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7 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP



Panetta Visits Afghanistan Amid Mounting Violence - NYT

Panetta Meets with US Commanders in Afghanistan - WP

Southern Afghanistan Suicide Bombing Kills 22 - VOA

Deadly Day in Afghanistan with Pair of Bombings, Airstrike - LAT

22 Killed in Kandahar Suicide Attacks - WP

Deadliest Day for Civilians This Year in Multiple Attacks - NYT

Kandahar Hit by Suicide Attackers - BBC

Afghan Leader: NATO Airstrike Killed 18 Civilians - AP

Afghan President Karzai Condemns NATO Air Strike - BBC

Karzai Cuts Short China Trip After Afghan Attacks - Reuters

Helicopter Crash Kills 2 ISAF Members in Afghanistan - AFPS

Afghanistan's Top NCO Outlines Challenges Faced by His Army - S&S

Shanghai Bloc Seeks Afghan Role - BBC



Pakistan Ponders Panetta's Visit to India - VOA

Panetta: Patience With Pakistan 'Reaching Limits' - AP

US Patience on Pakistan 'Limited' - BBC

US Losing Patience With Pakistan, Says Panetta - Reuters

Panetta: Drone Campaign Will Continue in Pakistan - VOA

US Defends Pakistan Drone Strikes - BBC

New US Leverage Seen in Talks with Pakistan - AP

Bombing at Seminary Kills 6 in Southwest Pakistan - AP

Pakistan’s Chief Justice Removes Himself From Panel - NYT



Amid Reports of New Massacre, Nations Press Syria - NYT

Fresh Massacre in Syria Reported - WP

'New Syria Massacre Kills Scores' - BBC

Reports of New Massacre in Syria - VOA

Activists: Dozens Dead in New Syria Massacre - AP

Activists: Syrian Army Blocks Access to Massacre Site for UN - Reuters

Syrian Troops Kill 7 in Coastal Area - VOA

Annan at UN for Last-Ditch Effort to Save Syrian Peace Plan - Reuters

Clinton Tells Syria's Assad to Quit, Leave Country - Reuters

Assad Names Loyalist as Syrian PM - BBC

China, Russia Repeat Stance on Syria Intervention - AP

Syria Conflict: 5 Warring Factions - CSM


Middle East / North Africa

US Aides in Israel Give Assurances About Iran - NYT

Iran Threatens Delays in Nuclear Talks - NYT

Israel Rejects Measure to Legalize Unauthorized Settlements - WP

Israel Rejects Move to Legalize Some Settler Homes - NYT

Israel to Build 850 Homes in West Bank - AP

West Bank Settlement to Expand - BBC

Yemen Clashes Kill 17 Militants - BBC

Iraq: Maliki Enemies Battle to Vote Him Out of Office - Reuters

Iraqi Official: Close Saddam Aide Executed - AP

Bahrain Rights Activist Detained - BBC

Women Targeted for Assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square - WP

Egypt: Mubarak May be Moved to New Hospital - WP

Egypt: Mubarak May Be Returned to Hospital as Health Slips - NYT

Bomb Targets US Embassy Office in Libya - VOA

Bomb Targets US Offices in Libya - BBC

Bomb Targets US Mission in Libya - Reuters

Rival Militias Still Fighting in Libya - VOA


US Department of Defense

Records Search May Delay WikiLeaks Court-martial - AP

Slack Budgeting at Defense - WP opinion


United States

US Attacks, Online and From the Air, Fuel Secrecy Debate - NYT

Congress Vows to Stop Leaks of Secrets - WP

Should Gov’t Make Companies Increase Defense Against Cyberattacks? - WP

Deportations Continue Despite US Review - NYT

Drug Raids at Puerto Rico Airport - BBC

The Age of Unsatisfying Wars - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

UK Military to Rely More on Reservists - AP



Laos Clears WTO Entry Hurdle, Yemen Still Trying - Reuters

Kidman, Sorvino Urge End to Violence Against Women - AP

Are War Crimes Trials Worth the Price? - FP opinion



UN: Kenya Police Lists Possible Terror Targets - AP

Mali: Islamic Extremists’ New Base - WP

South Sudan Proposes Demilitarized Border With Sudan - VOA

Sudan to Raise Taxes, Duties to Plug Budget Deficit - Reuters

DRC: Within Days of Crushing Ntaganda Rebellion - VOA

Deadly Gunfight in North Nigeria - BBC

Rights Group: Liberia Fails to Stop Cross-Border Attacks - VOA

Liberia Minors 'Used in Raids' - BBC

Ivory Coast: Ex-President Gbagbo Ally Kouassi Arrested - BBC

Sudan: If Only Our Leaders Had Mariam’s Guts - NYT opinion



South America Sees New Gold Rush - BBC

Mexico's Lopez Obrador Rules Out Venezuelan Model - Reuters

Chavez 'to Register on Monday' for Venezuelan Election - BBC

Chavez Opponent Sets Aside Post for Venezuela Race - AJC


Asia Pacific / Central

Panetta Says Strategy Puts Dream of 21st Century in Reach - AFPS

CJCS Dempsey: Asia-Pacific Will Challenge Military Leaders - AFPS

Dempsey: Partners Enthusiastic About Asia Strategy - AFPS

Philippine Government Gives OK for US to Use Old Bases - S&S

Gunmen in Philippines Strafe Bus, Killing 4 People - AP

Philippines Risks Joining Money-Laundering Blacklist - Reuters

North Korean Leader Speaks at Children’s Rally - AP

In Autocratic North Korea, Inequality Assigned at Birth - AP

Sensitive S. Korea Military Information Dumped in Hallway - KT

Top Chinese Dissident Found Dead - BBC

Online Petitioners Seek Probe into China Dissident Death - Reuters

Thai 'Red Shirts' Rally to Urge Dismissal of Top Judges - Reuters

Malaysia's Najib Seen Delaying Election, Boosting Spending - Reuters



Germany’s Merkel Urges EU Political Union - BBC

Germany’s Merkel Urges Giving Up More Power to Europe - AP

Germans See Crisis Worsening, Euro Surviving - Reuters

Spain Denies Seeking Bank Bailout - VOA

Spain Holds a Trump Card in Bank Bailout Negotiations - NYT

Greek Immigration Crisis Spreads to Universities - VOA

Romanian Voters Ready to Snub Austerity - Reuters

US Official Urges Repeal of Russia Trade Law  - AP

Italian Police Hold Suspect in School Bombing - Reuters

Cracks Show in Turkey's Once Dominant Military  - AP

Putin Throttles Russian Protests - WP editorial

Germany, Europe: Angela Merkel’s Moment - WP opinion

Paralysis in Athens - NYT opinion

Fighting Russia’s Corruption - WP opinion


South Asia

Panetta Says US-India Relations Must Deepen, Grow for Peace - AFPS

Pakistan Ponders Panetta's Visit to India - VOA

India Plans Infrastructure Push - BBC