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20 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP



Violence Spikes Against Allied Troops - WT

Uniformed Attackers Strike 3 Times in Afghanistan - CNN

At Least 10 Afghans Killed in Suicide Bombing - AP

Afghan Transition Remains on Track, Officials Say - AFPS

New Worries About Women’s Rights and Ethnic Tensions Emerge - NYT

Afghans Slow to Warm to Their Stable Currency - Reuters

Admin Punishment for Troops Involved in Koran Burning - WP

Admin Discipline Recommended for Troops Involved in Quran Burning - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



America, Pakistan and the Impact of Never Having to Say Sorry - AP

Pakistan Demands Respect - WT

Pakistan's Supreme Court Ousts Prime Minister - VOA

Political Instability Rises as Pakistani Court Ousts Premier - NYT

Pakistan PM Ousted by Supreme Court - WP

Pakistan People's Party Meets to Appoint a New PM - BBC

Pakistan President Considers Names for New PM - BBC

Pakistan Nabs French Man with Reported 9/11 Links - AP

Popular Pakistani Singer Gunned Down - VOA



UN Members Differ on Conditions for Withdrawing Syria Observers - VOA

Doubt Is Cast on Mission by Monitors Inside Syria - NYT

UN Team in Syria 'was Targeted' - BBC

Syria Says Ready to Evacuate Civilians From Bombarded Homs - VOA

Syrian Activists Report Clashes in Northwest - AP

Obama: Russia, China Aren't on Board with Ousting Assad - WT

What Syria Reveals About US-Russia Ties - CNN

Putin Rules Out Intervention to Stop the Syrian Rebellion - NYT

Putin: Syrian People Must Decide Their Leadership - AP          

Russian Ship Suspected of Carrying Arms to Syria Turns Back - VOA

Russian Ship Carrying Copters to Syria Retreats - LAT

Russian Ship Bound for Syria Reverses Course - WP

Syrian Army is Capable Military Force, Say Experts - VOA

Syrian Rebels Lack Firepower But Not Will - WP

Syria Conflict Puts Hezbollah Ally in Delicate Position - VOA

US Adds Syria to List of Nations Failing to Combat Human Trafficking - NYT

New 'Slavery' Report Slams Syria - BBC

Syria Tests Russia's Global Role - TNI opinion



Officials: ‘Flame’ Created by Israel, US to Slow Iran - WP

Setback in Talks on Iran’s Nuclear Program in a ‘Gulf of Mistrust’ - NYT

Iran Warned of Tougher Sanctions - BBC

Iran Nuclear Talks Fall Short - WP

Israeli President Has Warning for Iran, Again - CNN

Iran Rallies to Aid Iraq’s Embattled Leader - AP

Japan Passes Law to Insure Iran Oil Imports - Reuters

A Nuclear Impasse with Iran - WP editorial

How to Help Democracy in Iran - TD opinion

Time for US to Rattle the Saber - WT opinion



Reports: Egypt's Mubarak Suffers Stroke - VOA

Mubarak’s Health, Protests Roil Egypt - WP

Mubarak Said to Be in Critical Condition in Egypt Hospital - NYT

Egypt's Mubarak 'Health Worsens' - BBC

Egypt's Mubarak on Life Support Amid Crisis - AP

Military Official Disputes Report of Mubarak's Clinical Death - CNN

Egypt Court Postpones Anti-Brotherhood Cases - Reuters

Egypt’s Coup: It’s About Time - WT editorial

Army Misrule Turns Egypt into Pakistan - DT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Plans Significant Military Presence in Kuwait - AP

