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26 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP



Biden, in Leaked Memo, Told Obama War Plan Flawed - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Taliban Kill 13 Soldiers in Pakistan Raid - NYT

Militants Kill 13 Pakistani Troops, Beheading 7 - AP

Taliban Attack Pakistan's Aaj TV - BBC



Turkish Border is Crucial to Syrian Fight as Rebels Evolve - NYT

NATO to Hold Urgent Meeting on Syria - VOA

Turkey Seeks NATO Backing in Syria Dispute - NYT

Turkey Treading Cautiously on Syria over Jet Downing Incident - WP

NATO Envoys to Discuss Downing of Turkish Jet - AP

Turkey Toughens Response to Syria’s Downing of Military Jet - VOA

Turkey Warns of Syrian 'Threat' - BBC

Turkish Fighter Shoot-Down Concerns Panetta, Press Secretary Says - AFPS

Latest Syrian Defectors Are From Higher Ranks - NYT

Heavy Fighting Around Syrian Capital - Reuters

Activists: Syrian Rebels Clash With Elite Troops - AP

US accuses UN of ‘colossal failure’ on Syria - DT

UN Envoy Wants Iran at Syria Meeting - AP

ICRC Asks Syrian Government for Access to Homs - VOA



Egypt’s President is US Critic, but Could be Ally - WP

Egypt's President-Elect Starts to Form Government - VOA

Egypt’s President-Elect Begins Rituals of Office - NYT

Mursi Builds Egyptian Government - BBC

World Leaders React to Egypt's Election Results - VOA

Panetta Commends Egyptian Military for Supporting Elections - AFPS

How Much Change Can Egypt Expect? - CNN

Another Chance for Egypt - NYT editorial

Can the Muslim Brotherhood Unite Egypt? - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Putin Consults With Israeli Leaders on Syria and Iran - NYT

Israel Urges Putin Action on Iran - BBC

Iran Warns EU Oil Embargo to Impact Nuclear Talks - AP

S. Korea to Halt Iran Oil Imports from July 1 - AP

West Bank Settlers Leave Outpost - BBC

Settlers Begin Evacuation of a West Bank Outpost - NYT

Israel Museum Attack Arrests Made - BBC

For Gaza, Egypt's Islamist Victory No Quick Fix - AP

Iraq Bomb Kills 9 Young Soccer Players, Fans - Reuters

Al Qaeda Members Fled US-Backed Strike in Yemen to Oman - Reuters

Al Qaeda Threatens Arab Spring Nations - Reuters

List of Unexploded Arms in Libya Is Seen as Limited - NYT


US Department of Defense

FBI Checked More Than 100 Military-Related Islamic Extremists - S&S

Senior Leaders: Now is Time for Law of the Sea Treaty Ratification - S&S

Chairman’s Corner: Civil-Military Relations and the Profession of Arms - AFPS

Audit: DOD Computer Network Upgrades $7 Billion Over Budget - DDN

New Admiral Takes Charge at Guantanamo Bay Camps - McClatchy

Marines Release New Plan to Prevent Sexual Assault - S&S


United States

New Measures Approved to Stem Intelligence Leaks - WP

Intelligence Chief Announces New Rules to Curb Leaks - NYT

New Measures Designed to Stop US Intelligence Leaks - CNN

Congress Keeps Closer Watch on CIA Drone Strikes - TWB

Senate Panel Briefed on Nuke Treaty - WP

US Supreme Court Rejects Much of Arizona Immigration Law - VOA

Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece - NYT

Homeland Security Suspends Immigration Agreements with Arizona Police - WT

Supreme Court Immigration Ruling to Frame US Political Debate - VOA

Immigration Ruling: 5 Things Learned - CNN

House to Vote Thursday on Holder Contempt Charge - Reuters

Sharia Financing Helps US Muslims Achieve Home Ownership Dream - VOA

A Supreme Reminder: Immigration Belongs to Washington - WP editorial

An Attorney General Lacking Trust - WP opinion


United Kingdom

MI5: Arab Spring Spawns New Wave of UK Terrorists - DT

MI5 Issues Cyber-attacks Warning - BBC

MI5 Chief Talks Threats Before Olympics - AP

UK Hackers Admit Plotting Attacks on CIA, Firms - Reuters

UK Police Launch Riot Suspects App - BBC

Queen to Begin N. Ireland Visit - BBC

Queen Begins N. Ireland Trip, to Meet Ex-IRA Chief - AP



AFRICOM Commander Details Current, Emerging Threats - AFPS

AFRICOM: African Extremist Groups Linking Up - Reuters

US Looks to Expand Military Aid, Intel to Africa - AP

Nigerian President Seeks 'New Tactics' Against Boko Haram - VOA

Sudan Says No Retreat on Cuts Despite Protests - Reuters

Rwanda FM Slams Claims It Supports Congo Rebels - AP

Zimbabwe Gets Privately-Owned Radio Station - VOA



Upcoming Vote Might Shift Mexico's Drug Policy - CNN

Gunmen Kill 3 Officers at Airport in Mexico - NYT

Three Dead in Mexico Airport Gunfight Between Police - Reuters

Deadly Shootout at Mexico Airport - BBC

Mexico Laments Part of US Immigration Ruling - AP

In Reversal, Ex-President of Paraguay Seeks Power - NYT

Ousted Leader Hopes to Regain Power in Paraguay - AP

Guatemala Says Arbitration Panel with US on Hold - Reuters

Ecuador Studying Asylum Bid by WikiLeaks Founder - AP

Unrest Over Bolivia Police Strike - BBC

Hundreds Protest Haiti Gov't Plan to Destroy Homes - AP

Protest Against Haiti Slum Eviction - BBC

Mexico Stepping Out of Brazil's Shadow - CNN opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Allies Conduct Exercise to Mark Korean War Anniversary - AFPS

Boat Ramming Incident Reported in South China Sea - VOA

China Hails Sea and Space Exploits - CNN

China Has Forced Refugees Back to Burma Conflict Zone - Reuters

China 'Failing Burmese Refugees' - BBC

Malaysia Court: Give Iranian Bomb Suspect to Thais - AP



Charities Say EU Budget Crunch Affects Foreign Aid - VOA

France Plans Cuts but ‘Rejects’ Idea of Austerity - NYT

Spain, Cyprus Looking for Outside Aid for Ailing Banks - VOA

Cyprus to Ask for Bailout Help - BBC

Spain Banks Downgraded by Moody's - BBC

Al-Qaida Trains Norwegian to Attack - AP

Bosnian Accused of War Crimes Appeals Extradition - AP


South Asia

Mumbai Attack Suspect Arrested in India - VOA

Indian Police Arrest Suspect in 2008 Mumbai Attack - NYT

India: New Arrest in 2008 Mumbai Attacks - WP

India: Mumbai Attacks 'Planner' Questioned - BBC

In Kashmir, Killing Ebbs, but Killers Roam Free - NYT