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13 June SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



Transition Continues, Haqqani Network Seeks Gains, Commander Says - AFPS

Karzai: Airstrikes in Afghan Civilian Areas 'Absolutely Banned' - VOA

Days After Order to Restrict Afghanistan Calls for Airstrikes to End - NYT

Karzai, NATO at Odds over Airstrikes - LAT

US Forces Will Retain Self-defense Capability in Afghanistan - AFPS

US Troops Return to Afghanistan's "Lost Province" - Reuters

ISAF Joint Command Welcomes New Commander - AFPS

Afghan Heroin Trafficker Gets Life in US Prison - AP

Bulldozers Dig for Victims of Afghan Earthquakes - AP



Panetta’s Pakistan Comments Complicate Talks - TWB

Pakistan Downplays Stalemate with US on Supply Lines - VOA

PM: Pakistan Not 'Gouging' Over NATO's Afghan Routes - Reuters

Work Continues Toward Opening Pakistan Supply Routes - AFPS

NATO Still Hopes for Pakistan Transit Agreement - Reuters

Pakistan Says ex-Ambassador Behind Memo to Washington - WP

Trial of Son Taints Pakistan’s Venerated Chief Justice - NYT

Pentagon’s Little Addresses Syria, Pakistan with Reporters - AFPS



Heavy Fighting Kills 34 in Syria, UN Monitors Blocked - VOA

New Weapons Push Syrian Crisis Toward Civil War - NYT

Renewed Fighting Erupts in Syria - BBC

Rebels Say Syrian Army Bombing and Burning Haffeh - Reuters

Russia Selling Helicopters to Syria, US Says - WP

US: Russia Sending Syria Attack Helicopters - AP

Syria in Civil War, UN Official Says - Reuters

Syria Denies It Is in a State of Civil War - AP

Revolt Threatens Assad's Grip on Damascus - Reuters

UN: Syrian Kids Used as Human Shields - CNN

Syrian Refugees Seek Help in Lebanon - VOA

Britain Warns Syria Follows Path of Balkans - VOA

Pentagon’s Little Addresses Syria, Pakistan with Reporters - AFPS

Stay Out of the Syrian Morass - WT opinion



US Pressures Iran with More Sanctions Waivers - VOA

Iran's Oil Exports Plummet as Sanctions Bite, Agency Says - Reuters

China Defiant on Iran Oil Purchases - VOA

Saudi-Iran Rivalries High Ahead of OPEC Meeting - AP

Single Women Gaining Limited Acceptance in Iran - NYT



Bombs Kill 44 in Iraqi Cities - VOA

Scores Die in Wave of Attacks on Shiite Targets in Iraq - NYT

Dozens Die in Attacks Across Iraq - BBC

Coordinated Bombs Kill 56 in Iraq Pilgrimage - AP



Yemeni Troops Recapture Southern Cities from al-Qaida - VOA

Yemen Says Militants Are Driven From 2 Cities - NYT

Yemen Army Regains Crucial Towns - BBC

9 al-Qaida Fighters Killed in Yemen Missile Attack - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Panetta, Israel’s Peres Meet on Security Issues, Defense Relationship - AFPS

