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25 June SWJ Roundup

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Attacks Underscores Difficulties US Troops Face Training Afghan Forces - FO

Lucrative Afghan Oil Deal Was Awarded Properly, Karzai Says - NYT

Bomb Blast Kills 6 Afghan Police Officers - AP

Concussion Care Center Offers Full Treatment for Troops - S&S



US Mulls New Covert Raids in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Says Afghan Peace Requires Clarity From US, Taliban - Reuters

Militants Kill 6 Pakistan Troops Near Afghanistan - AP

In a Troubled Country, Still Time for High Society - NYT

Pakistan: Buddha Attacked by Taliban Gets Facelift - AP



Turkey: Syrian-Downed Plane Was Over International Waters - VOA

Turkey Calls Jet Shoot-down a Hostile Act - CNN

Western Powers Condemn Syria for Downing Turkish Jet - VOA

Turkey Calls NATO Allies to Emergency Meeting Jet Downing - WP

Turkey Calls NATO Meeting on Jet Shoot-down - BBC

NATO to Meet on Syria-Turkey Jet Downing - AJ

Jordan Says Several Syria Pilots Seeking Refuge Recently - DPA

Reports of Military Defections Come Amid Crisis With Turkey - NYT

Syrian Officers 'Flee to Turkey' - BBC

Report: 33 Syria Military Members Defect to Turkey - AP

Syrian Officers Defect, Turkey Looks to NATO - Reuters

Australia Introduces New Sanctions Against Syria - AP

International Red Cross Seeks Access to Syria's Homs - Reuters

Would Russia Help Oust Assad? - NYT opinion



Mohamed Morsi, First Freely Elected Egyptian President - VOA

Named Egypt’s Winner, Islamist Makes History - NYT

Morsi is Declared New Egyptian President - WP

Islamist Mursi Wins Egyptian Presidency - BBC

Muslim Brotherhood-backed Candidate Wins in Egypt - CNN

Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Declared Winner - McClatchy

Islamist Wins Egyptian Presidency with 52 Percent - Reuters

Islamist Candidate Morsi Wins Egypt Presidential Vote - AP

Celebration in Egypt as Morsi Declared Winner - AJ

Challenges Multiply for Egypt’s New President - NYT

Egypt Appears to Underline the Limit of US Influence - WP

Egypt Results Leave White House Relieved but Watchful - NYT

Obama Congratulates Egypt's New President-Elect - AP

Israel Jittery After Brotherhood Victory in Egypt - AP

Gazans Celebrate Brotherhood Victory in Egypt - AP

Egypt's President-Elect at Home in His Village - VOA

Egypt President-Elect Starts Consultations on Team - AP

Who is Mohammed Morsi? - WP

Egypt's New Leader: Dutiful, Pragmatic Islamist - AP

Mursi to Build Egypt Government - BBC

Where Morsi Stands on the Issues - WP

Key Events in Egypt's Uprising and Transition - AP

Egypt Stumbles Forward - WP editorial

A New Dawn in Egypt - DS editorial

Egypt's Hopes Betrayed - DT editorial

Morsi and Egypt’s Military - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Four US Navy Minesweepers Arrive in the Gulf - Reuters

Iran to Top Putin Talks in Israel - BBC

Standoff With Iran Focus of Putin Visit to Israel - AP

Iran, Syria on Agenda for Putin's Israel Visit - Reuters

Scores Arrested in Israel Protest  - VOA

Israel Expelling 150 South Sudanese - AP

Turkey Hits Kurd Bases in Iraq - BBC

Saudi Women Allowed into Olympics - BBC

Tunisia Extradites Former Qaddafi Prime Minister to Libya - Reuters

Tunisia: Libya ex-PM Extradition 'Illegal' - BBC

Putin's Visit to Israel - JP editorial

Arab Spring Mess - WP opinion

Mideast Goes Deeper into Chaos - GN opinion

How Israel Could Change the World - Newsweek opinion



Ecuador Mulls Giving Julian Assange Asylum - VOA

Assange 'Being Buoyed by Support' - BBC


US Department of Defense

DOD to Halt Air Force Aircraft Transfers - S&S

Guard Generals Not Disciplined in Misuse of Aircraft - VP

First African-American Marines to Get Highest Civilian Honor - S&S


United States

Suspension Doesn't Stop VA Doctor from Practicing - AJ

High Veterans' Jobless Rate Leads to State and Federal Initiatives - DFP

A Weapon We Can’t Control - NYT opinion

Fixing the Immigration System - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Scottish Anti-Independence Campaign Launched - BBC



One Killed, Several Wounded in Blast in Mombasa, Kenya - VOA

Kenya: Deadly Attack on Bar in Mombasa - BBC

Grenade Attack in Kenya Kills at Least 3 - AP

Nigeria Says It Needs New Anti-Terrorism Tactics - Reuters

Militants Attack Jail in Nigeria, Freeing 40 - Reuters

Nigeria Jail Attack Frees Inmates - BBC

Blast at Beer Garden in Northeast Nigeria Wounds 9 - AP

Tuareg Rebels in Mali Appeal to Bruised Local Population - VOA



Man Is Killed by US Agent in Drug Raid in Honduras - NYT

DEA Honduras Raid Part of Aggressive Drug Strategy - AP

Can 'Chavismo' Outlast Venezuela's Chavez? - Reuters

Ousted Paraguay Leader Denounces 'Coup'  - VOA

Paraguay's Lugo Denounces Removal - BBC

Bolivia Police Reject Salary Deal - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

North Korea Tests the Patience of Its Closest Ally - NYT

USS George Washington Leads Joint Maneuvers With S. Korea - VOA

China, N. Korea Wary of US-ROK Navy Exercises - S&S

N. Korea Blasts Use of its Flag During US-S. Korea Exercise - S&S

Chinese Company Ensnared in Philippines Graft Case - WP

Philippines: Chinese Boats Leave Disputed Lagoon - AP

Philippines Says Reporter From Jordan Held Hostage - NYT

Malaysia to Deport Bomb Suspect to Thailand - BBC

Burma's Suu Kyi to Appeal Ruling in Home Dispute - AP

How Successful Is America's Asia Rebalance? - TD opinion

Japan’s Inept Guardians - NYT opinion



Europe Crisis 'Cuts Aid to Poor' - BBC

Greece’s New Leaders to Miss Crucial Meeting - NYT

Greek PM to Miss EU Summit; Hopes Fade of Major Action - Reuters

Spain Requests EU Aid, Market Hopes Dim - Reuters

Bosnian Accused of War Crimes Appeals Extradition - AP

Italy’s Monti: The Euro’s Best Hope? - WP opinion


South Asia

India: Mumbai Attacks 'Planner' Arrested - BBC

India: New Arrest in 2008 Mumbai Attacks - WP

India: Police Arrest Key Suspect in Mumbai Attack - AP

Fire Destroys Kashmir Sufi Shrine - BBC

Blaze at Sufi Shrine Triggers Violence in Indian Kashmir - Reuters

Anti-Government Protesters, Police Clash in Nepal - AP