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11 June SWJ Roundup

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French Minister in Afghanistan After Troops Killed - VOA

Allies Restrict Airstrikes on Taliban in Civilian Homes - NYT

NATO Will Not Launch Air Raids Near Homes, Karzai Says - S&S

NATO Will Not Launch Air Raids Near Homes, Says Afghanistan - Reuters

As Afghan Army Grows, a Unit Highlights the Challenges - AP

Afghan Refugees Forced to Return Home from Exile in Pakistan - WP

Afghan Arsonists Seek to Enforce Truancy From School - Reuters



Al-Qaida Down, But Not Out in Pakistan - Reuters



Assad’s Response to Syria Unrest Leaves His Own Sect Divided - NYT

Syrian Opposition Group Elects New Leader, More Deaths Reported - VOA

Syrian Opposition Group's Leader Calls Out Russia, China - CNN

Syrian Forces Shell Cities as Opposition Picks Leader - NYT

Syria Opposition Picks New Leader - BBC

Chief Syrian Opposition Body Elects New Leader - AP

New Syrian Opposition Leader Urges Decisive UN Action - Reuters

Activists: Syrian Troops Kill 52 Civilians in Saturday Attacks - VOA

Syrian Troops Said to Renew Shelling of Homs - AP

Syria’s Assads Turned to West for Glossy PR - NYT

UK Minister: Can't Rule Out Intervention in Syria - AP

Israel Condemns Violence in Syria - VOA

Israel Accuses Syria of Genocide, Urges Intervention - Reuters

Israel Officials Condemn Violence in Syria - AP

Rebels and Houla - NR opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Wrangles With World Powers Ahead of Nuclear Talks - Reuters

Iran Warns Moscow Nuclear Talks Could Stall - AP

Mohsen Rezaie to Run for Iran Presidency Again - Reuters

Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Quietly Meet - AP

Hundreds Protest in Israel Illegal Immigration Battle - CNN

Iraq President: PM's Critics Didn't Get Majority - AP

Six Killed, 38 Wounded in Iraq Mortar Attack - Reuters

3 al-Qaida Militants Killed in Southern Yemen - AP

Boy, 11, Detained in Bahrain Crackdown, Rights Groups Say - CNN

Egypt's Liberals Walk Out of Constitution Meeting - AP

Egypt Candidate Accuses Rival Over HQ Attack - Reuters

Egypt Pulls TV Spots Warning About Foreigners - AP

Egypt's Mubarak Slipping In and Out of Consciousness - WP

Egypt: Mubarak’s Health in ‘Deteriorated’ State - AP

Egypt Village Land Row Sparks Fight, 12 Dead - Reuters

Libya Postpones National Election Until July - NYT

Libya Postpones Landmark Election to July 7 - Reuters

Libya Town Tribal Clashes Kill 16 - BBC

Thirteen Killed in Southeast Libya Clashes: Officials - Reuters

ICC Sends Team to Libya After Delegation Detained - Reuters

Libyan Al-Qaida Suspects Convicted in Tunisia - AP

Qaeda's Zawahri Calls on Tunisians to Defend Sharia - Reuters

Al-Qaida Incites Tunisians Against Ruling Party - AP

No One Really Wants Peace in the Mideast - FP opinoin

Settlements Battle Leaves Netanyahu Weaker - TAP opinion

Democratic Muslims? Why Not? - TS opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Weapon Systems Can Survive Spending Cuts - WT

Guantánamo Bay: Most Dangerous Prisoners in the World in Chains - TT

What Happens to All that Military Gear? - WP

Military ‘Throwbot’ Gets Upgrade, Now Has Eyes and Ears - S&S

Pentagon and Congress Argue Over New Hospital for Wounded Troops - NYT

Pioneers Who Helped Break Marines’ Color Barrier Await Honor - S&S

Army Commander Pleads Guilty to Charges of Bigamy, Adultery, Fraud - S&S


United States

Female Vets Feeling Better About VA Care - S&S

Obama’s Iran and Syria Muddle - WP opinion

The Legal Fog Between War and Peace - NYT opinion

Eric Holder’s Sizzling Summer - WT opinion

Leaker-in-Chief - WS opinion

Obama's Foreign Policy Sophistry - TNR opinion

The US Can't Win a Cyberwar - Slate opinion



High-Level US Envoy Visits Somalia - VOA

Somalia Progress: US Official Visits Mogadishu - AP

US to Act Firmly on Somalis Who Hinder Roadmap - Reuters

Two Nigerian Churches Attacked, 3 Dead - VOA

Seven Dead in Nigeria Violence - BBC

Attacks Strike Nigeria Churches, Kill at Least 6 - AP

Gunmen and Suicide Bomber Attack Nigerian Churches - Reuters

World's Newest Nation South Sudan Battles to Open Embassies - Reuters

Mali Rebels Meet with ECOWAS Mediator - VOA

Kenyan Cabinet Minister Dies in Helicopter Crash - VOA

Kenyan Government Official Killed in Air Crash - NYT

Top Kenyan Minister Killed in Crash - BBC

Anti-Shabaab Kenyan Minister Killed in Air Crash - Reuters



Candidates in Mexico Signal a New Tack in the Drug War - NYT

Mexico Ruling Party Candidate on Attack in Debate - AP

Final Mexican Debate to Test Pena Nieto's Mettle - Reuters

Chavez Foe Leads Massive March in Venezuela - AP

Capriles Rallies Venezuelans to Challenge Chavez - Reuters

Capriles Challenges Hugo Chavez in Venezuela - BBC

Violence Hits Brazil Tribes in Scramble for Land - NYT

Chile: Clashes at anti-Pinochet Protest - BBC

Hundreds Protest Screening of Pro-Pinochet Film in Chile - NYT


Asia Pacific / Central

South China Sea Dispute Hits Banana Growers - WP

Firepower Bristles in South China Sea as Rivalries Harden - Reuters

Burma Declares Emergency in Western State After Sectarian Clashes - NYT

Emergency Declared in West Burma - BBC

Burma President Says Unrest Threatens Move to Democracy - Reuters

Burma's Reforms Coming Undone? - TD opinion



Borrowing by Banks Plagues Europe Despite Aid for Spain - NYT

Spanish PM Hails Bank Rescue Plan - VOA

Spain Rescue 'a Victory for Euro' - BBC

Spain’s Premier Steps Up, With Caveats for Europe - NYT

Spain Relieved, Angry Over Humiliating Bank Rescue - AP

After Spain’s Bailout Request, Crisis Returns to Greece - WP

As Focus Shifts to Spain, Worries Grow Over Greece - NYT

Portugal Toughs It Out as Austerity Bites - Reuters

French Election: Socialists and Allies Win First Round - BBC

Romania's New Government Wins Local Polls - Reuters

Leftists Lead French Parliamentary Vote - AP

France's Hollande in Strong Parliament Position - Reuters

Russia Arrests 5 in Inquiry on Protest - NYT


South Asia

Iranian Oil, Afghanistan Top Agenda for US-India Talks - WT

Analysis: Who Will Be India's President? This Time, It Matters - Reuters