Anti-Aircraft Guns on Syrian Border - Reuters

Turkey Deploys Anti-Aircraft Guns at Syria Border - AP



Morsi Ushers in New Era in Egyptian Politics, Relations with US - VOA

Israel-Egypt Ties Face New Challenge - WP

Practical Concerns, Not Ideology, May Keep Egypt-Israel Peace - VOA

In Divided Egypt, US Plays All Sides - Reuters

Egypt's Generals Eye Turkish Model - AP

Egypt’s Everywoman Finds Her Place Is in the Presidential Palace - NYT

Egyptian Officials: Mubarak's Health Worsens - AP

No More Illusions in Egypt - G&M opinion


Middle East

Navy Chief: Iranian Navy in Gulf Quiet Lately - AP

Palestinian President to Meet Israeli Vice PM - Reuters

Palestinian Leader, Israeli Vice PM to Meet - AP

US Money Remains in Iraq - WP

Police: 9 Killed in Bombings Around Iraqi Capital - AP

Car Bombs Kill 8 in Iraq, Many Wounded - Reuters

The Hidden Palestinian Revolution - JP opinion

Time to End the Turkey-Israel Cold War - CSM opinion


US Department of Defense

Fire Crews Fight to Save US Air Force Academy - AP

Dempsey Details Challenges in Visit to Nebraska Base - AFPS

Panetta Commentary Focuses on War’s Unseen Wounds - AFPS

Navy Continues to Lean Forward, Evolve, Ops Chief Says - AFPS

NORTHCOM Continues Fire Suppression Efforts - AFPS

Payouts to Jobless Troops Exiting Military Approach $1Bn - USAT

Officials Outline Progress in Protecting Troops Financially - AFPS

Logistics Director Lauds Workforce, Notes Challenges - AFPS

Panetta Announces $60M in Grants to Military Schools - AFPS       

Panetta: Educating Military Children a National Security Issue -S&S

National Park Service Offers Military, Families Free Annual Pass - AFPS

Two More Air Force Trainers Charged in Growing Sex Scandal - S&S


United States

‘Fast and Furious’ Creator Calls Accusations ‘Absurd’ - WP

Holder Faces House Contempt Vote on Gun Probe - Reuters

Future of an Aging Court Raises Stakes of Presidential Vote - NYT

US Leaders See Fallout if Joint Missile Funds Nixed - Reuters

Frequent Flier Secretary of State Clinton Hits 100-Country Mark - AP

Thousands Flee Colorado Springs Area as Winds Fuel Wildfire - NYT

Study: Taxpayers Paying Twice for Veterans' Health-care Plans - USAT

Saudi Is Convicted in Bomb Attempt - AP

VA Finally Opens Doors to Licensed Counselors - S&S

The Hubris of the Obamites on Vietnam - FP opinion


United Kingdom

British Queen Meets Former IRA Leader - WP

Ex-Guerrilla and Queen Briefly Bridge a Divide - NYT

History Unfolds: Queen, ex-IRA Chief Shake Hands - AP

'Money Wasted' on MoD Stockpiles - BBC



Arms Trade 'Fuels South Sudan Unrest' - BBC

Ethiopia Convicts 24 of Terrorism - VOA

Nigerian President Replaces Top State Oil Firm Officials - VOA

UN Extends Congo Peacekeeping Mission - AP

Rwanda 'Launched DR Congo Rebels' - BBC

Tuareg Rebels, Islamist Militants Clash in Northern Mali - VOA

Islamists Seize Key town in Mali - BBC

Rebel Groups Clash in Northern Mali - AP

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Loyalist 'Fears for Life' - BBC

Beijing, a Boon for Africa - NYT opinion



Mexico Election Campaign Wraps Up - BBC

For Mexicans in Lawless City of Tampico, Election Offers Little Hope - WP

Mexico Focuses on Man Expected to Lose Election - AP

Mexico's Pena Nieto Wraps Up Campaign With Victory Near - Reuters

Mexico Would Need Major Reforms for Better Credit Rating - Reuters

Venezuela Poll Shows Tight Race for Chavez - Reuters

SOUTHCOM’s ‘Beyond the Horizons’ Strengthens Bonds in Guatemala, Honduras - AFPS

Guatemala Sends Dozens of Drug Traffickers to Prison - Reuters

A Dutch Ally in War on Drugs in The Caribbean Islands - MH

UN Chief Wants Paraguayans to Resolve Differences - AP

Lugo Says Paraguay's Democracy Is 'Broken' - AP

Bolivian Police End Salary Strike - BBC

Bolivian Police End Rebellion After Pay Deal Reached - Reuters

Ecuador Quits Former DOD School of the Americas - AP

Unions Stage One-Day General Strike in Argentina - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

US to Highlight China Cooperation at ASEAN Forum - Reuters

Chinese Military Pledges to Strengthen Ties with US - ANN

Chinese Paper Slams US Candidates for Playing 'China Card' - Reuters

Islam Flourishes in China's Ningxia Region - VOA

China: Attack Raises Fears of a New Gang War in Macau - NYT

Philippines Says Chinese Boats Back in Disputed Lagoon - AP

Philippine Massacre Witness Dead - BBC

130 Rescued After Shipwreck South of Indonesia - NYT

US Envoy Urges Continued Engagement with Burma - VOA

Mongolia Votes; Spending Mining Windfall at Issue - AP

Slippery Slope into Burma - WP editorial

Why China Can't Pick Good Leaders - TD opinion

Can India Push Burma Toward Freedom? - Bloomberg opinion



Eurozone Divided Ahead of Summit - BBC

Germany Pushes Federalism for European Union - WP

German Government Source Plays Down EU Summit Expectations - Reuters

From Nazi to Terminator, Europe's Media Target Germany’s Merkel - Reuters

Europe's Debt Crisis: The Key Milestones - VOA

Brussels Summit Meeting: One Thing Missing Is Confidence - NYT

Troubled Europe Summit: Germany’s Merkel vs. Everyone Else - AP

Spain Warns of Increasing Debt Costs - VOA

Italy Warns of Euro Disaster as Debt Costs Rise - AP

Italy Passes Labor Laws Before Talks - NYT        

Moscow Vows Retaliation Over Russian Lawyer Death Bill - VOA

Russia "Outraged" over Senate Passing Magnitsky Bill - Reuters

Graft-ridden Russian City Taken Over - WP

Polish Leader Hails Reconciliation with Germany - AP

Turks Seek Freedom to Travel to Europe Without Visas - NYT

Norway Builds Psychiatric Ward for Mass Killer - AP

Greeks Lacking Cures - WP opinion


South Asia

Mumbai Attack Suspect Confirms State Support, India Says - VOA

India Says Pakistan Aided Planner of Mumbai Attacks - NYT

Lawyer: Pakistan Releases Alleged Indian Spy - AP

India 'Spy' Returns from Pakistan - BBC

Pakistani High Court Targets New PM - WP

Pakistan Collapsing from Within - CNN opinion