Report Criticizes Israel PM Over 2010 Naval Raid - AP

Saudi-Iran Rivalries High Ahead of OPEC Meeting - AP

Egypt Forms Panel to Draft New Constitution - WP

Egypt Constitution Vote Boycotted - BBC

Egypt: Rumors Now Have Mubarak Die Daily - NYT

ICC Visits its Detainees in Libya - BBC

Blast Hits Red Cross Office in Libya, One Wounded - Reuters

Tunisia Imposes Curfew after Riot - BBC

Ex-Tunisia President Gets 20 Years in Absentia - AP


US Department of Defense

Defense Dept. Could Avoid Drastic Cuts Required by Debt Deal - EP

Pentagon Soon to Spend More on Vets’ Benefits than Active Personnel - S&S

Navy Sets New Standards for Future Commanders with Input from Chiefs - S&S

GI Accused in WikiLeaks Case Thanks Supporters - AP

Iraqi Woman’s Father Testifies at COL Johnson’s Trial - S&S

Soldier Found Guilty of Murder in Iraq Shootings - AP


United States

Study Shows Widespread Global Opposition to US Drone Attacks - S&S

Surge in US Weapon Sales Overseas - CNN

Holder Tells Cornyn in Faceoff on Gunrunning He Won't Quit - WT

Holder Under Fire - WT editorial

Obama Chooses Vulnerability - WT opinion

Protect, Don’t Prosecute, Patriotic Leakers -NYT opinion


United Kingdom

British Press Inquiry Strains Ruling Coalition - NYT


United Nations

UN Cash Gap May Hinder Its Nuclear Role - Reuters



Nigeria Clergy Calls for Action Against Sectarian Violence - VOA

Nigeria Financial Chief Suspended - BBC

After Crash, New Anxiety for Travelers in Nigeria - NYT

Thousands of Refugees Moved From South Sudanese Border - VOA

South Sudan Acts over Missing $4bn - BBC

Kenya PM Says Troops Will Take Kismayo, Somalia, by August - VOA

Somalia: Mogadishu Is Losing 'Most Dangerous City' Label - AP

UN: Disarmament a Priority for Ivory Coast Peace - VOA

CPJ Calls for Release of Jailed Reporters in Ethiopia - VOA



US Raid Targets Mexico Drug Gang - BBC

Mexico: A Drug Family in the Winner’s Circle - NYT

Leftist Makes Gains in Polls in Second Bid for Mexico’s Presidency - WT

Despite Protests, Young Mexicans Favor Past - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Launches Bid for Re-election - WP

Brazil Tries to Curb Crime Wave - BBC

Falkland Islands to Vote on Sovereignty - BBC

Falkland Islands will Vote on Political Status - CNN

Nations at Odds on Rio+20 Summit - BBC

Clinton to Attend Rio+20 Conference - Reuters

US an Easy Haven for Illicit Funds from Mexico - CNN opinion

Mexico Drug Violence Marches North - NI opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

US to Beef Up Marine Presence on Okinawa Before Drawdown - S&S

China Defiant on Iran Oil Purchases - VOA

Gun Ring Involving US Soldier Is Broken Up, Chinese Officials Say - NYT

China Breaks Gun Trafficking Ring Involving US Soldier - Reuters

US Military to Help Philippines Monitor Coastal Waters - AFP

Philippines, China Seek Friendly Ties, Despite Tensions - VOA

US Commander Seeks Enhanced Deterrent on Korean Peninsula - AFPS

China Shipped Missile Launch Vehicles to North Korea - VOA

Reports Indicate N. Korea Missile Launchers Came from China - AP

N. Korea Missile Launchers Came From China - Reuters

China Denies Firms Exported 'Banned Goods' to N. Korea - Reuters

UN: N. Korea Aid Efforts 'Seriously Underfunded' - VOA

More Than 20 Killed in Sectarian Violence in Burma - VOA

Food Shortages Add to Misery in Burma Strife - AP

UN Envoy in Restive Burma State - BBC

Burma’s Suu Kyi Set for Triumphant Return to Europe - NYT

Burma's Suu Kyi on Europe Visit - BBC



Russia: Opposition Rally Draws Tens of Thousands in Moscow - VOA

Russia: Large Anti-Putin Protest Signals Growing Resolve - NYT

Russian Protest Unfolds Smoothly - WP

Russia Protesters Demand Putin's Resignation - CNN

Russia’s Independence Day: Calls for Freedom from Putin - WT

Russia-Poland: Football Fans in Warsaw Clashes - BBC

Panetta Praises US-Turkish Alliance, Pledges More Support - AFPS

Turkey Fear Syria Conflict Can Cross Its Borders - AP

Irish Republic Pardons WW II Deserters - BBC

Europe Still Bailing - WP editorial

Russia, Soviet Style - NYT editorial

Europe is Really on the Brink - DS opinion


South Asia

India-US Talks Due in Washington - BBC

India Advances, but Many Women Still Trapped in Dark Ages - Reuters