Police: Bomb Kills 2 in Northern Iraq - AP

Israel Weighs Response After Attacks by Hamas - NYT

Hamas Fires Rockets into Israel - BBC

Israel Aircraft Strike Gaza in Response to Rockets - AP

Forced Move Raises Anger in West Bank Villages - NYT

Settlers Suspected in West Bank Arson - WP

Yemen Says Kills Militant Who Planned Bombings - Reuters

Panetta to Lead Presidential Delegation to Saudi Arabia - AFPS

Libya Becomes Focal Point for Foiling Terror - WT



WikiLeaks Founder Seeks Asylum in Ecuador - VOA

Assange Seeking Ecuador Asylum - BBC

WikiLeakers Founder Assange Seeks Asylum in Ecuador - CNN

WikiLeaks Founder Seeks Asylum at Ecuador Embassy - AP


US Department of Defense

Congress Looks at Cutting Military Sports Sponsorships - S&S

Strategic Airlift Crews Fight an Exhausting War in Anonymity - S&S

Judge Considers Delay in Fort Hood Suspect’s Trial - AP

USS Essex Skipper Relieved of Command in Wake of May Collision - S&S

Feds: Soldier Charged $10M in Purchases to Army, Then Sold Goods - OS


United States

FBI Gets a Broader Role in Coordinating Domestic Intelligence - WP

Obama Administration’s Drone Death Figures Don’t Add Up - ProPublica

Talk of Drones Patrolling US Skies Spawns Anxiety - AP

Last-minute Deal Fizzles, Holder Contempt Vote Still on Tap - WT

Faced with Drawdown, Defense Companies Retool for the Future - S&S

Job Training Grants to Assist Nearly 9,000 Homeless Vets - AFPS

Brewing Backlash Against the Drone War - AI opinion


New Zealand

New Zealand and US to Expand Defense Ties - BBC



World Leaders Make Little Headway in Solving Debt Crisis - NYT



Pentagon Aims to be Proactive in Countering Terror Threat in Africa - WT

AFRCIOM Commander Ham: Africa Presents Opportunity, Challenges - AFPS

UN Airlifts Emergency Aid to South Sudan - VOA

Christian, Muslim Clashes in Nigeria Leave 3 Dead - VOA

Nigeria's Boko Haram: Damaturu and Kaduna Under Curfew - BBC

UNHCR Tries to Count Somalia's Displaced - VOA

Sudan Releases AFP Correspondent in Khartoum - Reuters

Special Court for Sierra Leone: Charles Taylor to Appeal Sentence - VOA

Rwanda: Nizeyimana Convicted of Killing Queen Gicanda - BBC

Does Obama Have a Strategy for Africa? - FP opinion



UK PM Confronts Argentine President over Falklands - BBC

Chavez Predicts Big Win in Venezuela Election - Reuters

El Salvador Gangs Say Permanent Truce Possible - AP

Five Cuban Basketball Players Go Missing in Puerto Rico - AP

Haiti Approves New Constitution - BBC

Face of Defense: Marines Train Caribbean Troops, Police - AFPS


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Failed to Use U.S. Data Tracking Radiation After Tsunami - NYT

Blind Chinese Dissident Settles Into Life in US - VOA

China: Police 'Bar' Ai Weiwei from Court - BBC

Africans Clash With Police in Southern China - AP

Philippines May Send Ships Back to Disputed Shoal - AP

Burma President Promises 'Second Wave' of Reforms - VOA

Burma President Announces Economic Reforms - NYT

Burma’s Suu Kyi Returns to Oxford After 24 Years - VOA

Chen: A Call for Chinese Justice - WP opinion



Obama, G20 Press Europe On Economic Plan - VOA

US 'Encouraged' by Eurozone Plans - BBC

EU Set to Ease Greek Bailout Terms - VOA

Greece Poised to Form New Coalition - NYT

Greece Close to Coalition Government - WP

Renewed Push for Greek Coalition - BBC

EU Outlines Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy - VOA

Man Claiming Al Qaeda Link Takes Hostages in France - Reuters

Greek Cypriot Government Accused of Mistreating Migrants - VOA

26 Killed in Clashes in Southeast Turkey - AP

The Trouble With Ms. Merkel - NYT editorial


South Asia

Bangladesh's Right of Refusal - NYT opinion