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24 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP



Flooding in Northern Afghanistan Kills at Least 37 - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

‘Little America’ - WP book excerpt (highly recommended)



8 Dead in Pakistan Shooting - VOA

Coup Fears Return to Pakistan - TH opinion

Pakistan: No Country for Armed Men - FP opinion

Pakistan's Ménage à Trois - NYT opinion



Turkey's President: Warplane May Have Crossed Syrian Border - VOA

Turkish Jet 'May Have Strayed' - BBC

Turkey Mulls Response to Syria’s Attack - WP

Turkey Vows Action After Downing of Jet by Syria - NYT

Top-level Meetings in Turkey on Syria - CNN

Turkey Threatens Action After Syria Downs Jet - AP

Turkey Says Jet Downing Cannot be Ignored - AJ

Syria Insists Shoot Down of Turkish Plane "An Accident" - DT

Syria: Downing of Turkish Plane Not a Hostile Act - AP

UN Hopes for Restraint Over Downed Turkish Jet - Reuters

Turkish, Syrian Forces Seek Downed Turkish Jet - Reuters

Syrian Civilians Hit Hard by Spreading Violence - AP

Syria Army Shells City Near Iraq, Kills 28 - Reuters

Syrian TV Says Gunmen Kidnapped and Killed 25 - AP

Fourth Syrian Red Crescent Worker Shot Dead - Reuters

Gunship Diplomacy - DT editorial

Act Now in Syria or Pay Later - G&M opinion

Anan’s Deal with the Devil - WP opinion

Is Syria Becoming a Proxy War Between US and Russia? - USN&WR opinion



Egypt Election Results to be Announced Sunday - VOA

Results in Egypt’s Presidential Election to be Announced Sunday - WP

Egypt: Declaration of Winner in Presidential Contest Said to Be Near - NYT

Tension as Egyptians Wait for Word of New President - CNN

Egypt to Announce Election Results Sunday - AP

Egyptians Await Election Results - BBC

Egypt Braces for Islamist President, or Army Rule - Reuters

In the Battle for Egypt, West Must Back Islamists - TE editorial

Egyptians Look to US for Help - TG opinion

Cutting Off Aid to Egypt Won't Work - TNI opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Launches More Air Strikes on Gaza, 3 Killed - VOA

Two Killed in Fresh Gaza Strikes - BBC

Israel Kills Two in Strikes on Gaza as Truce Falters - Reuters

Violence Escalates on Gaza Border - NYT

Hamas Threatens to Escalate Attacks on Israel - AP

Huge Iranian Resistance Rally in Paris - AP

In Israel, African Newcomers Face Violence - WP

Governing Iraq Is Nice Work, If You Can Avoid It - AP

Hopes for Reform Fade in Bahrain, Protesters Turn Anger on US - NYT

Yemen: Army Takes New al-Qaida Stronghold - AP

Libya Democracy Clashes With Fervor for Jihad - NYT

No Alternative to Palestinian Statehood - WP interview

Saudi Monarchy Must Change or Die - TE editorial

Hamas Violence Undermines Real Resistance - TN editorial

Stop the Hamas Rocket Assault on Israel - DT opinion

The Overshadowed Peace Process - TNI opinion

A Third Intifada Is Inevitable - NYT opinion

To Defeat al-Qaeda, Win in Yemen - Bloomberg opinion

Not-So-Crazy in Tehran - NYT opinion

Russia Won't Play Ball on Iran - TD opinion

The Saudi End Game for Iran - AT opinion



Ecuador Ambassador Leaves UK to Discuss Assange Case - Reuters

Ecuador's Envoy Heads to Quito for Assange Talks - AP

Julian Assange: Thanks for Nothing - DT opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Welcomes Senate-confirmed Leaders to Pentagon - AFPS

Hawaii Bracing for Largest-ever RIMPAC Exercise - S&S

Report: Submarine Hazing Centered on Homosexuality - AP

Defense Department Computer Upgrades $7B Over Budget - S&S

US Military Hunts for Safe Smartphones for Soldiers - NYT

Vt. Defense Contractor Buys Another, Saves 40 Jobs - AP

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard - CNN opinion (Pollard’s lawyers)


United States

US Virgin Islands Seeks Return of ATF Agents to Fight Crime - AP

All the President’s Privileges - NYT opinion

Obama and the ‘Vietnam Hangover’ - WP opinion

Protecting Free Speech - WP opinion

Eric Holder’s Worst Week, Again - WP opinion

American Power Enters the 21st Century - AS opinion



Immigrants Change Australia's Cultural Identity - VOA



Bomb Blast Hits Nigeria's Capital - VOA

Nigeria: UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Boko Haram Attacks - VOA

US Says Attack Likely in Kenya Port City - Reuters

US Embassy Warns of 'Imminent' Terror Threat in Kenya - CNN

Kenya Police Seize Explosive Material - AP

UN Report on Congo Mutiny Omits Evidence of Rwanda Role - Reuters

Sudanese Protest Over Cuts Amid Security Crackdown - Reuters

Protests Against Sudan Austerity - BBC

Sudan Police Orders Firm Dispersal of Protests - AP

US Restores $350 Million Aid Package to Malawi - CNN

Ivorians Extradited from Liberia - BBC

In Pictures: Africa's Power Women - CNN



US Plans More Drone Flights Over Caribbean - LAT

Mexico: Drug War-weary Voters Set to Return Opposition to Power - DT

Mexico: Violent Wave Swallows More Women in Ciudad Juárez - NYT

Fourteen Mutilated Bodies Found Outside Mexican Supermarket - Reuters

Son of Mexican Drug Lord Not Arrested, Authorities Say - CNN

Mexican Car Dealer Mistaken for Son of Wanted Drug Lord - DT

In Paraguay, Democracy’s All-Too-Speedy Trial - NYT

Outcry as Paraguayan Leader Ousted - BBC

Paraguayan Protesters Demand Lugo's Return - AP

Paraguay Under Pressure After Lugo Ousted - Reuters

Brazil Calls Back Ambassador Over Paraguay Impeachment - Reuters

Argentina Withdrawing Ambassador to Paraguay Over Impeachment - Reuters

Paraguay Leader Tries to Quell Diplomatic Fallout - AP

Army Deployed in Bolivia Strike - BBC

Former FIFA VP Warner Is New Trinidad Security Minister - Reuters

Mexican Democracy’s Lost Years - NYT opinion

Mexico Faces a Big Choice - NYP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central / South

Pacific Pivot Perks Up US Interest in 'Old' Bases - S&S

US, Japanese Officials Discuss Osprey Issues - AFPS

Chinese Spacecraft Docks With Orbiting Module - AP

China Makes Manual Space Docking - BBC

In North Korea, Learning to Hate US Starts Early - AP

Massacre Tests Judicial Reform in the Philippines - Reuters

Malaysia Haze Points to a Regional Problem - NYT

Gang Suspects in Kazakhstan Killed in Gunfight - AP

Japan Wants Nuclear Weapons - KT editorial

Russia, Japan Takes Steps on Island Dispute - JT editorial



Greek Coalition Outlines Plan to Renegotiate Loan Deal - NYT

Greece Seeks Austerity Slowdown - BBC

Former Russian Minister Warns of Economic Ebb - NYT

Russia Shifts From Resource Nationalism to Globalism - Reuters

Swedish Police Baffled by Explosives Near Nukes - AP

Polish Reporter Arrested in Belarus for Defaming President - VOA

Poland Demands Release of Reporter Held in Belarus - Reuters

Norway: Breivik Ends Massacre Trial by Defending Attacks - AP

UK Flexes Gunship Diplomacy with Russia - DT editorial