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22 June SWJ Roundup

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Pentagon: Afghan Forces Face Challenges But ‘On Track’ to Take Charge - WT

Afghan Forces Show Progress, DOD Officials Tell House Committee - AFPS

Afghan Forces Need Reading Lessons Before Security Transfer - Reuters

Karzai Calls for Government Reform - WP

16 Dead After Militants Lay Siege to Resort in Afghanistan - NYT

Taliban Insurgents Attack Kabul Hotel, At Least 15 Dead - WP

Taliban Storm Afghan Hotel, Kill 18 People - AP

Troops End Taliban Hotel Siege - BBC

Services to Decide Possible Discipline in Quran Burning Incident - AFPS

Pre-trial Hearing in Bamberg for Soldier who Killed Civilian Continues - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pentagon Chief All but Rules Out Apology for Pakistan - Reuters

Pakistan’s Multiple Power Struggles Point to Continued Tumult - WP

Pakistan’s Ruling Party Nominates New Candidate for PM - NYT

PM Candidate Switch in Pakistan - BBC

Ruling Party Replaces PM Nominee After Arrest Warrant - Reuters

Pakistan Party Picks Nominee for PM - WP

Pakistan's Political Crisis Grows as PM Nominee Faces Arrest - VOA

Court Orders Arrest of Presidential Ally in a Drug Inquiry - NYT

Pakistani Harassment of US Diplomats Said to Rise - AP

Pakistan 'Impairing' US Diplomats - BBC



CIA Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition - NYT

Not Time to Arm Syrians, Pentagon Chief Says - Reuters

West Floats Clemency Offer if Assad Goes Quietly - IHT

Syria Said to Possess Vast Quantities of Chemical Weapons - VOA

Arab League Urges Russia to End Syria Arms Sales - Reuters

Red Cross Evacuation in Homs On Hold - VOA

UN: 1.5 Million Syrians Need Humanitarian Help - Reuters

US to Maintain Pressure on Assad Regime, DOD Press Secretary Says - AFPS

US Adds Syria to List of Countries Not Fighting Slavery - VOA

Syria Jet Pilot Defects to Jordan - BBC

Syrian Pilot Granted Asylum in Jordan - NYT

Syrian Fighter Pilot Defects to Jordan, Gets Asylum - Reuters

US Welcomes Defection of Syrian Pilot - WP

Syrian Activists Report More Defections - AP

Syria Says 'Terrorists' Kill 25 People in Village - Reuters

European Ministers in Lebanon to Tackle Syria Spill Over - Reuters



As Iran Talks Falter, Fears of Military Action Increase - VOA

Insight: Iran Talks-Across the Table, a Wary Stalemate - Reuters

Israel to Press Visiting Putin on Iran - AP

Iran Says Israel, US Plan Fresh Cyber Attacks - Haartez

Sanctions Against Iran - NYT editorial

The Saudi End Game for Iran - AT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Hamas 'Ready for Israel Truce' - BBC

Iraq: 2 Bombs in Busy Baghdad Market Kill 9, Wound 50 - AP

Iraq: Blasts Kill Eight at Baghdad Market - BBC

Iraq: Nephew of Saddam Hussein Claims Asylum in Austria - Reuters

US Weighs Plan to Send Military Aircraft to Aid Yemen - TWB

Under the Abaya, Saudi Women Grasp Reform Toehold - Reuters

Egypt's Shafiq Campaign Signals Softening in Standoff - VOA

Libya's Clashes Leave 105 Dead - BBC

Gun Smugglers Attacked in Tunisia - BBC

In the Battle for Egypt, West Must Back Islamists - Economist editorial

Hamas Violence Undermines Real Resistance - TN editorial

Cutting Off Aid to Egypt Won't Work - TNI opinion

The Muslim Brotherhood's Useful Idiots - JP opinion

To Defeat al-Qaeda, Win in Yemen - Bloomberg opinion

The Five Models of Arab Revolution - WPR opinion



Ecuador 'Examining' Assange Asylum Case - BBC

Ecuador to Decide on Wikileaks Founder Asylum Bid - AJ

Assange: Ecuador Asylum Bid May Not Succeed - AP

Assange Says Ready for Life in Ecuador - Reuters

Assange Says 'Abandoned by Australia' - BBC


International Criminal Court

Clearing a Path to Global Justice - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Gets Attention, but Planned Cuts Range Far and Wide - NYT

