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14 June SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



Rising Numbers of Children Hurt, Killed in Afghan Conflict, UN Says - LAT

Combined Forces Seize Large Hashish Caches - AFPS

Brigade Commander Prepares for Afghanistan Deployment - AFPS

Reconciliation with the Taliban: Fracturing the Insurgency - ISW opinion



US Awaits Pakistan's Decision on NATO Supply Routes - VOA

Pakistan Border Closure Costs US $100 Million a Month - WP

Pakistan Route Cut-Off Costs US $100 Million a Month - Reuters

Pakistan Court Initiates Contempt Charge Against Justice’s Accuser - NYT

US Drone Strike Kills 3 in Pakistan, Officials Say - AP

I’m No Traitor - WP opinion



Syria: Rebel Enclave 'Cleansed,' Retaken - VOA

Syria Rebels Retreat from Key Town - WP

Syria Claims Retaken Rebellious Village - AP

UN Kept Out of a Town That Syria Says It ‘Cleansed’ - NYT

Helicopters in Syria May Not Be New, US Officials Say - NYT

US: Russian Arms Kill Syrians 'Hourly' as West Turns Up Pressure - CSM

Amnesty: Syrian Army Systematically Killing Civilians - Reuters

Clinton Warns Russia on Syria, Questions Claims of Wanting Peace - AP

Russia Told to Harden Syria Line - BBC

US: Russia Must Be Constructive on Syria Right Now - Reuters

US Accuses Russia but Needs its Help in Syria - AP

Syria Crisis and Putin’s Return Chill US Ties With Russia - NYT

Helicopter Allegations Roil US-Russia Ties - WP

Russia Defends Arms Sale to Syria, Blasts US - VOA

Russia Denies Sending Attack Helicopters to Syria - AP

Russia-America Tussle Over Syria Evokes Cold War - Reuters

Russia and Iran Criticize the United States on Syria - NYT

US Buying More Helicopters From Firm Supplying Syria - Reuters

France Seeks UN Action over Syria - BBC

France Wants UN to Be Able to Enforce Annan Plan - Reuters

Is Syria Really in a Civil War? - CNN

Both Sides Deny there’s Civil War in Bloody Syria - WT

Syria’s Collateral Damage - WP opinion

Why Syria Is Not Libya - TNI opinion



Bombs Kill 72 in Iraqi Cities, Shi'ite Pilgrims Targeted - VOA

Dozens Die in Attacks on Shiite Targets in Iraq - NYT

Scores Die in Attacks Across Iraq - BBC

Wave of Car Bombs Kills 66 During Iraq Pilgrimage - AP

Iraq Attack on Shiite Pilgrims 'Despicable' - CNN

Scores Killed in Deadliest Attacks Since US Troop Pullout - WP photos

GOP Senators Oppose Choice for Iraq Envoy - NYT

More Trouble for Obama Nominee to be Envoy to Iraq - AP



Would New Leader Change Egypt's Foreign Policy? - VOA

Mud-Slinging Campaign Overshadows Egypt Elections - AP

Egypt Allows Military to Detain Civilians - WP

Egypt Reimposes Martial Law, Ahead of Closely Watched Ruling - NYT

Egypt Extends Military Police Powers Before Vote - AP

Egypt Gives Army Power to Arrest Civilians - Reuters

Egyptian Army Gets Arrest Power Back - BBC

Egyptians Face Nerve-Wrecking Court Sessions - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Hardens Nuclear Stance - WSJ

S. Korea Limits Exports to Iran on Payment Concerns - Reuters

Israeli Leader to Deport African Asylum Seekers - VOA

African Migrants Spark Ire in Israel - WP

Israeli Watchdog Criticizes Government Over Gaza Flotilla Raid - NYT

Israeli PM Netanyahu 'Erred over Flotilla' - BBC

Israel: Report Faults Netanyahu on 2010 Raid - WP

Gaza Water 'Dangerous to Drink' - BBC

Yemen: A Battle for Control and a Tug of War With the Past - NYT

Raids Strike al-Qaeda Yemen Bases - BBC

Rights Group Accuses Oman of Protest Crackdown - Reuters

Let Women Drive, Saudi King Urged - BBC

Death Illustrates Issues With Loose Weapons Stockpiles in Libya - NYT

Tribal Clashes in Western, Southern Libya, 15 Dead - AP

Tunisia: Calm Returns to Tunis After Riots but Fears Remain - Reuters

New Sentence for Tunisia's Ben Ali - BBC

Tunisia Ex-Chief, Now in Exile, Gets Life Sentence - AP

Tunisian Court Sentences Ben Ali, Security Chiefs Over Killings - Reuters

Give Obama Elbow Room on Iran - NYT opinion

Hugs From Iran - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Security Expands Presence at Foreign Airports - NYT

KSM Seeks Military Uniform for Sept. 11 Trial at Guantanamo - AP

Suspected Militant Pleads Guilty to Aiding Somalia's Al Shabaab - Reuters

US Pledges Support to Turkey’s Fight with PKK Terror - TZ

The Court Retreats on Habeas - NYT editorial

How Drones Help Al Qaeda - NYT opinion

Islamically Correct Counterterrorism - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

