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19 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP



Insurgents Strike Checkpoint in Southern Afghanistan - NYT

Likely Insider Attack Kills US Troop - AP

Militants Kill Afghan Policemen - BBC

2 Charged in Afghan Mosque Bombing That Killed 56 - AP

Training Emphasizes Evasion, Survival in Enemy Territory - S&S

Military's New R&R Plan Doesn’t Include Leaving Afghanistan - S&S

Safety, Higher Pay Outside ISAF for Working Children of Kabul - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Taliban to US: End Drone Strikes or Else - CNN

Taliban Block Vaccinations In Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Blast Kills 4, Wounds 40 - VOA



UN Official Says Syria May Be Guilty Of War Crimes - VOA

UN Suspends Observer Mission in Syria - CNN

Dozens More Killed in Syrian Violence - VOA

Syrian Forces Pound Cities as Obama, Putin Meet - Reuters

Face to Face, Obama Tries to Persuade Putin on Syria - NYT

Obama and Putin Seek Syria Peace - BBC         

Obama: Tensions With Russia Can be Worked Out - VOA

Russian Warships Said to Be Going to Naval Base in Syria - NYT

Russian Ships 'Ready for Syria' - BBC

In Syria's Homs, Sectarian Spoils of War at Bargain Prices - Reuters

Syria Says Ready to Evacuate Besieged Families - AP

It's OK for Obama to Play Politics with Syria - TNR opinion

Let China Save Syria - Newsweek opinion



Amid Takeover by Ruling Generals, Egyptian Candidates Claim Victory - WP

Egypt's Military Keeps Power Despite Presidential Vote - CNN

Egypt's Military Stages Naked Power Grab - DS

After Victory, Egypt Islamists Seek to Challenge Military - NYT

Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi Claims Win in Egyptian Election - VOA

Egyptian Military Moves to Retain Power After Vote - AP

Muslim Brotherhood Set to Protest - BBC

Uncertainties Underlie the Celebrations in Cairo - NYT

Defense Department Officials Express Concern Over Egyptian Transition - AFPS

Egypt’s Democracy Interrupted - NYT editorial

Egypt’s Power Grab - WP editorial

The Betrayal of Egypt’s Revolution - NYT opinion

Egypt's Generals Let Arab Spring Wilt - SMH opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Nuclear Talks Begin, Iran Wants Sanctions Lifted - VOA

No One Budges in Tense Iran Nuclear Talks in Moscow - NYT

Big Powers Seek Progress on Day Two of Iran Talks - Reuters

Iranian Exiles in Iraq Balking at Relocation - WP

US Warns MEK to Leave Iraqi Camp - BBC

Pick for US Ambassador to Iraq Out Amid Furor over Racy Emails - WP

Obama Pick for Iraq Envoy Withdraws Nomination - AP

Funeral Blast Kills 15 in Iraq - BBC

Militants Attack Israelis Across Egyptian Border - NYT

Deadly Attack on Israeli Border - BBC

13 Wounded in Clashes in North Lebanon Camp - AP

Top Yemen General Dies in Attack - BBC

Yemen Commander Killed in Suicide Bombing - NYT

Saudi Arabia Names Crown Prince - BBC

Defense Minister New Heir to Throne in Saudi Arabia - NYT

US Must Press Edge in Iran Nuke Talks - AP opinion



Unified Vision Promotes NATO Intelligence Advances - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Drones Most Accident-Prone Air Force Craft - Bloomberg

Amphibious Group Moves to Fla. in 2013; Carrier Plan on Hold - S&S

DOD Reassessing Plans for New Medical Center Near Ramstein - S&S

Air Force Airman Who Deserted in 1984 Surfaces in Sweden - S&S

Small Defense Programs Need Close Look - WP opinion


United States

US Senator Urges Independent Probe of National Security Leaks - VOA

In a Shift, Biggest Wave of Migrants Is Now Asian - NYT



Strategy Guides Africa Engagement, Defense Official Says - AFPS

Donors Focus on Sahel Food Crisis - VOA

Sudan Slashes Spending Amid Money Woes - VOA

Nigerian Militants Claim Church Bombings - VOA

Boko Haram Claims Nigeria Bombing - BBC

Nigeria: Reprisal Killings Follow Church Attacks - AP

HRW: Ethiopians 'Forced Off Land' - VOA

Ethiopians 'Evicted' for Sugar Projects - BBC

Mali's Ansar Dine Meets With ECOWAS Mediators - VOA

Rwanda Closes Genocide Courts - VOA

Rwanda Genocide Courts Shut Down - BBC

Ousted Titan Keeps a Hold Over Senegal - NYT



Regional Challenges Drive Southcom’s Agenda - VOA

Mexico’s Cocaine Incorporated - NYT

US Accuses Colombian in Drug Bribes - NYT

Colombian General on Drugs Charge - BBC

American Children, Now Struggling to Adjust to Life in Mexico - NYT

Colombia: An Ex-President Who Won’t Keep Away - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Even in New York, China Casts a Shadow - NYT

Chinese Activist Plunges into US Studies - WP

Philippines and China Ease Tensions in Rift at Sea - NYT

Philippine Leader Signs Law on Terror Financing - AP

South Korea: US Artillery Unit Might Not Move in Realignment - S&S

Thailand, US to Set Up Panel for Military Base - AP

Burma’s Suu Kyi Honored in Ireland - VOA

Burma’s Suu Kyi Begins UK Visit - BBC

Burma's President Promises Second Wave of Reform - Reuters

Burma’s Journalists Win Battles, but War Not Over - AP



G20 Alarmed Over Eurozone Crisis - BBC

Greek Voting Past, Europe Returns to Fiscal Rescue - NYT

Greek Parties Attempt to Form Government - VOA

Greeks Look to Secure Coalition - BBC

New Efforts Begin to Form a Government in Greece - NYT

Greece Enters 2nd Day of Power-Sharing Talks - AP

Greek Elections Don’t Calm Fears - WP

Spain Borrowing Costs Soar in Debt Auction - AP

Faith is Lost in Italian Government - WP

Ukraine’s Stalled Promise - WP

For Rescue Line, Cyprus Prefers a Russian Loan - NYT

Leaders Call for End to Armenia-Azerbaijan War - NYT

Turkish Troops 'Killed by Rebels' - BBC

Serb Mladic War Crimes Trial Suspended Over Evidence Error - BBC

Rescuing the Euro - WP editorial

Avoiding a Catastrophe - WP opinion


South Asia

India Holds Interest Rates Steady Amid Slow Growth - VOA

Indian TV Show Highlights Human Rights Issues - WP