McKeon: Congress 'Not Mature Enough' to Stop Sequestration - S&S

Army Told to Spend or Lose Mobile Tech Funds - WT

US Sending Floating Special Operations Base through Suez Canal - CNN

Review Panel Urges Changes in Combat, Incentive Pays - AFPS

Study Offers Glimpse Into Suicide Motives - AFPS

Reforms Improve DOD’s Security Clearance Process, Official Says - AFPS

Air Force Officials Announce Milestone Atlas V Launch - AFPS

USS Nimitz Spooks Drug Runners into Dumping 18,600 Pounds of Pot - S&S


United States

Strikes on Al Qaeda Leave Only 'Handful' of Top Targets - Reuters

House Committee Suspects 'Fast and Furious' Cover-up - WT

White House, GOP Square Off over Attorney General Holder - WP

Romney Hedges on Keeping Obama's Immigration Amnesty in Place - WT

Romney Exhibits a Change in Tone on Immigration - NYT

Agency Officials Praise New START Treaty Progress - AFPS

Texas Man Accused of Threatening Tennessee Mosque - NYT

Congress vs. Obama and Holder - WP editorial

Holder the Wrong Target - WP opinion

If Holder is Held in Contempt - WP opinion

Eric Holder Spits on Brian Terry's Grave - WT opinion

Illegal Immigration: Death in the Desert - NYT opinion

America's Best Export: Arms to Autocrats - FP opinion



AFRICOM Strives to ‘Turn on Lights’ Against Terrorism in Africa - AFPS

Fort Riley Soldiers First to Rotate to Africa Under New Strategy - S&S

Nigeria: US Designates Boko Haram as Terrorists - VOA

Nigeria: Boko Haram Men on US Terror List - BBC

Congo: Over 200,000 Flee Fighting in North Kivu - VOA

HRW: US 'Blocking Report on DR Congo' - BBC

Burundi Sentences Journalist to Life in Prison for Terrorism - NYT

Somaliland Future Discussed in UK - BBC

Somali Piracy Death Toll Rises as Violence Worsens - Reuters

South Africans Freed From Somali Pirates - VOA

South African Couple Freed from Somali Pirates - BBC

Liberia: A Chance at Life - WP opinion



Central America Next Drug Hot Spot - WT

Son of Mexico’s ‘El Chapo’ Arrested - WP

Drug Kingpin’s Son Is Arrested in Mexico - NYT

Mexico Marines Detain Suspected Son of Drug Lord - AP

Mexican Drug Lord's Son Arrested - BBC

Uruguay Bill to Legalize Drug Use - BBC

Paraguayan President's Trial to Start in Senate - AP

Paraguay Leader Faces Impeachment - BBC

Mexico Faces a Big Choice - NYP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central / South

South Korea, Japan, US Hold Military Drills - VOA

Allies Wage Largest Live-fire Drills Since Korean War - AP

Huge US, S. Korea War Games Called Warning to N. Korea

N. Korea Slams Joint Drill Among US, Japan and S. Korea - CNN

Vietnam Law on Contested Islands Draws China’s Ire - NYT

Crashes Fuel Uproar in Japan over US Aircraft - AP

US, Japanese Defense Officials to Meet to Discuss Osprey Issues - AFPS

Indonesian Court Sentences Bali Bomber to 20 Years - VOA

Indonesia: Militant Gets 20 Years in Prison for Bali Bombing - NYT

Indonesia: Military Plane Crashes Into Jakarta Homes, Killing 10 - AP

Chinese State Media: Democracy No 'Panacea' for Burma - VOA

Burma’s Suu Kyi Makes Historic Address to British Parliament - VOA

Ai Weiwei: Still Can't Leave China - VOA

Chinese Dissident Artist Ends Yearlong Probation - NYT

Hong Kong Newspaper Charged With Downplaying Dissident’s Death - NYT

Children of Mao's Wrath Vie for Power in China - Reuters

China Orders Top Army Officers to Declare Assets - AP

Cambodia Will Not Extradite Frenchman Linked to China’s Bo - AP



Amid Crisis, Leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Spain Meet - WP

Key European Leaders Meet to Ease Debt Crisis - AP

Talks May Test Partnership Between Weak France and Strong Germany - NYT

German Business Optimism Fades as Crisis Bites - AP

In Former E. Germany, Residents Resent Paying for Europe’s Problems - WP

A Tenuous Coalition Government Takes Reins in Greece - NYT

Russia: Putin Attempts to Reassure Investors - WP

Sweden on Alert, Explosives Found Near Nuke Plant - AP

Poland Shaken by Case Alleging Illicit CIA Prison There - LAT

Greek Extremists Accused of Anti-immigrant Attacks - AP

Norway Mass Killer's Prosecutors Ask for Insanity Ruling - VOA

Norway: Defense Argues Mass Killer Breivik is Sane - BBC

Norway: Mass Killer’s Lawyers Say He Is Sane - NYT

Key Moments in Trial of Norway Mass Killer - AP

UK Flexes Gunship Diplomacy with Russia - DT editorial