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23 June SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Forces Defeat Taliban Siege of Hotel - VOA

Taliban Insurgents Attack Popular Kabul Resort; at Least 20 Killed - WP

Witnesses Describe Brazen Attack on Resort Hotel Near Kabul - NYT

Relatives Gather at Scene of Grisly Slayings at Kabul Hotel - S&S

Officials Condemn Hotel Attack in Afghanistan - AFPS

Soldier Who Killed Afghan Civilian Says He Felt Threat to His Men - S&S

‘Little America’ - WP book excerpt



Pakistani Lawmakers Elect Ashraf New PM - VOA

Pakistan Party Picks Nominee for PM - WP

Pakistani Parliament Elects New Prime Minister - NYT

Ashraf Elected New Pakistan PM - BBC

Report: US Diplomats Harassed in Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan's Ménage à Trois - NYT opinion



Syria Shoots Down Turkish Warplane, Fraying Ties Further - NYT

Turkey Says it Will Take ‘Steps’ after Syria Shoots Down Military Jet - WP

Syria Admits Shooting Down Turkish Warplane - VOA

Syria Confirms Downing of Turkish Jet - BBC

Syria Says it Shot Down Turkish Air Force Jet - AP

Turkey's Gul Says Downing of Jet Cannot Be Ignored - Reuters

Annan: Syria Crisis Must Not Spiral Out Of Control - VOA

Rising Death Toll in Syria Prompts Calls for Western Intervention - VOA

As Militants Join Syria Revolt, Fears Grow over Arms Flow - Reuters

Syria Rebels Accused of Massacre - BBC

Russia Flexes Diplomatic Muscle on Syria - VOA

UN's Annan: Iran Should Be Part of Syria Solution - AP

Anan’s Deal with the Devil - WP opinion



Egyptians Protest Against Military Council, Delayed Vote Results - VOA

Showdown Escalates in Egypt - WP

Showdown in Egypt Escalates in Fight for Power - NYT

Tension Soars as Egypt Awaits Vote Results - AP

Egypt Army, Islamists in Talks to Resolve Impasse - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli Strikes Kill Two in Gaza - BBC

Israel Bombs Hamas Targets in Gaza as Truce Unravels - Reuters

Hamas Entrenched in Gaza After 5 Years of Rule - AP

Palestinians Display Weapons of Protest - AP

Bahrain Opposition Leader Says Injured in Police Clashes - Reuters

Egypt Protest Over Military Rule - BBC

ICC Promises Libya Staff Probe - BBC

Group Condemns Libya Judge Murder - BBC

No Alternative to Palestinian Statehood - WP interview

The Third Intifada Is Inevitable - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Report: Peralta's Medal of Honor Nomination Reaches Panetta's Desk - S&S

Panetta: Suicide Problem Goes Far Beyond Combat Veterans - VOA

Blueprint for Modernizing Military Pay Delivered - S&S

Lawmakers Charge Air Force Hostile to Religious Freedom - S&S

Air Force Training Head Orders Misconduct Probe - AP


United States

Threats from Cyber to Terror Supplant Cold War's Clearer Dangers - S&S

Moroccan Man Pleads Guilty to US Capitol Bomb Attempt - Reuters

Agent: Chemicals Found in Saudi Man's Texas Apartment - AP

Texas Man Accused of Trying to Blow up Pipeline - AP

The LOST Sinkhole - WP opinion

Obama and the ‘Vietnam Hangover’ - WP opinion

Protecting Free Speech - WP opinion

Eric Holder’s Worst Week, Again - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Robinson Says Sinn Fein Right to Meet Queen - BBC

Ex-IRA Man McGuinness, Queen to Meet for First Time Next Week - WP

IRA Ex-Commander to Shake Hands With Queen - NYT

Former IRA Commander to Meet Queen Elizabeth II - AP

British Banks Battling Somali Pirates by Curbing Dollar Supply - Bloomberg


United Nations

Rio Summit Ends with Warning on Corporate Power - BBC

Rio+20, the Unhappy Environmental Summit - AP

Activists Decry Missed Rio Summit Chance - BBC



US Support Aids Hunt for Central African Rebel Group - AFPS

US Army’s ‘Dagger Brigade’ to Align with AFRICOM in 2013 - AFPS

US Army: Troops to be Ready for Africa Missions - WT

Nigerian Security Chiefs Sacked - BBC

Nigeria 'Christmas Bomber' Held - BBC

Sudanese Refugees Fleeing From One Nightmare to Another - VOA

Sudan Police Clash With Protesters Overnight - AP

Somali Leaders Agree on Draft Constitution - VOA

Deaths of Hostages Held by Somali Pirates 'Increasing' - BBC

British Banks Battling Somali Pirates by Curbing Dollar Supply - Bloomberg

Ethiopia Says Troops to Stay Longer in Somalia - Reuters

Liberia to Extradite 41 Ivorians for Involvement in 2011 Conflict - VOA

Ethiopia Jails UN Worker for Terrorism Links - BBC

US Warns of Attack Threat in Kenyan Port City - Reuters

Kenya Maids Barred from Mid-East - BBC

VOA Reporter Visits Northern Mali - VOA

Zimbabwe Parliament Members Go 'Under the Knife' - VOA

Circumcision for Zimbabwe's MPs - BBC

In Taylor Trial, Tampering Conviction for Ex-Rebel - VOA



Killings Curb Reporting of Mexican Crime Wave - NYT

Mexicans, Watchful for Vote Fraud, Hope to Avoid 2006 Repeat - WP

Arrested Man May Not be Son of Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ - WP

Mexico Arrests 'Wrong Drug Lord' - BBC

Mexico: Missing Reporter Is Alive, Under Govt. Protection - AP

Video Adds to Honduran Drug Raid Mystery - NYT

Senate’s Vote Ousts Leader of Paraguay After a Clash - NYT

Paraguay Leader Lugo Forced Out - BBC

Colombia Justice Minister Resigns Over Controversial Reform - Reuters

Police Protests Spread in Bolivia - BBC

Ecuador's Quandary Over Asylum for WikiLeaks Chief - AP

SOUTHCOM, Partners Prepare to Respond to Natural Disasters - AFPS


Asia Pacific / Central / South

As China’s Power Rises, US Eyes Return to Military Bases in SE Asia - WP

Allies Wage Largest Live-fire Drill Since Korean War - VOA

Japan Passes Law Permitting Military Space Development - DN

Vietnam's Maritime Claim 'Will Harm Ties' - ANN

Philippines Arrests Militant in American Beheading - AP

Chinese Data Mask Depth of Slowdown, Executives Say - NYT

Brazil and China Sign Trade Agreements - Reuters

US: Tibetan Self-Immolations in China 'Desperate Acts' of Protest - VOA

Cambodia Won't Deport Bo Xilai-linked Frenchman - VOA



Eurozone Leaders Say Big Financial Stimulus Needed - VOA

Leaders Vow to Defend Euro, but Hint at Rifts on How - NYT

Euro's Big Four Agree on Economic Growth Plan - BBC

Greek-German Tensions Over Finances Spill Into Another Arena - NYT

Greeks Jeer Merkel, but German Chancellor Has Last Laugh - AP

Economy Forces More Greeks to Soup Kitchens - VOA

Russian Human Rights Activist Resigns From Presidential Council - VOA

Yugoslav War Crimes: First Mladic Trial Witness to Testify July 9 - AP

Norway: Mass Killer Breivik Trial Ends with Walkout - BBC

At Trial’s End, Lawyers Say Norway Killer Is Not Insane - NYT