DOD Leaders Strongly Urge Congress to Preserve Budget Request - AFPS

Panetta Warns of 'Disaster' from Defense Cuts - AP

Panetta, Dempsey Call on Lawmakers to Protect Military Personnel Accounts - AFPS

Ground Broken on New Facilities Aimed at Treating Brain Injuries - S&S

Johnson Found Guilty of Last Two Counts; Awaits Sentencing - S&S

Women Don't Belong in Ranger School - WSJ opinion

The Battle for the Military’s Future - WP opinion


United States

Panetta Fears 'Another Pearl Harbor' in Cyberattack - WT

Method to Track Firearm Use Is Stalled by Foes - NYT

Attorney General Struggles to Balance Dueling Political and Apolitical Roles - WP

Civilians Believe Vets are Valuable, but Lack Education and Suffer PTSD - S&S

Proposed Changes to GI Bill Focus on Preparing Veterans for College - S&S

Don’t Criminalize Leaks - WP editorial

The Great Immigration Reform Mirage - NYT opinion


United Nations

Giant UN Conference Opens in Rio De Janeiro - AP



Oxfam says Arms Trade is 'Paralyzing' Development - VOA

OPEC Debates Whether to Cut Output - WP

New Domain Name Endings Set to Shake Up the Net - BBC

Two Worlds Cracking Up - NYT opinion



US Expands Spy Operations Across Africa - WP

Arrest over Kenya 'Terror' Blast - BBC

South Sudan Seeks Arbitration Over Disputed Borderlands - Reuters

Ivory Coast Coup Plot 'Foiled' - BBC

Mali Rebels, Militants Clash in North - VOA

ICC Prosecutor Seeks 30-Year Term for Congolese Warlord - Reuters

Sierra Leone Police Shootings Stir Unrest, Probe - Reuters

Nigerian Clashes over Bike Ban - BBC

UN Urges Africa to Create Green Economy - VOA

New Malaria Task Forces Will Address Top Africa Killer - AFPS



Venezuelans Consider the Unthinkable, No Chavez - WP

Chavez: Venezuela Making Drones, Assembling Rifles - AP

Guatemala Court OKs Extradition of Suspected Drug Boss to US - Reuters

US Congressman in Bolivia to Back Jailed US Man - AP

Shell Shelves Brazil Biofuel Plan - BBC

Argentina's President to Press Claim to Falklands - AP

Falkland Islanders Praise Vote on Their Future - AP

Falklands Mark End of 1982 War - BBC

Cuba Replaces 2 Cabinet Ministers - AP

Trinidad Islamic Group Leader Faces Sedition Trial - AP

Jamaica Officer Accused of Beheading Man - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Firepower Bristles in South China Sea as Rivalries Harden - Reuters

US Envoy: North Korean Isolation Hides Suffering - AP

China Denies Firms Exported 'Banned Goods' to N. Korea - Reuters

Chinese Still Angry with Norway about Nobel Prize - VOA

Top UN Envoy Visits Burma Conflict Area - VOA

Toll in Burma Ethnic Violence Rises - WP

Riot-Hit Burma Town Calmer as Troops Restore Order - Reuters

Burma's Suu Kyi on Europe Visit - BBC

Burma’s Suu Kyi Visits Europe for First Time in 24 Years - AP

Suu Kyi Kicks Off Euro Tour Set to Steal Burma Spotlight - Reuters

ILO Brings Burma Out of Cold Ahead Suu Kyi Visit - Reuters

West Must Try a 'Third Way' with North Korea - CSM opinion



Germany, Italy Urge Funding for US Missile Program - Reuters

Greek Election a Referendum on Its Eurozone Membership - VOA

Dread and Uncertainty Pervade Life in a Diminished Greece - NYT

Withdrawals Up Before Greek Poll - BBC

French President Warns Greeks over Euro - AP

Moody's Downgrades Cyprus on Greek Euro Exit Fears - AP

Moody's Cuts Spain Credit Rating - BBC

Spain Calls for European Integration to Save Euro - AP

Italy Hit by Market Fears of Contagion From Spain - AP

German State Expels Far-right MPs - BBC

Russia: Putin Uses Tough Tactics Against Protest Challenge - Reuters

Russian Official’s Death Threat, in Bold Type - NYT

Russian Top Investigator Threatens Reporter, Paper Says - Reuters

Bury Lenin? Russian Minister Stirs Debate Over Soviet Past - NYT

184 Arrested in Poland During Euro 2012 Violence - VOA

Tymoshenko Jailing Casts Shadow Over Ukraine Euro Match - Reuters

Euro Marriage Can Use a Trial Separation - Bloomberg opinion

Why Berlin Is Balking on a Bailout - NYT opinion

Italy Mired in a Death Spiral - DS opinion

Is Putin Finally Pushing Russia Over the Edge? - FP opinion


South Asia

US, India Discuss Ways to Enhance Economic Relationship - WT